Problems With Jaguar Cars Models (17 Most Common Issues)

As automobiles with high-tech features are prone to several faults, it is better to have a fair idea of the problems before buying a car from Jaguar.

The Jaguar models are crafted with luxurious parts, and their spare parts are hard to find.

In this article, we outline common problems you might face with a Jaguar vehicle.

1. Automatic Gearbox Issues

Owning an X-Type Jaguar comes with its issues, and the most prominent is the automatic gearbox problems.

It also has acceleration issues, leading to clumsiness when you want to switch gears.

On car forums, the automatic gearbox problems top the list of the problems of the X-Type Jaguar models.

2. Suspension Problems

Both the Jaguar X-Type and XF models are prone to wear and tear over time on their suspension.

The rear suspension quickly grows mouldy on the Jaguar X-Type and XF models.

You will likely notice a knocking noise whenever you drive the vehicle over rough surfaces and speed bumps.

3. Faulty Cooling Fan Module

The Jaguar X-Type models bought before 2003 have a common problem: a faulty cooling fan module.

The cooling fan may stop working without prior notice, a significant issue you must address to avoid engine overheating.

4. Inconsistent Fuel Gauges

If you are planning to buy the Jaguar X-Type model, it is essential to know about the standard issue. Most drivers complained about inconsistency in the fuel gauge.

5. Ignition Coil Failure

There are complaints from drivers about the failure of the ignition coil. Once the ignition coil fails, this causes engine idling and engine misfiring.

Many drivers using the S-Type models are worried about defective engine coils. A hot blue spark shows that you have a properly functional coil, and when you see a yellow spark means the coil is weak.

You can identify a weak coil by placing a spark plug into the coil wire. However, if you do not notice a spark, you may need a replacement coil.

6. Central Locking System Issues

Drivers have complaints about the central locking system of their vehicles.

In some cases, this issue is traced to the door locks and may need to be replaced.

7. Engine Management Warning Lights

The Lambda sensors in S-Type Jaguar models are usually affected.

The engine management warning light often fails to show on the dashboard. As an S-Type owner, you may need to change the sensor once the warning light does not show on your dashboard.

8. Water Leaks

Many drivers complained that water usually leaks into the front footwall and the trunk.

A defective outer door seal causes this, among other factors.

9. Cracking of Alloy Wheels

The Jaguar XF models are in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The defective wheels on Jaguar XF models are the most common automobile problem.

The wheels of this automobile are susceptible to cracking, which will cause the wheels to warp.

10. Windscreen Wiper Failure

One of the most prominent problems of the Jaguar XF models is that the windscreen wiper blades deteriorate prematurely.

This can be annoying, since you have to replace them earlier than expected.

11. DSC Warning Lights

The major complaint on the Jaguar XJS models is the defective ABS sensor.

Once the ABS sensor is faulty, the warning light for the driver stability control (DSC) system will malfunction.

There will be a need to run a diagnostic check to know the defective, faulty sensor and work on a replacement as soon as possible.

12. DPF Warning Lights

You need to know another common problem with the Jaguar XJ model is the Diesel Particulate Filter warning light.

Drivers who use their vehicles for short journeys complain about the accumulation of dangerous particles in the exhaust system.

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13. Oil Leaks

Drivers have complained about oil leaks and other engine issues. Even XJS models produced between March 2012 and May 2013 were recalled due to this nagging problem.

An oil leak is a significant problem that you must address as fast as possible, and the Jaguar XJS model is the most affected.

14. Water Leaks

If you want to own a Jaguar XJS model, you need to know about the common issue of the vehicle.

The XJS models have air conditioning system blockages, leading to leakages on the car’s floor.

You may need to quickly clean the air conditioning system to resolve the issue.

15. Windscreen Leaks

Jaguar XJS models are prone to windscreen leaks. This usually occcurs when a new replacement windscreen is mounted.

16. Corrosion Issues

Jaguar XJ and XJS models are renowned for their corrosion problems.

The XJ model is made with aluminum, and using steel rivets in some parts of the vehicle may cause corrosion.

Corrosion of the wheel nuts is another major problem of the Jaguar XJ and XJS models.

17. Faulty Seatbelt Sensors

In 2014, the Jaguar F-type model was recalled because of seatbelt sensor issues.

The reason is that the connector between the occupant classification control module and the tension sensor may not be wired appropriately, and this causes the airbag to inflate wrongly.

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General Pros and Cons of Jaguar Cars

Here are some pros and cons of Jaguar cars:


  • Elegant design
  • Luxurious Cabin
  • Powerful S-Type R V8 engine


  • Expensive to buy
  • High cost of repair
  • Expensive to insure
  • Shortage of market for resale

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What Do the Reviews Say?

Jaguar has been making luxurious sedans and athletic sports cars for decades, but more recently it has added crossovers and SUVs that continue to perpetuate these trademark attributes.

The automaker currently partners with another iconic British brand—Land Rover—under the Jaguar Land Rover umbrella.

While models such as the mid-size XF sedan and the hot-bodied F-type sports car cater to wealthier customers, alternatives such as the subcompact E-Pace crossover allow mainstream consumers to join the company’s exclusive club.

The fashionable I-Pace represents its first pure-electric vehicle—it’s a blast to drive.


What’s the Resale Value of Jaguar Cars?

The table below shows the average resale value of different Jaguar cars:

Model Approx. Mileage Price ($)
2004 XJ-Series 17,900 $16,535
2005  XK Series Coupe/Convertible 16,000 $33,401
2006 X-Type 3.0/Sport Wagon 15,460 $18,540
2009 XF 4.2L V8 16,000 $49,200


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