Problems With Geely Cars? (4 Most-Common Issues)

Geely has been around for quite some time as a Chinese automaker in the car industry. It produces cars with great interior designs and standard safety features.

Although it is not as popular a brand as other competitors, it has carved out its own market. Some of its popular models, such as the Geely Coolray have a lot going for them.

It might interest you to know that Geely owns the Volvo brand.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some Geely models and their problems. We’ll discuss these problems and how to deal with some of them.

Let’s get started.

1. Loss of Fuel

We all know that car components such as pumps and fittings become loose or weaken over time. This is a problem with the Geely Coolray car that sees fuel pumps leaking because of wear and tear.

It is not very common these days for a car to leak fuel due to faulty fuel system parts. Manufacturers know how dangerous this can be, so they make fuel pumps and fittings to last a long time.

Owners that experienced a significant loss in fuel efficiency abruptly have complained about the Geely fuel loss problem. This was more than bad driving habits and pointed to a mechanical issue.

When the fuel system and engine are working correctly, the car will burn fuel at the correct rate.

Owners of the Geely Coolray were seeing a steep decline in their cars’ fuel efficiency over a short period of time. This was way too fast and pointed to a problem with the car rather than driving habits.

A visit to the Geely dealership and mechanics prompted a look into the car’s fuel system. It was found that components such as the air filter, fuel filter, and oxygen sensor were worn out and needed to be replaced.

These are not really expensive components to replace for the Geely Coolray. The surprise was that the components got worn out so quickly and it was found even in newer cars.

2. Stalling Engine Issues

A stalling engine can be annoying even for the most patient of drivers and can get irritating in stop-and-go traffic. The Geely Cooolray is one of the models that experience stalling multiple times.

A stalling engine has a lot to do with fuel system components, not the engine not getting enough fuel or oxygen. A lot of the stalling problems can also be due to the ignition system and the cylinders failing to work.

The fuel system has to work in tandem with the engine components for the car to run smoothly. Sometimes you’ll find that the engine is not getting enough fuel and therefore starts stalling.

Geely mechanics often point to an ignition system problem whenever the car starts stalling. This can mean a faulty ignition switch or a mistimed ignition system.

Owners who’ve experienced this problem say that the car will start to shake and shudder whenever it is started. The car will also lose power at lower revs and lower speeds.

Whenever a car loses power, the driver must find a safe place to stop and get away from other motorists. They can then call a mechanic to take a look at the issue.

Depending on which components need to be replaced, engine problems can get really expensive to fix. Sometimes it’s just a spark plug that needs replacing, but it can sometimes be a huge and expensive part.

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3. Thin Paint That Scratches Easily

Cars are often big investments that you’d like to last a really long time. When the paint starts thinning or scratches easily, you feel like you made a bad investment.

The issue of the paint scratching easily on a car is common with the Geely Coolray and Geely Okavango. These are great cars, but owners noticed that the paint was rather thin and prone to scratches.

Many people who know about cars will say that thin paint is a sign of a low-quality car. This is true for most new model cars that show scratches before the two-year mark.

Thin paint is somewhat different from rusting on a car because it will deteriorate quickly. Rusting can also worsen over time depending on the climate where the car is driven.

Both rusting and scratches can be avoided by taking really good care of the car when washing. Regular washing with proper shampoo, and wax and using microfibre cloths can go a long way to avoid scratches.

A thin paint job is also vulnerable to stone chips on the highway because they create scratches. These stones hit the paint when the car is moving at really high speeds.

Regular visits to the carwash for detailing can also keep your car free of scratches on the paint. There are car detailing professionals who will know the best methods of cleaning your vehicle.

Another worrying concern with the Geely Coolray was that it started showing scratches within 6 months of ownership. This is a great concern at such an early timeline because the car will lose a lot of its resale value.

4. Dual-Clutch Transmission Problems

The Geely Coolray has been plagued by complaints from owners about its gearbox. The DCT gearbox has had problems ranging from oil leaks to abnormal noises.

The Geely Coolray is paired with a 7-speed wet-type dual-clutch transmission. You can also find manual type shifters on some of the models.

Several owners of the Geely Coolray have complained about the car’s unreliable gearbox. The most complaints came from 2016, 2017, and 2018 models.

The 2016 models had an issue where the gearbox would fail to shift gears. This can be an annoying problem and also a dangerous one.

Geely Auto is now designing the next generation of gearboxes which will address the current issues owners face. The new powertrain technology will be one of the first from a Chinese manufacturer.

The advantages of a dual-clutch transmission are its fuel efficiency compared to other automatics. This type of gearbox also shifts faster and allows for better acceleration.

On some models of the Geely Coolray, owners noticed that the car jerked at low speeds. This is an indication of a failing DCT and should be checked immediately.

Another indication of a faulty DCT is when the gearbox shifts into neutral while driving and feels like it is stuck. These symptoms will also show up when the manual driving mode is selected for use with the paddle shifters.

Geely is now designing a new powertrain control module. This will come with new PCM settings to address the slow acceleration issue.

When transmission feels like it is stuck, the most common problem is that it is still cold and not warmed up yet.

After starting a DCT car, it’s a good idea to let it sit and idle for a few seconds before stepping on the accelerator.

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General Pros and Cons for Geely Cars

Here are general pros and cons of Geely cars:


  • Good value for money
  • Sufficient interior space
  • Up-to-date technology features
  • Good fuel efficiency


  • Loss of fuel
  • Stalling engine issues
  • Thin paint that scratches easily
  • Dual-clutch transmission problems

What Do the Reviews Say?

Geely Auto competes in China’s “mass” or “mid-tier”; market, meaning the company is mostly competing with car buyers that are part of China’s enormous middle class. Geely’s main competitors are Chinese companies that manufacture their cars in China, and primarily sell their cars in China.


What’s the Resale Value of Geely Cars?

Model Mileage(miles) Price($)
2012 GEELYLC PANDA  86,991   10,900
2010 GEELY MK 77,671 3,674
2011 GEELY EMGRAND 134,216 9,579
2022 GEELY TUGELLA New 30,170
2022 GEELY TUGELLA New 16,643


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