5 Popular Cars With Swivel Bucket Seats (With Pictures)

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, swivel bucket seats were common in some high-end vehicles.

For instance, some models of the 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo have swivel bucket seats for the convenience of drivers and passengers.

These swivel seats were connected to each door with a cable, and this enabled drivers and passengers to enter and exit. Also, they are great for individuals with disabilities.

A special track system is used by most swivel seats to ensure a seamless movement of the seats for users’ comfort.

1. Dodge Custom Royal

The American market loves swivel seats, and that is a known fact.

Dodge became a renowned auto brand around the late 1950s, and more people started showing interest in luxury cars.

However, the 1959 Dodge Custom Royal earns its reputation as the most sophisticated automobile in the lineup of the Dodge.

The optional front swivel seats and oval steering wheel are part of the enticing attributes of this automobile. These swivel seats are part of the catchy features of the 1959 Dodge Custom Royal advertised in the media.

Swivel seats in the 1959 Dodge Custom Royal offer you an incredible driving experience. You can also explore some electric cars with bucket seats.

2. DeSoto Adventurer

The 1959 Desoto Adventurer also has swivel bucket seats.

However, it is no longer a popular name in the auto world.

This mid-range vehicle is higher than Plymouth and a lesser brand than the Dodge. It is a former part of the lineup of the Chrysler brand.

DeSoto used to be a famous producer of family vehicles in the American auto industry in the 1950s. The 1959 Adventurer is the most premium among the Chrysler vehicles.

It comes with comfortable swivel seats that are fitted to make your journey smooth and convenient.

It has a limited-edition trim level of the DeSoto lineup, and there are only 300 convertible versions. Premium American automobiles around that period have features like fin-covered designs and dual headlights.

The vehicle holds the record as the first automobile to have front swivel seats.

3. 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury

This exquisite automobile was introduced into the market in 1928.

The 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury is the perfect automobile for individuals who cannot afford the mid-line Dodge cars.

As the bestseller of the Chrysler brand, the 1959 Plymouth is a popular choice.

Despite being introduced in 1956 as a sports coupe car, it is the perfect choice for people who cannot afford high-end vehicles.

The 1959 version has convertible features and a two-door hardtop.

The 1959 Plymouth Fury has attractive Powertrain options, and it became the flagship of the Plymouth brand. It also had other features, such as a pair of swivel front seats and an onboard record player.

4. 1960 Chrysler 300F

The 1960 Chrysler 300F has the features of luxury and performance that are available in today’s version of the Bentley Continental GT.

The 300F has a reputation for being one of the first vehicles to have a unit-body design since the Chrysler Airflow.

It was originally designed as a classic model of the Jaguar XK.

It has four swivel seats that offer a cocktail feel for passengers.

These revolving front seats were introduced in 1959 on some 300-letter automobiles. Meanwhile, explore some popular cars with removable seats.

5. 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

General Motors reintroduced swivel seats in the colonnade vehicles of the 70s era. Colonnade is seen as the three integral pillars of the vehicle.

The malaise era colonnade vehicles have B-pillars. Some vehicles released between 1973 and 1977 come with swivel seats to offer a smooth riding experience for all.

Why Choose Cars With Swivel Bucket Seats

We have listed the vehicles with swivel bucket seats, and we will check the reasons why swivel bucket seats are crucial.

Seamless Entry and Exit

These swivel bucket seats are designed to ensure a smooth entry and exit experience for all persons. Getting into the car and stepping out will not be a problem.

Convenient Third-Row Space

Some swivel bucket seats have bench seats that ensure access to the third row for passengers. These seats are available in various forms and functions depending on the vehicle.

Unique Track System

These swivel bucket seats have a unique track system that ensures free movement and enables you to turn outside for convenient entry and exit.

Perfect for People with Disabilities

Individuals living with disabilities, especially persons in wheelchairs, can take advantage of the swivel bucket seats. These swivel bucket seats give them the freedom to step out without stress.

They can access the front seats of the vehicle with a swivel seat or ramp and drive to their destination.

You can also do well to explore some cars with seats facing each other.

Final Thoughts

In the late 50s and early 60s, these swivel seats were placed in the vehicle to provide comfort and ensure seamless entry and exit.

Chrysler brand tried to reintroduce them on some models, and these are the Grand Caravan, and the Town and Country models.

On these models, these seats can turn 180 degrees for proper movement.

These swivel seats come with a foldable table and are known to swing back and forth. Unfortunately, the swivel seats were discontinued in the 2011 model year.

We may not see swivel seats on new vehicles for years to come. However, they are great features aimed at making the experience of driving in a car pleasant.


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