Are Jeep Cherokees Good For Road Trips? (Explained)

The Cherokee is a fun car to drive as required of an SUV. However, road trips need cars that provide more than just fun.

No doubt you’d want to find out if it can deliver on that road trip of yours.

Let’s explore all your possibilities with the Jeep Cherokee.

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Here’s the short answer to whether Jeep Cherokees are good for road trips:

The Jeep Cherokee is an SUV and that more than counts for something. Its spacious interior and outstanding performance make it a superb choice for road trips. Other than the obvious advantages, it also has a great payload capacity and is exceptional for off-road terrain. You’d only need extra gas.

How Comfortable Is a Jeep Cherokee for Long Distance Road Trips?

The Jeep Cherokee has modest space compared to other SUVs. However, its modest space is still workable.

Its comfort is visible in its head and leg room with its height aiding entry and exit. However, with the exquisite feeling that’s often felt in other SUVs, the Cherokee lags.

Admittedly, Jeep has always put more focus on performance and ruggedness than interior quality and refinement. This is also clear in the Cherokee.

However, its user-friendly technology may be the compensation drivers need.

Jeep Cherokee

You would also find LATCH fittings which comes in handy for child safety. There’s nothing as comforting as driving with the confidence that your baby is well tucked in.

Standard convenience features for road trips are also present. It doesn’t omit features like climate control and heated seats and wheels.

How Much Stuff Can You Pack in the Trunk of a Jeep Cherokee?

SUVs are known for their gigantic cargo space, but the Jeep Cherokee is an outlier here. For its size, the cargo space is quite disappointing. However, compared to a sedan, it has impressive cargo space.

Its trunk provides up to 25.8 cubic feet of standard cargo space. Fold the rear seats and you’ll squeeze out more space, which amounts to 54.7 cubic feet.

So granted, its cargo space isn’t as large as other SUVs in its class. However, like all the others, it can still fit oddly shaped items.

Does It Have GPS Built-In?

The Jeep Cherokee comes with a navigation system of its own. Navigation comes as a part of its UCONNECT system, which comes standard in the Cherokee.

The basic usage of the system attracts no extra charges. However, the premium service which provides extra features requires a monthly subscription.

The navigation system is so easy to use and doesn’t require a cellular network, and this gives it an edge over smart phone maps.

It also has sensors which make navigation possible even in off-grid areas where GPS signals become weak.

The system also has impressive visual representation, which is a lot better than the flat maps we’re used to. This enables you to identify well-known landmarks easily even without knowing the addresses.

Can You Drive Cross-Country in a Jeep Cherokee?

That’s a yes. After all, we wouldn’t expect any less from an SUV. Talk more of the Jeep Cherokee.

It is often said that the Jeep Cherokee has no peer in its price class when comparing their off-road capability. In fact, these capabilities are unmatched by its rivals.

Its Snow-Mode option engages the traction control system, which increases the torque and power. That way, the front and rear axles both have sufficient power for snowy conditions.

The car also provides excellent flexibility and maneuverability, coupled with a wonderful line of sight on the road ahead. With these qualities, plowing through uneven plains would feel like driving on a smooth road.

Its high, monstrous looking, front and rear bumpers also give it an edge for off-road trips. They take the heavy hits so the Cherokee doesn’t get dents all over.

Ground clearance is important for cross-country trips, since many of the roads you’ll come across may not be in the best shape.

The Cherokee is ideal for bumpy and unpaved roads, thanks to its 8.7 inches. 

Though this makes it more prone to overturning on sharp turns, it does the expected job during off-road driving.

For a long off-road trip, you’ve got little to worry about with these features.

How Reliable Is a Jeep Cherokee Over Long Distances?

Jeep Cherokees hold up their end on long distance trips.

RepairPal gives the Jeep Cherokee a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating for reliability. It further has cheap maintenance costs at just $520 annually. This is about $130 cheaper than the average maintenance costs for all cars.

However, it is almost the same as the average costs of maintaining an SUV. Hence, for its class, it has average ownership costs.

The Cherokee also has a lower frequency of repairs than other SUVs in its class. However, its problems have a higher severity rating than other SUVs. This means the likelihood of a Cherokee problem being a major one is higher.

However, despite the ratings, its reliability highly depends on your maintenance habits. So before topping up your fluids for your trip, ensure you check the essentials like the tire pressure, for example.

Also, always make sure your transmission and engine are in excellent shape.

With proper maintenance and a thorough pre-check before heading out, your Cherokee would remain loyal till your trip ends.

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How Long Can a Jeep Cherokee Drive With No Breaks?

A Jeep Cherokee’s gas tank can contain as much as 15.8 gallons. This can deliver as little as 300 miles or over 420 miles.

Such a large fuel tank usually delivers more miles. However, the Cherokee is an SUV and isn’t as fuel economical as sedans.

Hence, you can confidently drive along lonely roads that span over 400 miles with no stops.

Its drivers assist features also play a major role here. It makes use of sensors and radar to keep you on the road. That way, even when you aren’t alert, it does some of the driving for you, further elongating your road time.

How Long Will a Jeep Cherokee Last If You Use It for Road Trips?

In longevity, the Jeep Cherokee delivers, and this doesn’t change because of road trips.

The car delivers anywhere from the range of 200,000 to 400,000 miles. This translates to 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance, even with loads of driving and adventures.

Quite incredible, we must agree. This means a Jeep Cherokee will outlast the average car (sedan or SUV) on the road.

Hence, if it lasts when you make quick trips, a long distance one would do no harm. A fun fact is that long distance trips may even be better for your car.

For example, brake pads usually last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on your driving habits. Thus, commuting in heavy traffic would warrant that you use your brakes often. This makes your brake pads wear out quickly.

Road trips usually exclude heavy traffic driving and this could mean longevity for your brake pads.

If you like owning vehicles for lengthy periods while still extensively using them, the Jeep Cherokee is one to consider.

Does a Jeep Cherokee Offer Good Mileage Over Long Distances?

It is common knowledge that SUVs aren’t the most fuel-efficient vehicles.

However, the Cherokee can be commended for its above-average fuel economy compared with other SUVs. Still, there are slight variations depending on the model and trim.

Edmunds gives the 2021 Jeep Cherokee a combined mileage of 25 mpg. This is calculated from its city mileage of 22 mpg and highway mileage of 31 mpg.

However, since we’re considering road trips, we’re going to stick with the highway mileage.

So the Cherokee can deliver up to 30 mpg over long distances.

With the Jeep Cherokee offering you more space, note that extra weight begets extra fuel consumption. You might need to increase your gas budget if you aren’t planning to leave all the fun behind.

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How Many People Can Comfortably Go on a Road Trip in a Jeep Cherokee?

The Cherokee provides ample front seats and accommodates five passengers.

The rear seat space is about average for the class, with adults having enough, but not an immense amount, of room. However, you do not need to worry about that if you are a mid-size family.

The children can seat at the rear while the adults use the head and leg room provided at the front.

What Are the Best Cars for Long Road Trips?

The Jeep Cherokee comes across as a fine long-distance trip vehicle. However, explore your options a bit.

We have put together a list of cars that also have unique features of their own. These features may or may not make them better than the Cherokee.

  • Nissan Altima: The Altima has a comfortable interior which makes it ideal for road trips. Its infotainment system also helps to keep the entertainment coming on the trip.
  • Honda Accord: The Honda Accord has a spacious cargo area for a sedan. Its fuel efficiency also means you’d spend less on gas.
  • Kia Soul: The Kia Soul, though an SUV, also has a remarkable fuel efficiency. This sets it apart from other SUVs on the market.
  • Hyundai Sonata: The Sonata is a pretty reliable vehicle with exceptional handling. However, it performs better on smooth roads on long trips than on cross-country trips.

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Final Thoughts

With all the above analysis in mind, the Cherokee does indeed deliver more than just fun. You can’t go wrong with it on a road trip.

However, like cars, road trips also have unique types. Make sure the Cherokee is the best for your intended road trip before setting out.


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