Honda HR-V & Keys: 12 Questions Answered

The Honda HR-V is a great option for drivers who emphasize functionality over luxury.

Although the vehicle has an unsophisticated design and lacks speed, it makes up for these shortcomings with its impressive mileage and ample cargo space.

This article answers common questions about the Honda HR-V’s keys.

Honda HR-V Key Buttons, Functions and Tricks

Usually, Honda HR-V key fobs have four buttons: Lock, Unlock, Rear Hatch and Panic buttons.

Pressing the Lock button locks your car door.

Drivers use the Unlock button to open a locked car.

The Panic button activates the emergency alert in your Honda HR-V. You can use this feature to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot.

Some drivers also press this button when they suspect that someone is about to steal their car. Most car thieves are likely to change their mind when their target vehicle is the object of attention.

The Rear Hatch button lets users open the rear hatch in their Honda HR-V automatically.

How Much Does an Extra Honda HR-V Key Cost?

The average Honda HR-V replacement key costs between $150 to $310.

That said, some factors, like the time you bought your extra HR-V key, may determine how much you pay for a replacement key. These factors are:

  1. Time of purchase: Buying a Honda replacement key after working hours may attract an extra fee.
  2. Where you bought the key: A certified Honda dealer will likely charge less than a locksmith for a replacement key. Online dealers often offer the lowest prices on Honda HR-V replacement keys.
  3. Type of Key: Some Honda HR-V models use transponder keys while others use key fobs. Usually, Honda transponder keys are more expensive than Honda key fobs. So, it costs more money to replace a transponder key than to buy an extra Honda key fob.

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What Batteries Do Honda HR-V Keys Use?

Honda HR-V keys use CR2032 batteries.

These batteries are available online for $3 to $5.

Check here for the prices of Honda HR-V key batteries on Amazon.

Can You Replace the Honda HR-V Key Battery Yourself?

You can replace the HR-V key battery yourself.

The guide below will help you swap your old key battery with a new one.

  1. Remove your ignition key by pulling out the small knob at the back of your key fob.
  2. Next, place the key in between the fob to pry it open.
  3. This will reveal your key battery. Replace your old battery, press the key fob together and insert your metal key.

What to Do When Your Honda HR-V Key Is Stuck Inside the Ignition

Every time you switch off the engine of your HR-V, the ignition gets locked.

As a result, your key might get stuck inside your ignition if you don’t remove it immediately.

Here’s a way to pull out your key if it is stuck in the ignition:

  • Jiggle your steering wheel and try moving your key to the ‘On’ or ‘Accessory’ position.
  • Repeat this action until your key feels loose in the ignition.
  • Return your key to the ‘Off’ position and pull it out.

Your key may also get stuck if the key is bent or damaged.

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Popular Honda HR-V Key Fob Covers

Here are popular Honda HR-V key fob covers:

  • Muxkenper Remote Smart Key Fob Shell Case
  • Alegender 4 Buttons Smart Key Fob Remote Cover Case Holder
  • Flashmost Genuine Leather Key Case Cover Suit
  • Ezzy Auto Black and Rose Silicone Rubber Key Fob Case
  • REPROTECTING Silicone Rubber Key Fob Cover
  • SEGADEN Silicone Key Fob Case
  • Hey Kaulor Smart Key Fob Remote Cover
  • JIYUE Suit for Honda Key Fob Cover
  • ROMASO Key Fob Cover
  • 2PCS XUHANG Silicone Key Fob Cover

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How to Find the Key Code for Lost Honda HR-V Keys

Locate the key code for your lost Honda HR-V keys in your owner’s manual.

If you don’t have the manual, you may need to visit a trusted Honda dealership and request your key code.

The Honda dealer will give your key code to you if you have sufficient proof of ownership.

A sale agreement and a Certificate of Title transferred from the vehicle’s original owner can serve as proof of ownership.

What to Do If My Honda HR-V Key Won’t Turn

Your Honda HR-V key may not turn for the following reasons:

You Are Using the Wrong Ignition Key

Each Honda ignition key only turns the vehicle they come with.

While making the HR-V, Honda installs a code in each key and pairs them with the ignition of a specific vehicle.

This key code helps the immobilizer system of the specific Honda car recognize the key and activate its engine.

That said, you won’t be able to start your vehicle with the wrong ignition key because the immobilizer system won’t recognize the key.

Your Key is Stuck in Your Ignition

Sometimes, your Honda HR-V key may become stuck in your ignition if you don’t remove it when you turn off your engine.

Jiggle your steering wheel and try turning your key away from the Off position to remove the key from the ignition.

Dead Battery

Your key might not turn if your HR-V battery is dead or has insufficient power to turn the starter motor. If you suspect this is the problem, recharge or replace your battery.

Wrong Gear

If your car has automatic transmission, the key will not turn in the ignition if the gear is not in Park or Neutral. Check the drive mode of your tranny if your key won’t turn.

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My Honda HR-V Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

When dirt blocks your ignition port, you may find it difficult to insert your key.

To clear the debris in your ignition, try putting your key into the ignition continuously until it can go all the way in.

Your key will go easily into the ignition once you’ve cleared the dirt in the ignition.

A bent or damaged key won’t go into the ignition as well. If your ignition cylinder is damaged, it might be difficult to insert your key into it.

What to Do If Keys are Locked Inside My Honda HR-V

Take these steps to unlock your car without your keys:

  • Get an inflatable car wedge and a wire hanger.
  • Place the wedge in the space between your car frame and door.
  • Pump the wedge to create a larger opening.
  • Now, straighten the wire hanger and insert the end of its hook into the opening you’ve created to pull out the door handle.

If someone is in the locked car, you can skip these steps and just ask them to press the unlock button on the door handle.

You can also ask your locksmith to help you unlock the car.

The Honda HR-V Immobilizer Explained

The Immobilizer system is a security feature that is located in the ignition.

During the production of the HR-V, Honda installs a unique code in each HRV key and pairs them with their vehicle’s immobilizer system.

This ensures that only the original key of a car can start the vehicle.

When you insert your key into the ignition, the immobilizer reads the code in the key and activates the engine if it recognizes the key.

So, if your car does not start when you insert your key, you might have inserted the wrong key.

If you lose your keys and you need a new one, you must provide your key code to a certified Honda dealership.

The dealer will use your original key code to cut you a new key. If you’ve lost the manual, you may need to present proof of ownership to the dealer before they provide your key code.

What Does the Key Light on My Honda HR-V Mean?

The key light on your Honda HR-V indicates that your immobilizer system cannot recognize your key.

If this light comes on when you insert your car key, check that you are using the correct key.

Each HR-V key comes with a special code that is unique to each vehicle. So, your immobilizer system will not recognize any other key apart from your vehicle’s original key.

Once you have inserted the original key, the key light should go off.

However, if the key light stays on after you have inserted the correct key, there might be an error with your ignition.

Ask your mechanic to inspect the car once you suspect that your ignition is faulty.

How Do I Extend the Battery Life of My Honda HR-V Key Fob?

A key fob cover can make your Honda HR-V key fob battery last longer.

Key fob covers protect your key fob from dust, rust or any other element that could cause damage to the key fob battery.

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