Honda Clarity & Keys: 12 Questions Answered

The Honda Clarity is an electric sedan with incredible mileage and comfy seats.

Because the Clarity’s key contains a chip that requires programming, it can be challenging to operate.

This article will explore important information about the usage of the Honda Clarity key, its functions, and features.

Honda Clarity Key Fob Buttons, Functions and Tricks

The Honda Clarity key fob has six buttons: Lock, Unlock, Plug-in Charge Lid, Climate Pre-conditioning, Trunk Release, and Panic.

Pressing the Lock or Unlock buttons will lock or open the doors of the Clarity.

The Plug-in Charge Lid charges your Clarity’s battery.

The Climate Pre-conditioning button turns on the vehicle’s heater in the winter and the air conditioner when the weather is hot.

The Trunk Release button opens the vehicle’s trunk.

Using the Panic button activates your emergency alert system. You should use this button if you suspect that a robber is near your car and you are far away from your vehicle.

Apart from their essential functions, there are a few cool tricks you can perform with your Honda Clarity remote key fob buttons.

If you press the Unlock button twice when you have locked your car doors, all the vehicle’s windows will roll down at once.

How Much Does an Extra Honda Clarity Key Cost?

The average Honda Clarity replacement key costs between $260 and $320. That said, some factors may affect the price of a Honda Clarity key:

  1. Where you bought your replacement key: It is more expensive to buy your Honda Clarity key at a locksmith than at a dealer’s.
  2. Time of purchase: Locksmiths and car key dealers often charge more for new keys outside regular working hours. So, you are likely to spend more money getting a key replacement in the night than at noon.

What Batteries Do Honda Clarity Keys Use?

Honda Clarity key fobs use CR2032 lithium batteries, which cost about $5. You can buy these batteries at stores like Walmart and Home Depot and online at Amazon.

The appropriate CR-2032 battery for Honda Clarity keys is 3.2mm long and 20mm wide.

To extend the battery life of your Honda Clarity key fob battery, it’s best that you also get a key fob case.

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Can You Change the Honda Clarity Key Batteries Yourself?

You can change your Honda Clarity key battery without the intervention of an auto-repairer. To insert the new battery into your key fob, you need a screwdriver.

Follow these steps to replace your old Honda Clarity key battery:

  1. Locate the button that pushes the metal key out of your key fob.
  2. Slide the button open and pull the metal key out of the fob.
  3. Insert the edge of your metal key between the key fob and twist the key.
  4. The back of your Honda Clarity key fob will come off to reveal your car key battery. Now, it’s time to replace the battery.
  5. Place your thumb above the battery to keep the key fob in place.
  6. Now, carefully remove the old battery from the key fob with your other hand and insert the new battery.
  7. Replace the back of the key fob to its original position and press the key fob pieces together.
  8. You’ll hear a snap to indicate that you have arranged the key fob correctly.

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What to Do When Your Honda Clarity Key Is Stuck in the Ignition

The steering wheels of most vehicles lock automatically when the driver turns off the ignition.

This security feature prevents anyone who doesn’t have the key from driving off with the car.

Unfortunately, if the driver does not remove the key from the steering wheel on time, the key may get stuck in the ignition.

This guide will help you take out your key whenever it gets stuck in the ignition of your Honda Clarity:

  • Ensure that your vehicle’s engine is completely off. You won’t be able to remove the key if your car is set in gear or running.
  • Grab the key with your right hand and hold the steering wheel with your left hand.
  • Turn your HR-V’s steering wheel left or right and try shifting the key to another position, like On or Accessory. Keep doing this until you can move the key freely.
  • Move the key back to the Off position and pull it out of the ignition immediately.

Popular Honda Clarity Key Fob Covers

Here are some of the most popular key fobs for the Honda Clarity:

  • RoyalFox 6Buttons TPU Soft Smart Keyless Remote Key Fob Case
  • X AUTOHAUX Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Car Key Fob
  • Grakest TPU Key Fob Case
  • RP Key 6Button Silicone Keyless Entry Remote Control Key Fob Cover

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How to Find the Key Code for Lost Honda Clarity Keys

You can find your Honda Clarity’s key code in the owner’s manual.

However, if you purchased a used car, you may have to prove your ownership at a Honda dealership.

Once the dealer is sure that you are the actual owner of the vehicle, they will provide the key code to your car.

What to Do if My Honda Clarity Key Won’t Turn

If your Honda Clarity key won’t turn, it might be stuck in the ignition.

Your Honda Clarity key will start working once you take these steps:

  • Hold your steering wheel with your right hand and grip the key with your left.
  • Move your steering wheel left or right. While you wiggle the steering wheel, try turning the key to the On or Accessory.
  • Once you feel that the key is no longer stiff, turn the ignition off and remove the key immediately.

The key may also refuse to turn if your car is in park or neutral, if the car has automatic transmission.

A dead battery can also prevent your key from turning in the ignition.

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My Honda Clarity Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

Occasionally, dust and dirt fill up the ignition cylinder, leaving no vacant space for the vehicle’s key.

When this happens, your key may not go freely into the ignition when you try to insert it.

You can solve this problem by slotting your Honda Clarity key into the ignition continuously until the port clears up.

Once your ignition port is free of dirt, you should be able to insert your key easily in the ignition.

A dirty or damaged key may also have difficulty getting into the ignition. If your ignition cylinder is broken, you won’t be able to insert your key.

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What to Do If the Keys Are Locked Inside My Honda Clarity

Locking your keys in your Honda Clarity can be stressful, especially if you don’t have anyone in your car.

The good news is that there are alternative ways to unlock your car, even if you don’t have a key.

You can unlock your car using a wire hanger and an inflatable car wedge.

Here’s a guide to help you:

  • Place the wedge in the space between your car frame and door.
  • Pump the wedge to create an opening between the door and car frame
  • Now, straighten the wire hanger, insert it into the slot, and pull out the door handle from within.

If there is someone in the locked vehicle, you can ask them to press the ‘Unlock’ button on the door knob instead.

Another alternative is to call the locksmith and ask them to unlock your Honda Clarity’s door.

However, many smart keys won’t allow you to leave them in the car since you need to lock the vehicle.

Honda Clarity Immobilizer Explained

Honda designed the immobilizer system to safeguard the Honda Clarity against theft.

The company installs a unique electrical code in each Honda Clarity ignition key to help the immobilizer system recognize each vehicle.

The immobilizer system will only activate the ignition when a driver inserts the original Honda Clarity key.

The immobilizer system is also the reason why your dealer needs your key code to cut a new key for your Honda Clarity when you lose your keys.

What Does the Key light on My Honda Clarity Dashboard Mean?

If your key light goes on when you insert your Honda Clarity key, it means that the immobilizer system cannot recognize your key.

You should call a Honda service repairer to inspect your vehicle as soon as you notice this issue.

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