Ford Transit & Keys: 12 Questions Answered (For Newbies)

The Ford Transit is the best-selling cargo van in the United States.

Businesses appreciate its rugged construction, flexibility, and better-than-average ownership costs. The vehicle also comes with impressive security.

This article examines everything you need to know about the Ford Transit and its keys.

Ford Transit Key Fob Buttons, Functions and Tricks

Some models have only a Lock, Unlock and Panic button. Others have an additional button on the fob for unlocking the tailgate.

You have the option of a fob controlled central lock system.

The doors are so secure that they have anti-tamper shielding. You can even decide to open a particular door while the others remain locked.

You can also set the tailgate to lock itself when closed.

How Much Does a Ford Transit Extra Key Cost?

An extra key for a Transit costs from $120 to $200.

There are several reasons why a replacement key can be cheap or expensive. One of such reasons is the type of key, as a transponder key must be programmed to your vehicle’s system.

Without the programming, the van’s immobilizer would prevent the key from starting the vehicle.

Remote key fobs also need to be programmed. The cost of programming these keys would incur additional expenses.

The year your Transit was manufactured will affect the type of key you need to replace, which affects the cost.

Another factor is the locksmith or dealership that works on your new key. Dealerships typically charge more for replacement keys.

The cost of new keys varies in different parts of the world.

Also, ordering keys online may include delivery costs, but these are often cheaper than buying from dealerships and locksmiths.

My Transit Car Key Is Not Detected

The reasons your car would give you a “key not detected” message varies.

Your key may no longer be programmed to your car. It might be due to an error during programming or simply a glitch.

Your key fob may be broken, or your battery may have been displaced. The problem may even be from the car and not the key.

If the problem occurs as a result of a weak battery in your fob, it might be the range. Try taking your key fob closer to the ignition or lock to reduce the distance. After it is detected, change the fob battery.

If the problem persists, have a professional check your key fob or vehicle.

Which Batteries Do Ford Transit Keys Use?

The Ford transit key fob uses a CR2032 3-Volt Coin Cell battery.

Different companies such as Duracell, Sony and Panasonic manufacture the CR2032 battery.

Check here for the best Ford Transit key fob batteries on Amazon.

Can You Change the Key Battery Yourself?

Changing the key battery requires no special programming so you can easily change it yourself.

After opening the fob with a screwdriver, you would see the old battery still in place. Some fobs may have additional covers for the battery.

Remove the cover then use a clip to get the battery out and dispose properly.

Insert the new battery and put the battery cover back in its position. Then fix both sides of the fob back together.

What to Do When Key Is Stuck in the Ignition?

The first thing to consider is whether the stuck key is still whole or broken in the ignition.

We’ve grouped the most common scenarios of a stuck key into three parts.

The first part consists of minor cases, which occur due to the steering wheel lock or a parking lock.

A steering lock requires a little jiggling of the wheel while you pull out your key. A parking lock needs a simple confirmation that your gear lever is indeed in park.

In semi-major cases, a dead or weak battery is responsible. The best-case scenario would be to recharge the battery. The worst-case scenario means your battery is damaged and a total replacement is necessary.

Major cases include a bad key, which might be bent, rusted or worn out. Your ignition cylinder may also be bad. Both cases require extreme measures like key and ignition cylinder replacement, respectively.

Always remember that nothing beats professional help. So, whatever you do, see an automotive locksmith.

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Popular Key Fob Covers

The RUNZUIE silicone keyless entry remote key fob case protector comes off as the perfect fob cover for a Transit.

With looks synonymous to futuristic technology, the fob cover gives you the feeling that you’re holding the keys to an alien ship.

This RUNZUIE fob cover comes in black with red buttons and is very affordable.

RPKEY designed their silicone key fob cover with a dual marketing advantage. The 3-button fob cover has a good number of colors. The colors include white, orange, black, blue and even pink.

The REPROTECTING rubber key fob cover has a 5-star rating on Amazon. It also comes with a 1.1-inch ring which can be used to hold other objects along with your fob. It is most compatible with the Ford Transit Connect from 2014 model to 2017.

Check here for quality Ford Transit key fob covers on Amazon.

How to Find Key Codes for Lost Keys

Your key code should be in your owner’s manual. If the manual is not available, ask your Ford dealer to check their database.

You can get your key code from them once you provide them with proof that you’re the owner of the van.

Often times, a locksmith can perform the same tasks a dealer can. Experienced locksmiths can even get you your key code in a few minutes.

Whatever the case may be, not knowing your key code shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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What to Do If the Key Won’t Turn?

Remain calm. A major reason your key won’t turn is that there is a problem with your ignition switch.

Another reason is an impaired ignition key. Both problems often occur when the ignition switch or the key wears down. That implies that you’re using an old ignition switch or key.

A temporary solution would be to have a locksmith repair your ignition switch. This is not a long-term solution because your ignition switch has already exhausted the greater portion of its lifespan.

The better alternative is to replace it.

The same thing applies to a worn key. It is better to have it replaced than repaired.

Other reasons may be a simple mechanical misalignment of the key and the switch. A locksmith can easily uncouple your cylinder and assemble it for you to resolve the problem.

My Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

An object might be in your ignition that’s preventing your key from going in. It may be accumulated debris.

You can try to remove the object with a sharper object if it isn’t locked in the ignition. If the object is already locked in deeply, a locksmith can get it out for you.

If the key won’t go in due to accumulated debris, try inserting and removing the key gently. The ‘in and out’ motion can help create a better passage way for your key.

Your key might also be disfigured and may need to be replaced.

What to Do If Keys Are Locked Inside a Ford Transit?

You can use a metal shirt hanger to get your keys out if your car window is slightly open.

Simply twist the hanger to the required form/shape that’ll fit in and hook your key. This can easily be done if your key is on the driver’s seat.

If your window isn’t slightly open, you can call a locksmith to help unlock the door for a fee.

You can also tow the car to a dealership and they’ll open it after you’ve proven ownership of the car.

You can decide to get an extra key. That way you’d have two keys. Keeping one away would be a good idea in case you lock your keys in the car next time.

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Ford Transit MyKey Explained

With the MyKey feature, it would be as though you are in the backseat while your daughter/son drives.

The MyKey feature lets you place limits on the driving of people around you. These are drivers who need guidance while driving. Mostly teenagers who are still learning to drive.

To set up a MyKey, insert the key and click on the menu. Scroll down to settings, click okay and select MyKey. Then create a MyKey and configure the settings you prefer.

You can set a maximum speed limit and set your traction control to “always on”. For a 2012 model, you can either set the maximum speed to 80MPH or set no maximum speed at all.

There’ll also be speed warnings when the other driver approaches certain speeds.

In some model years, these speeds are 45MPH, 55MPH and 65MPH. When those speeds are reached, there’ll be a chime and a message: Drive safely and watch your speed.

When you’re done programming the key, click ‘ok’ and pull out the MyKey.

The next time the MyKey is used to start your car, the message on the screen will read “MyKey Active”. It will also require that you fasten your seatbelt to unmute the car’s audio.

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