Ford F-250 & Keys: 12 Questions Answered (For Newbies)

The F-250 is a super duty truck amongst Ford’s line of F-series that has outstanding towing and hauling capabilities.

It comes in six trim levels namely; XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum and Limited and has a Super Tremor package that increases its capabilities off-road.

The three cab configurations are a regular cab, an extended cab and a crew cab.

Here are frequently asked questions about the F-250’s key.

Ford F-250 Key Fob Buttons, Functions and Tricks

The F-250 has a smart key that allows for both keyless ignition and keyless entry to your car.

It can be activated from many meters away. This is accomplished by sending low-frequency signals to your F-250 computer system from the push of a button.

The buttons on the key fob are marked with different symbols depending on the model year.

Most commonly found are ‘Lock’ to secure the doors, ‘Unlock’ to open doors and the ‘Panic’ button to turn on the car alarm. Some also have the remote start button with a circular arrow to turn on the ignition.

Other features may include hatch/tailgate open button, open or close power sunroof, and folding of power side mirrors, etc.

How Much Does An Extra Key Cost?

An extra key may range from $40 to $320. The price depends on the key type, model year of the car, and location of purchase.

Your F-250 may use a remote key, transponder chip key or non-transponder key.

Transponder and remote keys need to be programmed by a professional locksmith or dealer. They are also more expensive, while the non-transponder keys do not require programming and are less expensive.

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My F-250 Car Key Is Not Detected

If you get a “key not detected” message, it might be because your key fob battery is dead. If that happens, put your key fob underneath the charging area in your car and press the push start button.

Another reason the “key not detected” message could appear is due to obstruction from a nearby radio tower. In situations like this, simply wait till you’re out of that environment.

A broken key fob or low car battery might cause the same problem. The easiest way to bypass the problem is to use the physical backup key.

Which Batteries Do F-250 Keys Use?

The remote for F-250 key fob uses a CR2450 coin cell battery. The major advantages of the CR2450 is the affordability and lasting capacity.

They can last from 2 to 6 years, however, you are advised to change the battery after 4 years. This is due to the fact that a weak battery can affect the range of the key fob.

Many parameters such as usage and weather conditions can affect how long the battery lasts in your key fob.

Note that using a key fob cover is another way to protect your fob and extend its battery life.

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Can You Change the Key Battery Yourself? (Dead Key)

You can change your key battery yourself. Note that different key fobs have different structures, which means different methods of changing the batteries.

For the Ford F-250 key fob, find a button close to the top of the fob and press it.

Pressing the button releases the internal key. Turn the fob upside down, and use the internal key to pop the cover open.

This will reveal the old battery. Get it out and fix in the new one. Make sure your hands do not have any form of moisture at all.

After that, fix the fob cover and insert the internal key back in. Your fob should work perfectly.

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What to Do When Key Is Stuck In the Ignition?

Do not pull or yank out the key. Your key may be worn out or damaged.

Forcefully pulling out your key can cause major damage to your ignition cylinder. If your key is worn out, it has to be replaced. Getting a new key might be expensive, but the safety is worth it.

Your key might be stuck to a steering wheel or a gear lock. Ensure your gear is in park.

Turn your steering wheel in both directions while you gently pull out your key if the key is stuck because of a steering lock.

Popular Key Fob Covers

The Royalfox TM 2/3 Buttons Leather flip key fob cover is one of the most widely used fob covers partly due to its shiny looks and affordable price.

It is compatible with key fobs of the F-250 from 2015 to 2018. It guarantees protection against scratches and cracks.

Aihok’s key fob protector boasts of full coverage and a leather key chain suitable for F-250s with 5 buttons on their key fob. It also has a key ring that rotates 360 degrees.

Other features include being impact and scratch resistant. The material also makes it dustproof.

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How to Find Key Codes for Lost Keys

Check your car manual. It should be stored on your code card.

The code for a lost key can also be retrieved at a dealership when you provide proof of ownership. The VIN of your truck must be provided to retrieve your key code.

You’re advised to keep the key code safe because it is necessary when replacing your keys at a dealership or locksmith.

What to Do If the Key Won’t Turn?

Intense weather conditions which cause rapid expansion or contraction in materials may have affected the dimensions of your ignition switch.

This doesn’t happen at once, but over time. You need a complete replacement of both the key and the ignition cylinder to correct this problem.

A locked steering wheel can affect the ignition and cause it to be inoperable.

The steering wheel can be unlocked by simultaneously turning the ignition key on, while turning the steering wheel from side to side.

Using a different vehicle’s key fob will fail to turn on the ignition. The key will most likely get stuck or cause damage to the ignition switch.

My Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

This is often caused by the anti-theft system in your car. Your car’s anti-theft system, as the name implies, is a security measure that immobilizes your car.

There are many types of anti-theft systems. The anti-theft steering wheel lock is what may prevent your key from going in.

It’s possible that you have a damaged anti-theft device in your car. Another possibility is that you mistakenly set off the anti-theft feature.

If your key battery is dead, it would prevent you from disabling the anti-theft feature. That means it’ll remain active and prevent you from putting your key in.

Simply change your key fob battery.

If your anti-theft device is damaged, call a professional and get it fixed, replaced or updated.

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What to Do If Keys Are Locked Inside a Ford F-250?

Ford F-250s are equipped with keypad entry (known as a keyless entry in the past). Use the keypad entry to unlock your car and retrieve your key.

If you’re unable to do that due to a malfunction or because you forgot your code, it’s time to call a locksmith. Once the door is opened, download and set up the FordPass app.

You can use the FordPass app which functions just like a key fob to unlock your car.

It is also used to start your car and to check the fuel level. This would be a lifesaver if your keys get locked in the car next time.

It works by synchronizing with your truck, and you’d need your VIN to set it up.

Ford F-250 MyKey Explained

This feature can be likened to the parental control function that’s found in TVs these days.

The MyKey feature limits how a driver, other than the owner of the vehicle, drives when he/she is alone.

Any of your keys can be programmed to be used as a MyKey. It doesn’t matter which one.

Put the key into the ignition and turn it on. Go to MyKey in your settings on your home screen and create one.

If MyKey has already been created, simply clear MyKey before creating the new one with your desired specifications.

By holding the “Create MyKey” button down, your F-250 would register your key as a MyKey. After doing that, you can now configure the settings as you’d like.

We advise that you set traction control to always on. Even as an experienced driver, we recommend having it on yourself.

You can also select the maximum speed you’d like your driver to reach, preferably less than 80 mph.

The speed warning is a reminder to keep the driver alert about his/her increasing speed.

The volume limit helps to reduce distraction in the car. That way, the volume of the radio can never be too loud.

You can also determine how many miles a MyKey has traveled with your master key.

Note that you cannot program your administrative key to become a MyKey. You can however, choose to have another key made, then set it as a MyKey.

There must be an admin key at all times.

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