Ford F-350/F-450 & Keys: 12 Questions Answered

The Ford F-350 and F-450 can be called mechatronic donkeys. That’s because these trucks can do just about any work.

They can carry extremely heavy loads and tow weights up to 37,000 pounds. We have an overview of the years to buy and years to avoid for the Ford 450.

This is all you need to know about the F-350 and F-450 keys.

Ford F-350/F450 Key Fob Buttons, Functions and Tricks

The Ford F-350 and F-450 transponder chip keys have no buttons but are very secure. They function by sending a signal that cannot be mimicked to the trucks’ system.

That means no other key can start the vehicle’s engine.

That’s why a transponder chip key needs to be programmed to your truck just like a key fob.

The remote key fob of both trucks comes in different variations.

Recently manufactured key fobs mostly have five buttons which include the lock, unlock, remote start, trunk and panic buttons.

Older fobs have just 3 or 4 buttons. The F-350 and F-450 remote head keys usually have 4. Whatever type of remote you use, the lock, unlock and panic buttons should be present.

The remote key fob also has an emergency insert key inside it. Keep in mind that the remote fob is the most secure type of key at the moment.

How Much Does an Extra Key Cost?

Replacing your F-350 key requires between $60 and $320. While the F-450 key has a range from $120 to $320.

The cost of a new key depends on several factors. The primary factor being the type of key you need to replace. The F-350/F450 remote key fob is more expensive than other type of keys.

Your truck’s model year, state of residence and the dealer you buy from also affect the cost of a key.

Keys are generally more expensive in places with strict shipping laws and custom practices.

The major information needed to replace your key include the type of key and the year your truck was manufactured. Other details that may be needed are your VIN and proof of ownership.

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My F-350/F450 Car Key Is Not Detected

A major cause of a “key not detected” message is interference from other devices. Perhaps you have another key with you which uses the same technology as your key.

The foreign key may be blocking your key’s signal. Other devices like a smart phone or something with a transmitter can also cause the same problem.

Try moving the items as far away from each other as possible, then start your car again.

Sometimes, there might be no device that could’ve caused the interference around you. In such cases, it is likely as a result of a damaged transmitter in your key fob.

Your key battery may be displaced in your fob due to agitation. This mostly affects fobs with no extra cover on their batteries.

If the problem persists, have your key and the ignition checked by a professional.

Which Batteries Do F-350/F450 Keys Use?

You’re good to go with a CR-2450 3-volt lithium battery. It is affordable and has a long life.

You can buy it online or at a reputable store.

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Can You Change the Key battery Yourself? (Dead Key)

You can change your dead key battery yourself.

The F-350 and F-450 key fobs have emergency keys in them. Simply get the emergency key out with your thumb and index finger. Use it to open the fob via a tiny opening close to the edge.

Once opened, use a flathead screwdriver to snap the damaged battery out. Fix the new battery in place.

Once that’s done, close the fob and fix the emergency key back in.

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What to Do When Key Is Stuck in the Ignition?

A truck with automatic transmission will lock the key if you don’t set the gear lever to Park. This keeps your truck from taking a stroll while you’re away.

If that’s the case with you, make sure you adjust your gear lever and pull your key out.

A rusted or worn key is another likely culprit. Lubricate the ignition and pull your key out or call your locksmith to get it out if lubrication doesn’t work.

Have him/her cut or program you a new key as soon as possible.

If the problem is from the ignition, the ignition should be changed.

However, it is most likely due to the key or a locked steering wheel. Turn your steering left and right and gently pull your key till it’s out.

What About the F-650 and F-750 Models?

There are also issues and concerns to address around the keys and locks on the F-650 and F-750 models.

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Popular Key fob Covers

The two in one Coolbestda Silicone Smart key fob cover protects your key fob from scratches, falls and water. It comes in sets of 2, means you have the option of alternating between fob covers.

The cover comes in dual colors like black and blue; black and black; black and purple; black and rose etc.

The Yongxingjin leather key fob cover suit remains one of the most classic fits out there. It has an even white seam around the perimeter of the cover which compliments the dark colors.

Made out of high quality cowhide leather, it is suitable for key fobs with a linear arrangement of buttons. It also has a slim leather belt attached to a hook.

Keep in mind that Yongxingjin has an alternative fob cover. This is suitable for the key fobs of other model years that do not have a linear arrangement of buttons.

It is still made of high-quality leather and that does not disrupt the key fob signal.

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How to Find Key Codes for Lost Keys

You can get your key code from your owner’s manual.

A Ford dealership or registered locksmith can also get you your key code by providing your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

However, your truck’s ignition may have been changed in the past for some reason. In that case, the current key code of your current ignition cylinder cannot be gotten from your VIN.

The VIN would only provide the code of the original ignition cylinder that came with the truck.

The locksmith who fixed the new ignition cylinder should have the code. Sometimes they may not.

Not to worry, the locksmiths can always find your key code no matter the circumstance.

You just have to show your documents to prove that you’re the owner of the truck.

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What to Do If the Key Won’t Turn?

This happens when your car battery is too weak to engage the ignition cylinder to function properly. The solution is to recharge your car battery.

After charging your battery, the key and ignition should function properly.

It could be that your ignition lock cylinder is damaged and needs to be replaced. Before that happens, you may have to provide your VIN to the locksmith depending on the policy in your location.

A locked steering wheel can also prevent your key from turning. Likewise, your key won’t turn if you use an automatic transmission and it is not in Park.

My Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

The problem is probably with your key; it might be deformed due to extreme heat or cold. It may simply be bent because of rough handling, and would need to be replaced.

Straightening your key with a hammer can be a temporary solution if you use a non-transponder key.

A broken key should not even be inserted into the ignition switch in the first place. It should be discarded at once or kept for reference purposes when getting a replacement.

If accumulated particles on your key over time is the source of the problem, clean your key thoroughly with alcohol. Avoid habits that attract dirt to your key.

You may have accidentally enabled the anti-theft feature of your car. Anti-theft system immobilizes your engine and may cause your key hole to be inaccessible.

Pressing the panic button on your key fob should disable the anti-theft feature momentarily.

What to Do If Keys Are Locked Inside a Ford F-350/F450?

Although modern trucks are equipped with features that prevent owners from locking their keys in the car, we assume you use an earlier model for the sake of this question.

The police or fire service can get it open for free. However, something tells us you do not want that option.

Call your locksmith to the spot; he/she would charge quite a sum (say $50). It is still cheaper compared to the towing costs you’ll pay if you were to take the car to the dealer.

You might also be able to use a car door wedge and a wire hanger to unlock your truck and get your key out.

Ford F-350/F450 MyKey Explained

A new F-350/F-450 comes with two keys. You can program your truck to distinguish between the two keys the same way it’d recognize a new replacement key.

MyKey limits certain features on the truck. One of both keys can be inserted and programmed to be a MyKey.

You can set a maximum speed limit of say 80 MPH, or choose not to set a speed limit at all.

Your truck can be configured to chime when the speed gets to 75, 90, or 105 MPH. You can also set a limit for the radio volume.

After configuring the MyKey settings to your taste, pull out your key. It’ll function according to the set limits whenever you start the truck with it.

When you start the truck with a MyKey, you have to buckle up your seatbelts to unmute the radio. If you try going past the maximum speed, the car simply maintains the set speed.

The “low fuel” warning also appears sooner when using a MyKey. That way, the teenager driving has more time to refuel.

The other key would now act as the administrative key. Only the administrative key can be used to clear the MyKey settings.

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