Ford F-650 & F-750 & Keys: 12 Questions Answered

The earliest Ford F-650 and Ford F-750 were both manufactured slightly over two decades ago.

Known for being able to withstand rough/uneven topography and harsh weather conditions, the F-650 won the “Work Truck Magazine’s Medium Duty Truck of the Year” award in 2020 thanks to its durability, quality, maintenance, servicing and life cycle costs.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Ford F-650/F-750 keys.

Ford F-650/F-750 Key fob Buttons, Functions and Tricks

The F-650/F-750 keys vary. In the early models, non-transponder keys were used.

However, high theft rates caused Ford to replace the non-transponder keys with transponder chip keys. Both keys were used until 2016 in the F-650 and F-750.

The more interesting keys are the remote key fob and the remote head key. Both keys were used by Ford in the F-650/F-750 models from 2017.

The remote key fob is identical in both the F-650 and F-750 models. It comes with Lock, Unlock, Remote Start and Panic buttons. The remote head key also has the features listed above.

The F-650/F-750 key fob has impressive proximity sensors. Thus, you can start your truck’s engine with the use of the remote start button. You can even roll down your windows without entering the truck.

How Much Does an Extra Key Cost?

The replacement cost for an F-650 key starts from $50 to $340. It costs a maximum of $320 to replace an F-750’s key.

The cost of replacement depends on the type of key you’re replacing and several other factors including the cost of materials at the time of replacement.

A remote head key would generally be more expensive than a basic transponder key. The difference between the remote key fob and the remote head key lies in their primary functions.

The remote head key is an actual key with a remote built into its key head. While the remote key fob primarily functions as just a remote with an emergency key inside.

Buying a new key from third party is usually cheaper if it’s an individual. This is because he/she may have mistakenly purchased a wrong key and would sell less than the market value.

If you however decide to buy from third parties, you’ll pay for your key to be programmed to your truck. That is if you use a transponder key or remote key fob. Non-transponder keys are the cheapest ones you can get.

My F-650/F-750 Car Key Is Not Detected

This is most often because of a dead fob battery. If you just got a new key, it may be because it was not properly programmed. You would need to take it back to the dealer to have it reprogrammed.

Your F-650/F-750 key fob has a key inside it. Some people don’t know this and can get stranded without the adequate knowledge.

If your fob battery is dead, use the emergency key inside your key fob to unlock your car. Once inside, place your key fob in the charging area and start your truck.

It doesn’t matter if your fob battery is dead. Your truck should start anyway.

This shouldn’t turn into a regular routine, though. It is for emergencies and you should replace your fob battery once you’re out of the situation.

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Which Batteries Do Ford F-650/F-750 Keys Use?

The remote key fob (164-R8163) in both trucks operates with the CR-2450 3-volt Lithium-ion button cell battery.

However, the remote head key (164-R8067) uses the more common CR-2032 3-volt Lithium-ion button cell battery.

The remote head key is also suitable for both trucks.

Note that batteries in remote head keys last longer than batteries in smart or remote key fobs. This is based on the primary functions of both keys.

Check here for Ford F-650/F-750 key batteries on Amazon.

Can You Change the Key Battery Yourself?

Changing your key fob battery is easy.

After buying the CR-2450 or CR-2032 button cell battery, changing it depends on your key. The remote key fob usually has a release button, while a remote head key can easily be snapped open.

The most important thing is to handle the procedure carefully. Make sure you tamper with nothing else. The task is simply to get the damaged battery out while holding everything in place.

After fixing the new battery, close the fob and test it. If the range was small due to a weak battery, it’ll be back to normal.

If you encounter problems, you may want to reopen the fob for any error you may have made. Such errors may include mixing up the terminals.

If that doesn’t get the problem fixed, see your locksmith. This is to prevent further damages to your fob.

Note that the life of your new battery depends on how often you use your fob, the features you make use of, and the weather conditions around you.

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What to Do When Key Is Stuck in the Ignition?

Do not panic. Simply ask yourself a few questions.

Is your gear correctly positioned? Ensure it is in park before attempting to remove your keys.

After removing your key, remember to inspect it for any damages that may have occurred while pulling it out.

It is also possible your ignition cylinder failed and may be worn out. Maybe the pins in your cylinder are misaligned and may have locked your key within them.

A locked steering wheel can also lead to this problem. Wiggle the steering from side to side while trying to remove the key to unlock it.

How to Find Key Codes for Lost Keys

If you use a non-transponder key, there would not be a need for a key code. Key codes are usually needed when replacing transponder keys or remote head keys.

Transponder keys and key fobs have to be programmed to your car though. That’s why the key code is so important; it specifies the key that would open a lock.

Check your owner’s manual for your key code. You should only take other measures if you can’t find it for some reasons.

One way to get your key code is through your VIN, which can be found on your dashboard. The dealer can determine all the necessary information about your truck (including your key code) from your VIN.

These steps require additional spending, which is why we advise you to use more subtle methods.

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What to Do If the Key Won’t Turn?

If you’ve had your ignition cylinder changed recently, it might be a problem with the cylinder. New equipment sometimes pose new problems.

You may encounter a problem that you’ve never encountered with your old ignition cylinder. If that happens, call the same locksmith that changed it to inspect the car and the lock.

Be sure that other things have been checked. These include your car battery, your steering lock, your gear lever, and even the general condition of your key.

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My Key Won’t Go In the Ignition

Your key may be disfigured. Your key refusing to go into the ignition is better than a key in the ignition that refuses to come out or start the truck.

A disfigured key should be replaced. A worn out key should also be replaced.

The only time you wouldn’t have to replace the key is if it won’t go in due to electrical problems or because of something as simple as a stuck object in the ignition.

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What to Do If Keys Are Locked Inside a Ford F-650/F-750?

If you don’t use tinted windows, you can try fitting a flexible rod through your car window. The rod can be used to get to the unlock button.

If you successfully unlock your truck using that method, consider tinting your windows. That’d prevent someone else from getting in using the same method.

Trucks like the F-650 or F-750 that are used as workhorses should always have an extra key on standby. This would aid drivers in emergencies. 

To avoid the hassle of a locked key, you can opt for a newer model of the trucks. Ideas arise in the automotive industry daily. Hence, it’s now almost impossible to lock your smart key in the truck.

This is because the truck would sense the key inside and would stay unlocked.

Ford F-650/F-750 MyKey Explained

The MyKey features give you the ability to set restrictions for other drivers that use your truck. These restrictions include a predetermined maximum speed or maximum radio volume.

The MyKey can be programmed in a few easy steps. After inserting the key you would like to program, switch on the truck.

Scroll to settings and select “Create MyKey”. You can set the speed warning and traction control on.

Note that the speed warning is different from the speed limit.

The speed limit is the same as the maximum speed. The speed warning, however, is just a reminder to let the driver know that his/her speed is on the rise.

When you use the volume limiter, the radio would not go past the set volume.

After you’ve created the MyKey, the MyKey settings cannot be cleared with a MyKey. Only the administrative key can be used to clear the settings.

This ensures the MyKey holder does not clear the settings before he/she starts driving.

With a MyKey, you don’t have to worry about other people driving recklessly when you’re not there.

MyKey takes your place and automatically gives the person guidelines. It is as though you’re still there.

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