Ford EcoSport & Light: 14 Questions Answered (For Newbies)

The Ford EcoSport is compact, fuel-efficient and an ideal vehicle for singles and small families.

It is essential to know about the EcoSport lighting system if you own one or intend to own one.

This article gives you all the vital information about the EcoSport’s lights and functions.

Which Light Bulbs Sizes and Types Do Ford EcoSport Use?

Here are the types of light bulbs on the EcoSport:


The EcoSport from 2013 to 2020 uses bulb number H11 for Low Beam and bulb number 9005 for High Beam. The Front Side Marker uses bulb number 2825.

If you would like to have brighter headlight bulbs that will also last much longer before burning out like the halogen and incandescent bulbs, install some H11 LED, 9005 LED and 2825 LED units.

Tail Lights

The EcoSport from 2013 to 2016 outer tail light bulb uses 2357R while the tail light bulb inner (with projector-type headlights) uses LED and tail light bulb inner (without projector-type headlights) uses 168/917.

The 2017 to 2018 EcoSport tail light bulb (with LED headlights) uses LED lights and tail light bulb (with halogen headlights) uses 7528 bulbs.

The 2019 tail light outer uses 2357R, tail light inner (with LED headlights) uses LED, tail light bulb inner (with halogen headlights) uses 2825/98.

The 2020 EcoSport tail light bulb inner uses 2825R, while tail light bulb outer uses 2357R.

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How to Turn Off Daytime Running Lights on a Ford EcoSport

To turn off daytime running lights on your EcoSport, use the information screen and the five-way control button on your steering.

On the information screen, scroll to settings – vehicle–lighting, then turn off the auto day time running light by unchecking the marked sign.

Also, turn the auto lighting control to off if it is on or auto lighting.

Ford EcoSport Light Indicator Symbols Explained

The EcoSport has several light indicators which it uses to draw attention to equipment in operation or malfunctions.

The warning symbol light up in different colors which represent how urgent a fault is:

Blue and green symbols show that the vehicle utilities have been activated.

Yellow symbols are often used to show issues that are not urgent but require your attention.

Red/flashing symbols show that there is an urgent issue that needs immediate attention to safeguard the occupants and prevent serious damage to components.

Below are some common light indicator symbols of EcoSport

Battery Light

This pops up as a bright red color with a battery symbol. The battery warning light shows a red light on startup and should go out shortly after.

If the light stays on, that means there is a fault, and the battery is not charging.

In such a situation, turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment. It’s possible your EcoSport engine may soon shut down. Contact your mechanic to have it checked.

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Brake Warning Light

This shows the car’s brake system is malfunctioning. Three reasons, including the parking brake malfunction, low brake fluid, and brake system malfunction, can cause trigger this light.

Check if the parking brake is released fully. If the parking brake is released completely, stop as soon as it’s safely possible and check the level of the brake fluid. Check that the brake fluid is not low, and if low, top it up.

If it is not the parking brake of brake fluid, the next reason for the light to come up is a brake system malfunction. Have your EcoSport checked by a qualified technician as soon as possible.

Engine Coolant Warning Light

This light comes up either when the engine coolant pump has malfunctioned or engine system is overheating.

A faulty engine coolant temperature sensor or its wiring can also trigger the light. You might need to scan the vehicle to identify the root cause of the problem. 

Oil Dilution Warning Light

A spanner and oil represent this warning light.

The EcoSport oil dilution warning light comes up if fuel has leaked into the crankcase.

To avoid potential engine damage, have your Ford mechanic check your EcoSport as soon as possible.

Power Steering Warning Light

This shows a steering wheel and exclamation mark symbol on the dashboard.

When this warning light comes up, it shows there is an issue with the power steering.

If the power steering is faulty, it requires greater exertion to turn the wheel. The power steering motor overheating or low fluid in the system may trigger this light.

ABS Warning Light

The ABS light comes on when the system is active.

The anti-lock brake system is a different system from the normal brakes. It is used to enhance vehicle stopping ability and not a substitute for the brake.

If the light stays on, there might be a problem with the ABS system.

Oil Warning Light

The EcoSport’s engine oil light comes on in red with an engine oil can symbol.

The warning light popping up might be because of low engine oil level or low oil pressure.

When you notice this light, stop your EcoSport as soon as possible, switch off the engine and check the oil level using the dipstick.

If the light remains on or the engine oil is already at the normal level, call your dealer to have your car checked.

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How Do You Adjust the Light on a Ford EcoSport?

To adjust EcoSport’s headlights, follow these simple steps:

  • Place your vehicle close to a white/plain wall, leaving a space between the car and the wall for tape markings.
  • Check your tire pressure and ensure there is nothing in the trunk.
  • Once your car is in position, switch on the dipped beam and make a cross-shaped mark in the middle of the beam that is projected onto the wall.
  • Back your vehicle up to a distance of about 25 feet.
  • Open your hood; locate the screws for the adjustment of the headlights.
  • After locating the screw, you need to turn an adjustment screw clockwise to direct the beam upward or counterclockwise to direct the beam downward.
  • Once the beam falls in the middle of the crossed-shaped mark, the lights are perfectly adjusted.

Does Ford EcoSport Have Automatic Headlamps?

The EcoSport has automatic headlamps. However, not every trim or model year has this feature.

How Do I Turn Off the Lights on a Ford EcoSport?

To turn off the headlights on your Ford EcoSport, turn the auto lighting control switch to off if it is on or on auto lighting.

How Do I Turn Off the Ford EcoSport Trunk Light?

The trunk light of the EcoSport should go off automatically when the trunk is closed. If it doesn’t, then you need to check if the lock clips properly.

If the lock clips and the light is still on, it is likely that the lock sensor of your EcoSport trunk light is faulty. Contact your dealer to have it checked.

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How Does the Auto Light Sensitivity Work?

The automatic headlight comes on whenever the switch is in the auto position and natural light decreases or ambient light level is low.

The EcoSport auto lighting system has been programmed to activate the headlights on or off based on the ambient light level.

What Can Cause the Drive Light to Blink?

The EcoSport drive light blinks when there is a problem with the transmission. It may result from a mechanical fault or possibly some electrical faults. Contact your dealer to have it checked.

We also have a dedicated article about why headlights may blink continuously.

Can I Use Headlight Covers on an EcoSport?

You can use headlight covers for the EcoSport.

However, ensure that the accessory is allowed in your state.

The Dome/Interior Light Isn’t Working

In the EcoSport, the most common causes of this issue are blown fuses, a faulty dome light bulb, and a broken dimmer switch.

Check these three parts and see if the light comes on. If not, visit your dealer to have it checked.

Ford EcoSport Light Sensors Explained

The EcoSport light sensor works by detecting changes in the surrounding.

When the sensor detects a level of darkness beyond its programmed acceptable threshold, the EcoSport headlights turn on automatically.

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Do Ford EcoSport Have LED Lights?

Certain trims and model years of the EcoSport use LED lights.

Starting from 2014, the EcoSport has used LED bulbs for its taillight.

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The Lights Come on But the Car Won’t Start

The lights show that your EcoSport battery is charged, but it might not be able to power the ignition or starter.

If that is the case, you might need to charge or replace your battery, depending on the severity of the problem.

However, it can also be that the starter or the ignition is faulty.

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