Do Car Covers Prevent Theft or ATTRACT Thieves? (Checked)

Car covers are a popular accessory for car owners looking to secure their prized assets due to their ability to safeguard vehicles from numerous environmental elements. 

While car covers are unquestionably efficient at protecting vehicles from dust, dirt, and harmful UV rays, the question remains:

Do car covers deter or attract thieves? 

The debate regarding the impact of car covers on vehicle security has drawn interest among car enthusiasts and owners alike.

Here’s Why Car Covers Do Not Attract Thieves:

Contrary to belief, car covers do not naturally attract thieves. They obscure a vehicle’s interior, making it difficult for thieves to determine the potential value of its contents. Furthermore, removing a car cover requires time and effort, which may prevent thieves from looking for easy targets.

Do Car Thieves Avoid Cars With Car Covers?

Car covers can be effective obstacles for vehicle thieves since they add another layer of difficulty and confusion for potential thieves. 

It takes time to remove a car cover, and thieves frequently choose to target vehicles that are more readily available and simpler to steal. 

Here are some ways that automobile covers might help prevent theft:

  • Uncertainty and deterrence: Since a car cover conceals the make and model of the vehicle, criminals are unable to judge the potential value or quality of their target. 
  • Security measures: Some car covers include extra security measures like locks and cables.
  • Increased visibility: Car covers conceal the contents of the vehicle, making it less appealing to criminals to break into the vehicle in search of potential valuables.
  • Time and risk: As previously mentioned, removing a car cover requires time, and the longer a thief attempts to steal a car, the more likely he or she will be spotted.

Overall, while car coverings generally provide significant protection against the elements, they also serve as a barrier to car theft. 

Car covers make it less enticing for thieves to target covered vehicles by establishing an obstacle that they must overcome. 

However, keep in mind that no security solution is perfect, and it’s always a good idea to combine numerous protection techniques to fully protect your vehicle.

Are There Any Statistics on How Car Covers Affect Theft?

According to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), overall auto thefts in the United States reached their highest level in a decade in 2020, with 880,595 vehicle thefts documented nationally. 

This translates to around one stolen vehicle every 36 seconds, a considerable increase from the 794,019 reported thefts in 2019.

Motor vehicle theft remains a major worry in the United States, with over 1 million vehicles stolen in 2022, costing vehicle owners a staggering $8 billion. 

Surprisingly, roughly half of these thefts were caused by driver error, demonstrating the importance of preventive steps in protecting our automobiles.

Key Motor Vehicle Theft Statistics for 2022:

  • In 2022, one vehicle was stolen every 32 seconds in the United States.
  • Passenger vehicles accounted for more than 74% of all stolen vehicles, emphasizing their susceptibility.

Certain vehicle models are also targeted more frequently by thieves, with Ford full-size pickup trucks and Chevrolet full-size pickup trucks ranking first and second, respectively, for the second year in a row. 

Using the comparison table below, let’s take a deeper look at which vehicle brands are most likely to be targeted by thieves:

Rank Make & Model Thefts Most Common Model Year Stolen
1 Ford Full-Size Pickup 44,014 2006
2 Chevrolet Full-Size Pickup 40,968 2004
3 Honda Civic 34,144 2000
4 Honda Accord 30,814 1997
5 Toyota Camry 16,915 2019
6 Nissan Altima 14,668 2020
7 GMC Full Size Pickup 13,016 2005
8 Toyota Corolla 12,515 2020
9 Honda CR-V 12,309 2000
10 Dodge Full Size Pickup 11,991 2001

Do Car Covers Prevent Car Break-Ins?

Car covers can offer some protection and function as an obstacle against vehicle break-ins, although they are not completely effective in preventing such instances. 

They make it more difficult for criminals to steal by concealing the contents of the vehicle and making it harder to see what valuables may be present. As a result, some opportunistic criminals pass on covered vehicles over easier targets.

It is crucial to note, however, that car covers are not intended to be used as security measures. 

Thieves who are committed and have the necessary tools or knowledge can still break into a car, even with a car cover in place. 

That said, remember that no security solution is 100% failsafe, but by combining various barriers and being careful about the security of your vehicle, you can considerably lower the chance of car break-ins and theft.

Can Car Covers Be Locked to the Car To Avoid Theft?

Some car coverings include components that allow them to be locked to the vehicle, adding an extra layer of security to prevent theft (of the car and the cover itself). 

Built-in loops are often carefully placed around the cover’s edges or corners. The loops allow you to secure the cover to the car by passing a cable or lock through them.

By securely fastening the car cover to the vehicle, you make it more difficult for thieves to remove the cover to gain entry to the vehicle. 

This additional security feature can serve as a deterrent since thieves may prefer to target a car without a lockable cover, which is easier to breach.

Additionally, use a strong and secure lock to increase the effectiveness of this preventative measure.

Remember that while locking your car cover can be a useful security measure, it must be combined with other preventive measures to provide full protection for your vehicle against theft and break-ins.

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3 Better Ways To Make Sure Your Vehicle Isn’t Stolen

Theft is a continual concern in an increasingly fast-paced society where vehicles are essential to our everyday lives. 

The disturbing reality is that car thieves are always devising new methods for bypassing standard security measures. 

But don’t worry; innovation and technology have risen to the occasion, giving us new solutions to safeguard our precious assets.

Let’s take a closer look at how we can safeguard our vehicles better.

Exercise Smart Parking

When it comes to protecting the vehicle you drive, simple practices can have a big impact. 

Smart parking strategies are one of the most successful ways to prevent vehicle theft. 

You can dramatically lower your chances of becoming a victim of vehicle theft by implementing a few of these essential practices into your everyday routine:

  • Lock Up and Stay Alert: Before walking away, always double-check that your car is properly locked. Maintaining vigilance and caution in your surroundings will also discourage potential thieves since they frequently seek easy targets.
  • Choose Safe Parking Spots: When possible, park in well-lit and widely used places. Parking in congested places that see lots of activity can deter crooks from attempted stealing.
  • Keep Valuables Hidden: Avoid leaving valuable objects visible in your vehicle. Reduce the temptation for potential thieves by storing your belongings in the trunk or taking them with you while exiting the vehicle.

Lock and Activate Your Cars Alarm

Aside from logical parking habits, another proactive measure you can take to strengthen your vehicle’s security is to invest in a dependable lock and alarm system. 

These aftermarket security systems act as strong barriers to potential thieves and add an additional layer of protection to your car.

Visible steering wheel locks, for example, have been shown to be excellent preventatives against car theft. 

These extremely obvious anti-theft gadgets make steering or driving your vehicle difficult for thieves, making it an unappealing target.

Installing an aftermarket alarm system is also a good option, especially for older automobiles that lack built-in security systems. These alarm systems have a variety of characteristics, including visible blinking red lights that act as a visual deterrent.

It’s worth noting that an aftermarket alarm system may be fitted to both older and modern automobiles, adding an extra degree of security to any vehicle.

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Track Your Car

Tracking systems provide a vital layer of protection when it comes to protecting the security of your car. 

While they may not completely prevent theft, they do play an important role in locating your vehicle if it has been stolen, boosting the odds of retrieving it.

Here are a few simple ways to track your vehicle:

  • Basic GPS device
  • Integrated systems
  • Subscription-based tracking service

With real-time location updates and skilled monitoring, these solutions dramatically boost the possibility of returning your car in one piece.

By selecting a more advanced and integrated tracking system or subscribing to manufacturer-provided solutions, you’re given a valuable tool to combat car theft. 

These cutting-edge solutions work as a trustworthy backup plan, supplementing smart parking habits and physical security measures to keep your vehicle safe at all times.


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