Chevrolet Suburban In Snow & Winter Driving? (Explained)

The Chevrolet Suburban is undoubtedly one of the best full-size SUVs from GM.

Developed in 1934 for the 1935 model year, the Suburban has since become one of the most driven cars in the US.

The vehicle has spanned 12 generations and has received several accolades, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Chevrolet Suburban is clearly one of the best SUVs of all time. But how effective is it for winter driving?

This article digs into the Chevy Suburban’s performance in snow and winter.

Here is the Short Answer to Whether the Chevrolet Suburban is Good for Snow and Winter Driving:

The Chevrolet Suburban is excellent for winter driving considering its high ground clearance and Four-Wheel-Drive system. It also features winter-friendly systems like Stability Control, Anti-lock brake, and Traction control.

Is Chevrolet Suburban Good in the Snow?

The Chevrolet Suburban is an excellent SUV even when you drive it on a snow-laden road. It has featured on many lists as one of the best SUVs to drive when it’s snowing.

Also, the bigger SUVs are often great in snow.

The Chevy Suburban’s suitability for snow driving is due to a number of factors.

One of such factors is its relatively high ground clearance, which enables it to cruise through snow.

The vehicle is also equipped with features like stability control and traction control, which help maintain traction and promote stability.

Not to mention the tremendous V8 engine allowing it to plow through snow with poise and energy.

If you are looking to go on a winter trip, you could never go wrong with the Chevrolet Suburban.

What Features Will Improve Winter Driving?

The Chevy Suburban is great for snow and winter driving because it has been equipped with certain features. These features help guarantee stability, avoid potential crashes and promote safety.

Below are the features that make the Suburban great for winter driving:


Four-Wheel Drive, also known as 4WD, is one of the most important features that make for great winter driving.

The 4WD sends sufficient torque to all the wheels on your Suburban, ensuring they never lose traction.

Usually, wheels lose traction and slip on snowy or slippery roads, but the 4WD reduces the chances of wheel slippage.

StabiliTrak Stability Control

The StabiliTrak stability control system is a feature exclusive to GM vehicles, including the Suburban.

It’s practically the same as the stability control on most other vehicles and performs the same functions.

The stability control on your Suburban employs sensors to monitor its wheels.

If it notices anything out of the ordinary, like the vehicle losing its balance, StabiliTrak halts the engine. This decelerates the vehicle while gradually restoring balance.

The system also applies brake pressure on wheels that are losing control to prevent a dangerous slip and preserve traction.

Traction Control

Chevy Suburbans have a traction control feature that ensures that the vehicle never loses grip, especially when driving through snow and ice.

Traction Control monitors the wheels, and if it discovers an abnormal wheel spin, it will apply braking force to buttress traction.

Anti-Lock Brake System

Most vehicles produced within the past 20 years have an anti-lock brake system.

This is in accordance with a US law that mandates ABS installation on all vehicles to promote safety.

Drivers usually have to resort to hard braking when driving on wet roads, which could lead to a wheel lockup.

With the help of automated sensors, the ABS monitors the affected wheels and reduces the brake pressure when necessary.

This effectively prevents an ugly wheel lockup situation that can send your car careening off the road in snowy conditions.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Much like the ABS, the Electronic Brake Force distribution exists on the Suburban to prevent a wheel lockup situation. However, it goes about this differently.

While driving, the EBD monitors the weight on each wheel and distributes brake pressure in proportion to it.

This way, none of the wheels lock up during hard braking on slick pavements.

Warmth and Comfort Features

Taking a ride during winter is hard enough; you might as well get as comfortable as you can while you are at it.

Thankfully, the Chevy Suburban features heated and ventilated seats, which guarantees warmth during the drive.

It gets even better when you take the Suburban on a winter drive with family and friends.

There are several charging ports, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and other entertaining features that enhance passengers’ comfort and satisfaction.

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Does a Suburban Have Snow Mode?

Snow mode is a driving mode placed in some vehicles to help them with navigating snow and ice.

However, the Chevy Suburban’s driving modes do not include a snow mode.

Nonetheless, the 4WD and other stability-enhancing features put the Suburban up there as one of the best “snow SUVs.”

Can You Install Additional Snow Gear on Your Suburban?

Snow gears are, more or less, extra equipment that improves your vehicle’s performance in the snow.

As much as the Chevy Suburban is snow-ready, snow gears can help a great deal, especially if you are dealing with heavy snow.

Here is a list of snow gear that will make your snow driving experience even better:

  • Snow Tires
  • Snow Socks
  • Snow Chains
  • Ice Studs

Please find out if the snow gear you want to buy is legal in your area. If it isn’t, then there is really no point buying it.

Also, make sure whatever snow gear you get fits your Suburban well enough.

Get the correct measurements and dimensions from the manuals or have an auto expert oversee the process for you.

Getting the wrong gear could mar your driving experience.

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How Much Snow Can a Suburban Handle?

The Chevrolet Suburban has the requisite features to traverse snow, but just how much can it take?

Considering its 7.9-inch ground clearance, the Suburban can handle 5 inches of snow without any problems.

That’s more than we can say for many other vehicles, and it’s all thanks to the huge ground clearance, 4WD, and other features.

How Do Suburbans Handle Low Winter Temperatures?

The Chevrolet Suburban is fuel-injected, making it practically immune to the effects of extreme weather.

You never have to worry about Suburban not starting on cold/wet mornings, except your battery or ignition has issues.

Can a Chevrolet Suburban Drive on Ice?

Driving a Suburban on ice is no easy task; thankfully, it features a Four-Wheel-Drive system that ensures stability and improved traction.

However, drivers should be careful when driving on ice because the roads are often slick.

Does the Suburban Have 4WD?

The Chevy Suburbans comes with a standard rear-wheel drive, and the four-wheel drive is available on more expensive models.

Without a doubt, Suburban models with 4WD are more suitable for winter driving.

The 4WD sends torque to all four wheels rather than just the rear wheels to improve traction in tricky weather.

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What About Older Suburban Models and Winter Driving?

The Chevy Suburban has evolved through 12 generations and has been in production for over 80 years.

The Four-Wheel Drive was first installed on the fourth-generation models in 1957, making it decent enough for winter driving.

However, it wasn’t until 2003 that the StabiliTrak system was added, giving the Suburban even better traction.

If you are going to get an old Suburban model, just opt for a post-2003 model, and you are good to go. Suburban models with stability and traction control are safer for winter driving.

Do Suburbans Need Snow Tires?

If you have to drive through snow and icy conditions on a regular, you need to get snow tires.

They will provide extra stability and maintain your vehicle’s grip and traction on snowy surfaces.

Can You Mount A Snow Plow on a Suburban?

It is absolutely possible to mount a snow plow on a Chevy Suburban.

A snow plow would help you get unwanted snow out of the way and make your winter driving even smoother.

If you are going to get a snow plow, it is important to get one that fits your Suburban. Many plow outlets would gladly help with that.

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