10 Cars That Won’t Move Without Pressing Gas Pedal

Today, it is normal for cars to move without pressing the gas pedal. However, while this feature can be useful in some circumstances, it may not be an outstanding feature in others, e.g. stop-and-go traffic.

We would like to explore cars that won’t move without pressing the gas pedal. Note that in modern cars, this is possible mostly in cars with an auto-hold feature. Read through this article to know about the 10 cars we have curated just for you.

For cars to not move until you press the gas pedal, manufacturers use the auto hold feature, whether manual or automatic. In some cars, the auto hold feature is called the brake lock or auto vehicle hold. This feature is a part of the EPB package (Electronic Parking Brake) in cars.

Note that not all cars have the auto lock feature today. However, let us dive into some cars with this feature.

1. 2020 Ford Escape

2020 Escape has the auto hold feature to enable you to not move your car until you press the gas pedal. With the Ford auto hold feature, you can drive more safely and conveniently. You don’t need to fear about your car moving when it doesn’t need to.

It is also very useful in stop-and-go traffic because of its provision to help you relax your feet comfortably while stuck in traffic.

To use this feature in your 2020 Escape, Ford requires you to activate it every time you want your car to remain static when you stop it. You should use the auto hold button provided on your dash or instrument cluster for activation anytime you want, even when the car is moving.

The auto hold icon illuminates and holds your car at a stop until you press the gas pedal whenever you activate it. 

Note that Ford did not include this feature in all their cars, however, you can also have access to it in the 2021 F-150, 2020 Explorer, 2021 Bronco sport, 2021 Explore, and 2021 Mustang Mach-E.

2. 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid

Honda, one of the top-selling car brands in America, calls this feature the automatic brake hold in their cars. They installed the feature behind the electric parking brake switch on your CR-V Hybrid center console.

The brake hold in the car applies an automatic braking pressure when you park your CR-V Hybrid to stop it from moving. Your car will maintain the brake pressure, even when you remove your feet from the brake pedal. To disengage the pressure on the brake, you need to step on the gas pedal or accelerator.

To use the Honda CR-V Hybrid brake hold, you can activate it by starting your car first, then pushing the brake hold button on your console. An indicator light will come up on your screen once you have activated the console.

The Honda CR-V Hybrid brake hold identifies you have activated your car’s auto-hold by showing a green light indicator whenever your car comes to a stop while driving. The light is located just below your brake hold indicator. Also, you can safely remove your leg from the pedal whenever the light is on. The light goes off immediately after you press the gas pedal to signify auto-hold deactivation.

However, note that the brake hold in Honda CR-V Hybrid is only active for 10 minutes. Your car will automatically disengage the hold after this period unless you are stepping on the brake pedal.

3. 2018 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln auto hold automatically activates if it is on while the driver brings the car to a standstill and removes his/her feet from the pedal.

To activate and deactivate the Lincoln auto hold, you need to be in your car with your seat belt fastened, doors closed, and the engine on. Then, you can select the assist menu on your center display. You can activate and deactivate it using the auto-hold button on your console.

Lincoln Navigator requires you to apply the auto hold feature only when you are driving your car.

You must be in your car every time you are using this feature to monitor it. Lack of monitoring may lead to loss of control, personal injury, or a serious accident.

Also, note that the feature does not replace the parking brake function in your Lincoln Navigator car. Always apply the brake when you park your car.

4. Hyundai Tucson

You should ensure the driver’s door, the hood, the EBP, and the tailgate are all closed before you can activate the auto hold feature in your 2020 Hyundai Tucson. You can then depress the brake pedal and press the auto hold button on your car. A white auto hold indicator will come on and the system will be in standby mode.

Driving your Hyundai Tucson to a stop makes the white light turn green, meaning your car has activated the auto hold. However, a yellow indicator light means something is wrong with the auto hold feature and needs attention. Visit a Hyundai authorized repairer for proper diagnosis. 

You can release the car brake when the auto light turns green and your Hyundai car will maintain its position.

Note that your 2020 Hyundai Tucson auto-hold will not function if:

  • You pack the vehicle on a steep slope.
  • You applied the EPB
  • You shift the lever to park or reverse.
  • You leave the engine hood opened

To deactivate the auto hold in Hyundai, depress your gas pedal and then press the auto hold button. The auto hold light will go off to signify you have successfully deactivated it.

5. 2020 Mazda Mazda3

Just like in other cars, the auto hold feature in Mazda keeps your car in place until you step on the gas pedal.

Mazda3 requires you to come to a stop to use the auto hold in your car. To activate it, press the auto hold button, which activates when the hold light comes on. You can let go of your feet on the pedal after the light is on. Your car will keep its position until you step on your gas pedal again.

However, you need to activate the Mazda auto hold every time you drive. This is because Mazda does not want you to get used to the feature, considering when driving other cars without it.

To turn the auto hold off in your Mazda, all you have to do is press the auto hold button and the system will go off. However, if you have stopped your car already, you will need to press your gas pedal first before pressing the hold button.

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6. 2019 Kia Sorento

Kia auto hold feature is not available in all their models. However, you can find it in their  2019 Kia Sorento models.

In the 2019 Kia Sorento, to activate the auto hold feature, you need to depress the brake pedal, then press the hold button provided on your dash. The white indicator will come on, showing you have successfully activated the feature in your car. The light, however, turns green when your car is actively on hold, i.e. when you stop the car and depress your brake pedal.

Note that when you apply the EPB (Electronic Parking Brake), your car will deactivate the auto hold feature automatically. However, you can deactivate the hold feature yourself by pressing the hold button.

The feature only works when your car is in the drive. The auto-hold option is also available in Kia Optima JF and Sportage CRDi.

7. 2019 Volkswagen Golf

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf auto system is an upgrade to the EPB system. For your safety, Volkswagen requires you always to reactivate the auto hold feature in your car after enabling the system.

However, activating the auto hold system in your Volkswagen Golf maintains the last brake pressure you applied to it after you park it. This makes your car stationary for your comfort until you press the gas pedal.

Note that if the ABS function (Anti-lock Braking System) in your car detects your car is moving without applying the gas pedal, it will automatically increase the braking pressure until your car comes to a stop.

Your Volkswagen Golf auto hold system will automatically disengage when you step on the gas pedal in your automatic car, while you need to release the clutch while pressing the gas pedal in your manual car.

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8. 2018 BMW 420i XDrive Coupe

BMW with automatic hold are models with Steptronic transmission (fully automatic drive mode). BMW 420i XDrive Coupe auto hold requires you to park your car and put it in a ready-to-drive state.

You can then press the auto hold provided in the middle of your console and the indicator light will come on. Green light from the indicator means the hold feature will secure your vehicle from rolling after you have applied the brake.

When you want to drive off, you can press the gas pedal and your car will release the brake, while the illumination light goes off. However, the auto hold feature will automatically go off and your BMW 420 XDrive Coupe will activate your parking brake if:

  • You switch your car engine off
  • You open a door and remove your seat belt while the car is on the auto hold
  • You park your car using the brake pedal

When the parking brake is active, the brake light will change from green to red and the auto hold feature will go off. However, you can press the auto hold button to deactivate the gas pedal.

9. 2013 Mercedes-Benz C180

Mercedes-Benz installed the auto hold system on the instrument cluster. In the Mercedes Benz C180, the auto hold feature is quite easy to activate. First, depress your brake pedal as you do on a normal day until your car comes to a stop.

However, to activate the auto hold, you need to depress the brake pedal further until the letters HOLD appear on your instrument cluster. You can then remove your foot from the brake and your car will keep engaging the brake while the brake light comes on.

Stepping on your accelerator will automatically switch the auto hold feature off. Also, the auto hold feature in your Mercedes Benz cannot replace that of your car’s parking brake. If you want to park or leave the car, always use the parking brake.

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10. 2021 Nissan Altima

When you activate the auto hold system in your Nissan Altima, the system maintains the braking force you applied when you stopped your car. Even when you remove your feet from the pedal, the auto hold feature keeps the car in a static state until you step on the gas pedal just like in other cars.

The auto hold light changes from white to green when maintaining the braking force. However, pressing the accelerator will smoothly release the braking force to allow the car to move.

Note that if you stop the car for over 3 minutes, the auto hold will automatically shift to the electric parking brake in your car and the indicator light will go off. However, stepping on the gas pedal will release the electric parking brake and your auto hold light indicator will turn white again. 

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