9 Popular Cars With Great Ambient Lighting (With Pictures)

Ambient lighting is a technology that uses interior lights to illuminate various parts of a vehicle’s cabin.

A popular feature in cars, ambient lighting enhances the cabin look and soothes drivers and passengers.

We have gathered popular cars that come with ambient lighting in this article to guide you when looking to buy a new ride. Let’s go!

1. Kia Soul

The Kia Soul’s ambient light system is called the Mood Lighting system.

On select trims, the Mood Lighting System uses a 3D pattern surface on the upper door panels to provide lighting from the center door panels.

The Mood Lighting System works with music, and you can customize it to complement the beat of whatever song you’re playing.

The light surrounding the front speakers and cup holders will pulse and change colors in sync with the music.

The Mood Lighting System gives you an exciting audiovisual experience. It’s almost like having a disco ball right in your cabin!

The Kia Soul is big on individuality, and the Mood Lighting System allows you to select different modes based on your current mood.

Whether you want fast-paced color changes or calm ambient lighting, the Soul has you covered.

The available modes on the Mood Lighting System include:

  • Yo!
  • Hey!
  • Party Time
  • Traveling
  • Cafe
  • Midnight City
  • Romance

Note: The Mood Lighting System is available for only the premium GT-Turbo models.

2. Kia K900

The K900 is Kia’s flagship luxury sedan and offers many features that make driving more enjoyable.

Part of K900’s luxury features is the Mood Lighting System, Kia’s ambient lighting technology version.

The K900 Mood Lighting System gives users 64 different color options for the in-cabin ambient light.

In particular, we like the nature-inspired color tones developed by Kia in collaboration with the Pantone Institute.

Some of these natural colors include Refreshing Sea, Dreamy Purple, Blue Flight, Aurora Violet, and Golden Insight.

Kia placed the ambient lighting elements in different locations within the cabin to give a more immersive experience.

Ambient lighting locations on the K900 include the overhead console, footwells, and door panels.

3. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the best cars in terms of ambient lighting.

As early as 2005, the Mustang had Ford MyColor, a system that allows users to choose from 125 different colors for their interior lighting.

The MyColor feature was usually included in Mustangs with the optional Interior Upgrade Package.

Ford later added an ambient lighting package to the Mustang, allowing users to choose from seven different colors to illuminate the footwells and cup holders.

Colors drivers can choose from include red, orange, blue, indigo, violet, green, and yellow.

You can use the MyColor system to select any of the colors offered in the ambient lighting package to synchronize your interior lighting.

This will give your cabin a softer touch and make trips more pleasant.

4. Chevrolet Camaro

Being a sporty car for young people, it makes sense that the Chevrolet Camaro features an innovative ambient lighting system.

The system lets you select a color for your Camaro’s interior lighting from a 24-color palette.

The Camaro’s ambient lighting system includes LED lighting strips that illuminate the car doors, console, instrument panel, and cupholders.

You can activate the ‘show mode,’ which essentially turns your cabin into a disco ball.

It causes the lights in your car to pulse and change color in a dynamic manner that’s both exciting and exhilarating.

5. Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is everything but the boring sedan you’re used to. It features exquisite styling and offers creature comforts that contribute to a satisfying ride.

Among the Sonata’s creature comforts is an ambient lighting system that allows you to tweak the interior lights.

At the push of a button, you can adjust the brightness and even change the lights’ color to suit your mood.

The Hyundai Ambient Lighting System offers a selection of preset colors you can choose from.

If you want to customize the lighting further, there’s a color wheel for selecting different hues.

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6. Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta represents the German penchant for stylish design, high-quality engineering, and advanced technology.

It has a sleek and edgy look that’s sure to please any car lover.

The Jetta offers ambient lighting for owners in addition to features like the digital cockpit and panoramic sunroof.

Available only on the SEL and SEL Premium models, the ambient lighting lets drivers customize the cabin lighting to their taste.

You can change the interior lighting of the Jetta’s cabin to any of the ten different colors available in the color palette.

You can also adjust the brightness levels for the lights.

The Jetta’s ambient lighting colors appear in the following zones: the entertainment center, above the glove box, and the doors.

Available colors include Mint, Cyan, Mustard, Dark Blue, Orange, Red, White, Lilac, and Pink.

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7. Ford F-150

America’s bestselling truck for decades, the Ford F-150, has gained many admirers for its stunning design, powerful performance, and reliability.

It also offers ambient lighting as part of its luxury features designed to revitalize the driving experience.

The F-150’s ambient lighting system allows you to adjust the brightness and the color of your interior lighting.

Ambient lighting locations on the F-150 include footwells, cupholders, door release handles, and many more.

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8. Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is among the best luxury large SUVs in the market today. Not only does it provide enviable comfort, but it also offers the best technologies that provide a richer ride experience.

For example, the Navigator models have ambient lighting technology that allows for the personalization of cabin lights.

You can easily change the interior color and brightness of your Navigator by adjusting the ambient lighting settings.

9. MINI Hardtop

Looking for a small, funky sedan that can get you around town?

The MINI Hardtop is precisely what you need. This little sedan has a decent interior and a design sure to turn heads.

You can opt for the MINI LED interior lighting package that gives your car ambient lighting abilities.

The ambient lighting package includes LED modules for the roof panels and LED boards for the footwells.

The interior lighting package lets you personalize the Hardtop’s cabin’s brightness and color. Select a color based on your mood and ride away in style.

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