BMW X2 Problems: 9 Common Issues (Explained)

BMW X2 is a subcompact crossover SUV for families on the go. The X2 uses the same platform and components as the BMW X1 but performs better.

Like all other cars, the BMW X2 is not perfect. It has its issues that we will address in this article.

Our research has found a few problems that you should be aware of. This article will share some potential solutions, too.

But first, let’s clear this right up.

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Is the BMW X2 a reliable car?

Yes! The BMW X2 is a reliable family SUV available. It has scored an impressive 97.7% x of 100% in the 2021 What Car? Survey.

Most car owners were impressed by the BMW’s three-year and unlimited-mileage warranty and three-year its 60,000-mile warranties.

The 2021 BMW X2 has a reliability score of 73 out of 100. J.D. Power (a marketing firm specializing in automotive research) gave the X2 a reliability score of 91 to 100.

Let’s look at some common issues with the BMW X2.

1. Faulty coolant system

Most drivers report a significant issue with the BMW X2: a faulty coolant system. The problem with the X2 can develop¬†issues with the coolant system¬†that can impact your vehicle’s performance.

In most cases, your vehicle may cause coolant leaks that might damage your engine. While most coolant issues can be easily fixed, ignoring them can lead to many breakdowns.

The coolant system is responsible for monitoring how the engine of your BMW operates.

The system maintains the proper temperature in the engine of your BMW X2. As your engine runs, it will become hot; but the coolant system will cool the engine down.

Without a proper working coolant system, your engine won’t perform at an optimal rate.

Even if it does, it will affect your radiator, water pump, thermostat, fan, and a series of hoses that connect everything. So it would be best if you kept it in good condition.


  • The coolant system can’t read the¬†temperature gauge.
  • The temperature gauge gives you many readings about what is happening inside your BMW.
  • The temperature gauge may show you the current temperature of your engine.
  • You notice that the indicator rises or remains in a high state,
  • The hood of your BMW X2 may steam, which signifies your vehicle is overheating.
  • You might notice¬†white exhaust smoke.


A couple of things may cause the coolant system of your BMW X2 to be faulty. This may include a defective coolant, pump, and internal radiator clogs.

Only a mechanic will be in a better position to diagnose your car and tell you the cause.


BMW recommends that you adhere to scheduled service maintenance.

The technicians will diagnose and help you replace the coolant system.

2. Software fault with the crankshaft sensor

BMW X2 has software faults with the crankshaft sensor problem as well. Because of this issue, BMW had to recall some BMW X2 models.

According to most drivers, the crankshaft sensor can’t process the signal value from the crankshaft transmitter due to faulty firmware.

At times, the emergency mode will display by the “check control” light. As a driver, you may notice a rough running engine and reduced driving power.

And your engine may stall while you are driving it.


The BMW X2 comes with a crankshaft sensor with a software error.

Because the firmware level is faulty, the crankshaft sensor won’t process signal values from the crankshaft transmitter.

When your vehicle has a software fault with the crankshaft sensor, this is likely to happen: The check control message “engine malfunction” will display the emergency mode.


  • You begin to notice that your BMW is performing oddly,
  • Your BMW X2 is gradually losing its ability to function optimally,
  • Your BMW X2 may have abnormal power deficiency,
  • Your vehicle no longer accelerates the way it should,
  • You will notice a rough running engine and a reduced driving power (70%).


We recommend you take your BMW X2 to book your BMW X2 for service immediately.

3. A leaky oil gasket

Expect the BMW X 2 to have a leaky oil gasket, too. You should expect your vehicle to have this problem after driving it for several miles.

When you expose your vehicle begins to have high temperatures, high pressures, vibrations, and contact with hot fluids. Oil leaks will likely occur when your car has traveled over 60,000 miles.


Experts suspect that the valve cover gasket is the cause of BMW oil leaks. So it would help if you replaced the front suspension immediately.


BMW recommends that you change the oil gasket every 3,500.

4. The high voltage battery short circuit

The BMW X2 also has a high voltage battery short circuit.

BMW had to recall the X2 because of the voltage battery. The worst-case scenario is this issue might damage your motor.

You will mainly experience this problem during the initial charging. If you fix it immediately, it may activate a chain reaction in the battery, increasing fire danger.


According to BMW, the cause of the problem for the BMW X2 is that a welded joint on some high-voltage batteries has not been leveled properly.

BMW warns car owners not to charge their vehicles externally.

The problem is the high voltage battery circuit is the only common BMW X2 PHEV.

5. Issues with outer door handles

Other car owners of the BMW X2 are complaining about the outer door handles. This problem is expected in mostly old BMW X2s.


You will notice that the door handles have issues when you struggle to open your doors.


After owning the BMW X2 for several years, you may notice issues with the outer door handles. It is unclear what could be the underlying cause of this problem.

But some experts suspect wear and tear of the materials BMW used to build the doors.


We recommend that after a couple of years, you replace components of all your doors.

6. Electronic problems

Electric problems are other notable problems that some drivers of the BMW X2 encounter.

Those problems range from faulty windows, to unresponsive wipers and other components. As a result, BMW had to recall about 300,000 BMWs.

If you don’t take care of those issues, they may make driving your car unpleasant.


It’s unclear what could cause the electrical faults on some BMW X2s. Experts say the terrible fuse could be the leading cause of electronic problems for the BMW X2.

Others suspect a faulty electronic system to be responsible for this problem.

Other technicians suspect a weak battery.


  • Your car won’t start;
  • Your battery has reduced current flow,
  • You need to jumpstart your car now and again;
  • Your starter cranks the engine slowly.


Take your BMW X2 to your nearest BMW; the technicians will have a look at the electronic system.

7. Faulty brakes

On top of all the problems, the BMW X2 also has faulty brakes, which makes other drivers concerned for their safety. One driver complained to Edmunds that the BMW X2 started showing brakes issues in 24 months. According to this driver, the car had only 18,000 miles on the clock.

The driver remedied this issue by replacing brake pads and rotors.

Along with the defective brakes and tires, there was also an apparent issue with the steering.¬†NHTSA Campaign Number 19V601000¬†stated that some BMW X2s have a steering gear tie rod that wasn’t assembled correctly.

Due to this defect, the tie rod end can experience excessive wear than usual.

As a result, your car might break and cause a loss of vehicle control.


We recommend you book your X2 for service immediately after noticing any of the above signs.

8. Tail lamp assembly problem

A handful of BMW X2s came with a faulty tail lamp. One car owner reported that after getting into the car, all sorts of codes greeted him for the rear tail light. According to the driver, all lights seemed faulty, from the turn signal to the reverse light, brake light, and two-stage light.


The check rear lamp or brake lamp will come on.


Experts suspect this to be an assembly line problem. Unfortunately, only BMW can fix it. A couple of BMW X2 came with this problem. Other experts suspect corrosion that activates the malfunction indicator light.


If your BMW X2 shows an incorrect light code, take it to your nearest BMW.

9. Noisy tires

Other drivers of the BMW X2 also complain about the noisy tires of the X2.

According to a driver’s review on Edmund, the Continental tires that came with the x2 were noisier than the Pirelli winter tires.

There is also a continuous whine from the front-drive line that is noticeable around 40 – 80 Kph.


The best way to resolve this problem is to take your car to a tire fitness center.

They will check your four tires, and if your tires need balancing, they will balance them for you.

Likewise, the tire technicians will tell you if something is wrong with one of the components of your transmission.

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Final Thoughts

We recommend you should buy a BMW X2!

It is a great luxury vehicle for any driver who loves speed. Inside, the BMW X2 is classy. You will have fun driving an X2 and commuting from home to work.

That said, you will need to maintain a proper schedule for servicing and maintenance.

This is the only way to keep your car in good condition. It will also enable you to get a good book value if you want to resell your vehicle. If the mechanic notes a part in your car that you should replace, they will replace it.

We recommend you avoid old models of the BMW X2, as they will likely come with problems.

Instead, consider buying the 2023 BMW X2 because it offers driver-assist features and a powerful engine.

It has one of the best Active Drive Lock four-wheel-drive systems, locking rear differential, and low-speed crawl control.

Do the following:

  • Always check-engine light illumination –¬†When you see the warning light flashing on your dashboard, take your BMW X2.
  • Only use BMW-approved fluids on your engine.
  • Take your car only to BMW-approved mechanics.
  • Only replace old parts with BMW-approved parts.
  • Never try to fix your BMW X2 yourself; take it to a mechanic to help replace old parts.
  • Avoid driving your car if it has brake issues, as this may put other drivers at risk.

Your BMW X2 will likely develop minor issues from 80,000 miles.

But it’s always possible that it may create some cases earlier than this.

Expect serious problems as soon as your BMW X2 hits over 150,000 miles. However, the best way to avoid being stranded on the roadside is to service your vehicle regularly. Enjoy your ride!

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‚ďė¬† The information in this article is based on data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall reports, consumer complaints submitted to the NHTSA, reliability ratings from J.D. Power, auto review and rating sites such as Edmunds, specialist forums, etc. We analyzed this data to provide insights into the best and worst years for these vehicle models.