Are Kenda Tires Really Worth the Price? (Checked!)

Undoubtedly, tires are among the most important equipment in your car. However, they don’t last forever, and you must change them at some point.

One great choice is Kenda tires.

We’ve written before about how long Kenda tires last, but now let’s look at whether they a good purchase in their price range.

Manufactured by Taiwanese tire-maker Kenda, these tires are popular among car owners. However, you’d want to know if they offer value for money.

Are Kenda tires worth the price?

Kenda tires are among the most reliable and high-quality models on the market. With Kenda tires, you get reliability, durability, effectiveness, and superb performance. Yet, they are cheaper than more popular models like Goodyear or Continental.

Given their combination of affordability and efficiency, Kenda tires are worth the price.

Why Are Kenda Tires More Expensive?

Car tires are expensive, and it can be hard to find a set that doesn’t come with an exorbitant price tag.

Some owners claim Kenda tires are more expensive, especially when compared to cheaper brands on the market. According to them, they’d rather buy some no-name brand for cheap than buy Kenda tires at high prices.

However, this approach isn’t particularly the best, given that Kenda tires offer more value than the no-name brands. You could buy a set of low-quality tires at low prices, but you’ll end up regretting it in the long run.

Not only will the tires wear out faster, but they can also affect vehicle performance, ride comfort, and fuel economy,

Kenda tires cost more because they are made with high-quality materials. They deliver more in terms of effectiveness and performance, compared to the cheap tires on the market.

Kenda tires are durable, meaning you’ll save on tire replacement costs in the long run. Which would you rather have? Cheap tires that wear out quickly or expensive tires that last long? If you want to reduce the money spent on tires, we’ll advise you to go with the latter option.

Another important point to note concerning the cost of Kenda tires is that they don’t come with the same price tag. Kenda manufactures different types of tires, and you will find a type that fits your budget.

Are Kenda Tires More Durable?

Anyone buying a new set of tires will want them to last for as long as possible.

However, because of their inferior quality, some models often wear out after a short while. Luckily, Kenda tires are not one of those models that become useless after a brief period of use.

Kenda tires are durable because they are made from prime quality materials. Also, each model is adequately tested before and after production. All these activities contribute to the ability of the tires to hold up well.

In addition, Kenda tires feature an innovative tread design that makes them suitable for all types of road conditions.

Here’s how Kenda stacks up to the competition in terms of durability:

  1. Kenda Kenetica KR17 vs. Sailun Altrezzo SH406 (All-season tire): The Sailun Altrezzo SH406 all-season tire has a tread life expectancy of 45,000 miles.
    • The Kenda Kenetica KR17 lasts longer, coming with 50,000 miles in estimated tread life.
  2. Kenda Vezda KR205 vs. Westlake SV308 (high-performance): Both high-performance all-season tires, the Vezda KR205 lasts longer, compared to its rival.
    • It has an estimated tread life of 65,000 miles, which is higher than the SV308’s tread life of 24,000 miles.

What’s the Real Difference Between Kenda Tires and Other Brands?

Nowadays, there are dozens of tire brands on the market, and selecting which one to buy can be a difficult process.

Here are some qualities that separate Kenda from other brands:

1. Affordability

Kenda tires are among the most affordable on the market. Compared to popular brands like Goodyear or Bridgestone, they are cheaper.

Although some argue that Kenda tires aren’t as good as the popular models, the disparity between the models isn’t pronounced.

They are budget-priced alternatives that do not reduce the safety or ride quality of your vehicle. You can get a new set of high-quality Kenda tires for as low as $45 to $50 per tire.

That’s lesser than what other brands charge for their tires.

2. Effective Performance

Before producing a model en masse, Kenda tests it to ensure it performs well.

Test drivers put the new tire to the test, using it on a variety of surfaces to determine its potential performance in real-world situations.

Kenda vs. Uniroyal

While Kenda and Uniroyal are both affordable brands, they have some differences.

This includes:

Comfort & Noise Level

Uniroyal tires have specially designed tread patterns that help reduce cabin noise.

As such, they tend to offer rides that are more comfortable. Kenda tires provide good traction but are not as comfortable as Uniroyal tires. To prove this, we’ll compare an SUV tire from both brands.

From reviews, Kenda’s Klever AT KR28 tire performance isn’t effective at reducing cabin noise, making for an uncomfortable ride.

Uniroyal’s Laredo All-Season AWP tire has unique features that reduce in-vehicle noise. As a result, owners using these tires report having smooth and comfortable rides.

You should also be reading our article which talks about Are Power king Tires Quiet or Noisy?


Both brands are effective on a variety of surfaces. However, Kenda’s unique design features give it an edge, especially on wet or snow-covered surfaces. A good example is a side-by-side comparison between the Kenda Klever AT KR28 and the Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country.

The Klever AT KR28 provides better handling, cornering, and braking power on wet or snow-covered surfaces. This is because of deep sipes and biting edges that expel water effectively, improving performance in wet conditions.

Kenda vs. Westlake

Kenda and Westlake form part of the “budget-tire” segment that features some of the cheapest tires on the market.

This is not to say no differences exist between them:


Again, Kenda remains the model to beat in terms of road performance. Kenda tires can handle both wet and dry road conditions with ease.

Westlake tires perform well on dry surfaces, too, but it’s a different story in wet conditions. Let’s compare all-season tires from both brands (Westlake SL309/Kenda Klever LT A/P).

The Westlake SL309 has sipes that give it good traction in wet conditions. However, it is generally limited to light snow and ice. On deep snow and hard-packed ice, the SL309 cannot deliver. In contrast, the Kenda Klever LT A/P is reputed to offer good all-round performance.

It performs well both in deep snow, ice, mud, gravel, and sand.


On average, Westlake tires are less expensive than Kenda tires. However, Kenda tires make up for the disparity in pricing by providing better performance.

To illustrate, the Westlake SV308 (high-performance tire) starts from $54, while the Kenda Vezda UHP A/S (high-performance tire) starts from $82.

However, cornering ability on the Westlake SV308 isn’t impressive as it is on the Kenda Vezda UHP.

What Are Some of the Cheaper Alternatives to Kenda?

For those with tight budgets, even Kenda tires may be too costly for them. We have researched cheaper alternatives to Kenda tires. Here are some cheaper alternatives on the market:

1. Westlake

Westlake tires aren’t as effective as Kenda tires in wet conditions.

Nevertheless, if you can manage with that, they offer a cheaper and cost-effective alternative to Kenda tires.

Moreover, they have a couple of great tires that offer decent reliability, comfort, and control.

2. Laufenn

A subsidiary of Hankook, Laufenn tires are a great option for anyone looking to save on tire purchase costs.

Budget-tires are often targets for critics who slam them for their inferior quality and uninspiring design.

This is not the case for Laufenn. Its models feature a two-step Edged Shoulder block that prevents punctures and cuts. Asymmetric tread patterns featuring wide grooves and sipes give control both on wet and dry roads.

Even with these attributes, Laufenn tires are some of the cheapest on the market.

How Much Should You Spend On Four New Tires?

Before you can estimate the cost of tires, you must understand your needs. Kenda offers everything from SUV tires to all-season tires.

As an example, prices of Kenda light-truck tires range from $91 (Klever A/T KR28) to $147 (Klever R/T KR601).

Thus, four tires should cost $364 to $588.

Do Kenda Tires Ever Go On Sale?

Kenda offers discounts for its tires on occasions.

However, this only happens at infrequent intervals, and we’d advise you to use an online coupon checker tool to get alerts once Kenda tire discounts are available.

We found,, and to be particularly helpful.

You can check them out for Kenda sales coupons and discounts.

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