Are Power King Tires QUIET Or NOISY? (Checked)

As part of the TBC Brands conglomerate, Power King makes tires for Medium/Light Duty trucks, trailers, and on/off-road vehicles.

The brand has a reputation for providing affordable tires that offer excellent performance, durability, and quality.

Are Power King tires quiet or noisy?

Power King tires have mixed performance in the noise reduction department. Some have praised the brand’s tires for their ride quietness and overall comfort. On the other hand, some buyers have made multiple noise-related complaints about these tires.

How much noise your Power King tires make depends on the model in question.

Are Power King Tires Quieter Than Other Brands?

As said earlier, the quiet performance record of Power King tires is checkered; some models are noisy, while others are quiet.

On the average, however, Power King tires are noisier compared to most rivals, especially the high-end ones. Since Power King is a low-cost tire brand, this comes as no surprise.

Expensive tires often have more advanced features designed to reduce noise and ensure overall ride quality.

Power King tires are mostly geared toward providing durable and trusty performance at a low price point. Noise reduction and ride comfort are not high at the top of their priorities.

Power King tires offer some measure of ride quietness, although lower than what you would get on say a Maxxis or Carlisle tire.

The best way to know if a particular Power King tire is noisy or not is to read reviews or reports or those who have used it.

Luckily, we have come up with a list comprising the least noisy/noisiest Power King tires to guide your buying decision.

How Are Power King Tires Tested for Noise?

Trailer tires undergo tests to assess their noise output during operation.

The purpose of these tests is two-fold:

1. Sound Level for Occupants:

To ensure the tire crosses the minimal threshold for ride quietness.

Excessive tire noise will severely affect the occupants of a vehicle and reduce ride quality.

2. Government Sound Regulations:

To comply with government regulations regarding noise emissions from tires: External rolling noise (tire noise that enters the atmosphere) contributes to noise pollution.

Government agencies have laws designed to limit tire noise emissions, which Power King must comply with or risk getting its tires disapproved.

External Noise Test

Power King’s external noise assessment procedure is similar to what other tire manufacturers use.

It uses a combination of pass-by noise tests and practice drives to determine the external noise output on its tires.

Below is a rough guide to the process:

1. Cruise Test:

In this test, the driver travels across the test course at the same pace.

He advances towards the course at a stable speed and maintains the same until he exits the area.

2. Wide Open Throttle Test:

For this method, the driver changes speed while moving through the track.

The driver moves towards the track slowly with the vehicle in second or third gear.

Then, as the driver enters the track, she steps on the pedal and accelerates through the track.

3. Coast Test:

This procedure is like the Wide-Open Throttle Test, as it involves a change in vehicle speed.

Here, the driver approaches the track at a select speed and then switches to neutral once on the track.

Almost immediately, she switches off the engine, allowing her to coast through the test zone.

The track has microphones placed on both sides to measure tire noise from the vehicle as it passes by.

This is where the “pass-by noise test” comes from.

Internal Noise Test

The internal noise test measures the amount of tire noise that enters the cabin during rides.

Usually, experienced test drivers will drive over a range of surfaces and make reports on the amount of road noise experienced.

These drives will use various tread patterns to determine which makes lesser noise on a particular surface.

Additionally, the practice roads feature objects, such as expansion joints, speed bumps, and steps.

These things often exacerbate tire noise in real-world driving conditions. Thus, having them on the test roads allows engineers to predict tire noise more accurately.

On some of these drives, engineers may choose to measure the internal noise via sensors placed in the vehicle’s cabin.

Combined with the driver reports, the results obtained from such measurement activities give engineers an idea of internal noise on the tires.

What Power King Tires Are the Quietest?

Power King is hardly popular for making noise-free tires.

However, it has some tires that offer a somewhat quiet and comfortable ride.

Below, we review the quietest Power King tires available:

Power King Towmax STR

The Power King Towmax STR is made for large vehicles such as semi-trucks and recreational vehicle models.

It is affordable and effective, which explains its use as OEM equipment on some trucks in the US.

Apart from being cheap, the Power King Towmax STR is also durable–it comes with a long-lasting tread. Also, the optimized tread pattern promotes even tread wear, translating into longer tire life.

Hauling your trailer across wet pavement using the Power King Towmax STR is easy. The tire comes with a wide circumferential groove that removes water from the tread and improves grip in wet driving conditions.

The Towmax STR tire is quiet during operation, thanks to its use of a five-rib tread design. This makes for more comfortable driving and more impressive ride quality.

We would, however, advise caution when buying this tire.

A handful of owners have reported blowouts and tread separations while driving with the tire.

What Power King Tires Are Noisier?

As we said before, some Power King tires make a lot of noise, while others are relatively quiet and comfortable in use.

Here is a list of the noisiest Power King tires on the market:

Power King STR II

The Power King STR II tire is a special purpose trailer tire designed to provide reliable service for users of tow trailers.

This tire also comes with features including a symmetric tread design, linked shoulder blocks, and continuous center rib. These features improve traction and stability while driving on the highway.

While the Power King STR II delivers in the performance department, it fails in terms of ride quietness and comfort. One buyer even likened the noise from the STR II tires to the sound from an air-raid siren.

Another owner reported that the noise often became pronounced once the trailer went above 55 mph.

Some buyers reported that the noise from the tire was reduced by a significant margin after the break-in period.

Still, we would advise that you consider your options before buying this tire.

Can You Make Power King Tires Quieter?

Excessive tire noise can be frustrating, even on trailer tires.

You hardly want to experience a noisy ride while driving your trailer or RV.

To help you make your tires quieter, here are some things you can try out:

1. Check for Uneven Tread Wear:

Uneven tread wear is one of the major causes of excessive tire noise.

If you detect extraordinary levels of noise on your tires, it may help to check if your tires have enough tread left.

2. Check Tire Pressure:

Your Power King tires require a specific amount of air pressure to function properly.

If the pressure in your tires is above or under this limit, noise may increase significantly.

3. Rotate and Balance your Tires Regularly:

Rotations help prevent irregular tread wear responsible for exacerbated noise on tires.

Getting the tires rotated will allow your tires to wear evenly and forestall noisy performance.

When tires are out of balance, they emit higher levels of noise under use.

Balancing the tires can help fix this and stop tire noise from increasing.

4. Monitor the Condition of Wheel and Suspension Components:

Problems with your wheel assembly or suspension setup can lead to higher noise output on your tires.

For example, worn or damaged wheel bearings will inevitably cause tire noise. Likewise, faulty suspension forks will also cause the tires to make extra noise.

Should your Power King tires be noisy, get a technician to inspect your vehicle’s wheel bearings and suspension components.

Which Tire Brand Is The QUIETEST?

goodyear tires

To guide your decision, we have compiled a list of the least noisy tires on the market.

You will notice that the brands in the list include makers of regular tires and makers of trailer tires (or both):

  1. Goodyear
  2. Cooper
  3. Bridgestone
  4. Dunlop
  5. Michelin
  6. Hankook
  7. Continental
  8. Maxxis
  9. Trailer King
  10. Carlisle
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