5 Electric Cars With Large Display Screens

Display screens have become a major feature in cars today because not only do they perform entertainment functions, but they are also connected to the management system of the entire vehicle.

Car owners now have the luxury of controlling and monitoring data and information via the display screen. This article would list 5 electric cars with a large display screen and the major functions they perform.

1. Tesla Model 3

The Model 3’s display screen is one of the interesting features of this vehicle. This 15-inch screen controls most parts of the car, even parts you least expect.

Driving this car for the first time can be challenging because of the various features, but worry not, we will walk through all the functions and features. 

Functions and Features of the Model 3 Screen Controls

Here are the features and functions of the Model 3’s screen controls:

Pin Entry

For years, Tesla cars have always had a keyless entry or the passive entry with the key fob. The display screen made it possible to disable the key fob for any reason.

But with the rise of this new display screen, it includes a pin-to-drive feature that allows access to the car after inputting the pin.  

Model 3 doesn’t even have a key option, as it uses a key card to open the vehicle. The keycard uses a short range of frequency called the RFID to send signals to your car on your way back. This key card can also be connected to your phone.

Google Map Enhancement

Display screens are used in navigation and routes, but with the Tesla screen, it enhanced navigation with the use of satellite imagery.

This not only plots a route but also locates every Tesla supercharger around. It informs the driver of the cost of charging, the instruction needed, the number of chargers and the duration of charging.

Climate Control

You can control the temperature of the cabin and the speed of the airflow via the display screen. It automatically sets the cabin temperature to maintain comfort in all weathers. It controls the heating, cooling, and distribution of quality air within the cabin. 

In addition, the display screen also has a dog mode and keep climate-on mode. The dog mode keeps the cabin temperature comfortable for your pet when you leave the car, while the keep climate-on mode maintains your desired temperature while the car is in park.

However, to keep these sensors working, your Tesla’s battery must be charged to at least 20%. Do not worry, the car will send notifications to alert you when your battery becomes low.

Central Control

This display screen controls the whole car settings and even the non-driving functions. Thus you’ll hardly see little buttons around. It powers the audio, lights, locks, safety system, navigations, entertainment, games, braking level, etc.

2. BMW X3 (IDrive)

BMW cars have always had a thing for display screens as they improve their in-cabin technology with each generation of vehicles.

The earliest model of the IDrive screen was 6.5-inch size, but now the X3 has been upgraded to a larger 12.3 screen with a 10.25 image resolution. We mostly found these new screens in newer generations produced since 2018. 

Functions of the X3 IDrive’s Display Screen 

Here are some of the functions of the X3 IDrive’s display screen:

Gesture Control

The display screen of the IDrive offers gesture control. For instance, if you want to turn the music down, all you need to do is to take your hands towards the screen and turn it in a clockwise direction.

This makes it easy for drivers to concentrate on the highway. The gesture Control also allows you to accept or reject a call, change camera views and plan a route. How remarkable!

Remote Starts and Climate Functions 

 The IDrive screen controls the climate in the car. This works best in a colder region. Perhaps you left the car for far too long outside and it needs some warming.

You can simply turn on the heating system through the screen. Not only does it warm the engine, but it also works for the entire cabin. To set this up on the screen, simply Press the setting > climate comfort> preconditioning/ventilation.

Driver Assistance

The screen makes your journey relatively easy and safer as it offers some driver assistance features. Some of them include:

Adaptive Driving Control

This set and maintains your speed to the desired level and adjusts to the distance between you and the vehicle ahead. It can automatically brake or speed up depending on the traffic condition.

Lane Assistance

This helps to steady your hand while driving so you don’t go switching lanes. If you feel the need to take your hands off the steering, all you need to do is to select the “hands off” driving mode on your screen.

Parking Assist 

You can also use the display screen to maneuver your way while parking or leaving tight positions.

3. AUDI Q4 e-Tron

The Audi Multi-Media Interface (MMI) is the control system of the Audi Model. Audi has always used this interface in each generation while updating its tech level.

The Audi A8 is one of the latest cars to have a display screen controlled by this interface. The screen size is 10.1 inches and has a resolution of 1,440 x 540 pixels.

Features and Functions of the Display Screen

Here are some of the functions of the Audi A8 e-Tron’s display screen:

Supply Data and Information

The screen delivers quality and accurate information to the driver. It includes speed, navigation, route, audio and driving assistance (adaptive control, and lane assist).

It also shows the temperature, warning lights, time and odometer. This keeps you informed about the general state of your car.

Split Screen

The screen is quite remarkable, as it can split into two views simultaneously. It can divide the tachometer and speedometer into one space and display the infotainment that shows the map, radio and audio in another space.

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4. Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning is one techy and remarkable electric pickup truck that includes the new Sync 4A screen display. It comes live on a 12-inch-sized screen.

The earlier model screens came in a horizontal form, but the Sync 4A is delivered in a vertical form and built better into the dashboard of the car.

Feature and Functions of the Sync 4A Screen

Here are features and functions of the Sync 4A screen in the F-150 Lightning:

Split Screen

The screen performs multitasking conveniently as it splits the view into different portions. For instance, you can navigate and change music simultaneously without closing one window. It also includes necessary information like hazard warnings and traffic.

Wireless Connection

The screen has made it easy to connect wirelessly to your smartphone. It means you can connect to your Apple CarPlay without using a cord. To do this, you must activate the connectivity through the Wi-Fi on the screen. It also contains the manual of the car so that owners can easily get access to their guide if the need arises.

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5. GLE 350

The Mercedes Benz User Experience (MBUX) controls the display screen of the GLE 350.

This display comes alive on a massive 56-inch screen. It comprises three-part (12.3 digital gauge, 17.7 infotainment and 12.3 screen for passengers).

Features and Functions of the Hyper Screen

Here are some features and functions of the Hyper Screen in the GLE 350:


The screen displays navigation routes and maps while driving. It sends accurate data and calculates your speed control and ambient lights.

Manage Calls

With MBUX software, the screen can suggest the action of the owner based on previous habits. This is called the zero layer.

If you regularly call home at 1 PM, the MBUX software will display a suggestion on the screen to take up such action and call them. This assist ultimately keeps the driver focused on the road.

Seat Heating and Positions

With the AI to learn the habits of owners, the car can also provide seat heating and adjustment by selecting and suggesting such actions on the display screen. This makes the car owners more relaxed and comfortable in their positions.

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How to Maintain Your Screen Display

Asides from going through your car manual for any information concerning your screen maintenance, here are a few tips to keep your display working for much longer:

Don’t Press With Force 

While operating your screen, it is best to touch with light pressure so you don’t damage it accidentally. A light tap on the screen will do just fine. These screens are responsive so you don’t need to do too much, unlike a button set.

Clean Your Hands Before Usage

Make sure you touch your screen with a clean hand. This is to avoid the accumulation of dirt on your screen, which you might not notice immediately. Too much dirt can make the screen unresponsive.

Use Microfiber to Clean 

Soft and clean clothing should be used on the screen as it cleans more effectively than other materials. Abrasive materials can scratch your screen. 

Moisten With Distilled Water

Tap water contains some residue that can be injurious to the screen. If need be, use distilled water on the microfiber cloth and wipe gently. Do not pour the water directly on the screen.

Clean the Screen Regularly 

You should be on a routine to clean your screen as often as possible. Do not wait until it’s all messy before you clean. 

Clean While It Is Off 

It is safer and clearer to clean the screen while it is off. When activated, the image could make it less visible to see the dirt and oil on it. 

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