8 Cars Without Auto-Locking Features (With Pictures)

Cars that don’t auto-lock when you park them may be the best option for some car owners. However, recognizing cars that don’t auto-lock when you park them may not be easy.

In this article, we will look at 8 cars that don’t auto-lock when you park them.

We will also explore the other features these cars’ auto-lock system entails. Read along to gain some insight from this article.

This will prevent you from having trouble locking your car manually.

1. Jeep Wrangler


Most Jeep car models come with auto-lock technology. However, unlike other car manufacturers, most Jeep products with an auto-lock system are only responsible for features like relocking your car doors if you unlock them but do not enter after 1 minute and locking your doors when you hit the speed of 15 mph when driving.

One of these products is the Jeep Wrangler. Wrangler’s auto-lock settings do not include your car automatically locking when you park it. With the vehicle, consumers have to lock their cars themselves.

Also, Jeep Wrangler allows you to customize your auto-lock settings with the provided features. However, you need to always use the unlock button when exiting your car to lock it when you park it.

This is a pleasant feature for people who may forget things easily or have the plan to be back in their car in a jiffy. But because of security issues, Jeep cars not auto-locking when parked may not be a splendid idea.

For your car’s safety, you should always remember to lock your Jeep Wrangler doors whenever you are going a long distance from it or when you park your car in an unsafe neighborhood.

2. Lincoln Aviator

Most Lincoln cars do not come with an auto-lock feature. So far, most Lincoln cars include these 4 automatic features, auto-unlock, mis-lock, remote unlocking, and switches inhibit.

However, for Lincoln vehicles like the Lincoln Aviator that came with the auto-lock feature, the feature is only responsible for automatically locking your car doors when you are driving at 12 mph or higher. It also works for relocking your car when you open it with your key fob, but don’t open any of its doors within a set period.

Lincoln Aviators do not auto-lock when you park them. However, the car provides owners with varying ways to lock their cars when parked. They include:

  • Locking your car doors using your key fob.
  • Touching the top of the exterior car handles in some models.
  • And pressing the lock button inside your door panel before closing the doors.

If these options do not however satisfy your preference, you can use your car key to lock the doors when you park them. Depending on your preference for locking your car, always make sure you guarantee your safety and that of your car when parked. It doesn’t matter if you are leaving your car for a few seconds.

3. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz includes auto-lock features for when driving at the speed of 13 mph and when you open your car for a certain period without entering it.

If your Mercedes car doesn’t include these options, you can enable them through the settings. You can also disable the features depending on your preference and needs.

However, Mercedes Benz doesn’t auto-lock when you park them. To lock your Mercedes Benz, you need to press the key fob or touch your door handle every time you parked it.

When locking your Mercedes Benz by touching the handle, make sure you are touching only the area where the sensor is located. Touching the whole handle may confuse the program and unlock your car again.

Also, aside from these two options, you can use the Mercedes Benz Me App to unlock your door. Me App allows you to connect your phone to your car through the Mercedes app.

For people who easily forget to lock their cars, the Mercedes Me App may be your solution to the problem. The App will notify you if you forget to lock your car and allows you to lock and unlock your Mercedes car doors remotely.

If you are someone who is used to cars that auto-lock when you park them, adopting Mercedes options may take extra effort. You need to be conscious every time you park your car. However, you may consider the Mercedes App in this situation. Some consumers quite love the Mercedes auto-lock option because of its accessibility.

However, looking at the dangers that accompany cars that are not locked when parked, no one wants to take chances. Whether you are using the Mercedes lock options or the App, always ensure your car’s safety when parked.

4. Lexus NX

Owing to the risk that accompanies cars auto-locking when you park them, your Lexus NX car doesn’t automatically lock when you park and walk away from it.

You may also want to know about the best and worst Lexus NX years if you’re considering it.

For your Lexus car to be locked every time you parked it, you need to make certain you lock it yourself. For an easier experience, you can lock your Lexus NX car using your smart key or by touching the lock sensor on the upper or front part of the driver’s door handle.

Also, there is the Lexus Enform Remote that the Lexus company has made available for their customers. The Lexus Enform Remote gives Lexus car owners access to control and monitor their cars through the Lexus app. You can install the app on your devices that have ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Amazon Alexa’ enabled.

You can use the Lexus Enform Remote to lock or open your car remotely from wherever you are. Forgetting to lock your car is not a problem with the Lexus Enform Remote.

However, Lexus Enform Remote is not free, but purchasers of new Lexus cars have access to use the app for three years. Afterward, Lexus requires you to subscribe yearly to access the service. Prizes range from $80-$160 depending on the model of the Lexus car you are using.

Though your car won’t auto-lock itself when you park it, Lexus however provides you with some auto-lock options. They include when you shift from the park or when you drive at the speed of 11 mph or higher, depending on the model of your Lexus. Also, it includes relocking your door after some minutes of unlocking it without opening the doors.

Your Lexus may not auto-lock when you park it, but it provides a convenient solution for those who love their cars to lock themselves automatically when parked.

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5. Peugeot

Peugeot made an auto-lock system available in their car to enhance the safety of car owners.

However, Peugeot 3008, like the ones mentioned above, does not automatically lock after you have parked them. The auto-lock feature only works when you unlock the door and don’t open it within 30 seconds, or when you drive at the speed of 6 mph or more. 

However, depending on your need and preference, Peugeot 3008 allows you to deactivate or activate these auto-lock features using the lock button.

Peugeot consumers need to always lock their cars when they park using the remote key or the standard key. While this may be inconvenient for some people, so far, they are the only available means of locking your Peugeot vehicles after you parked them.

6. BMW 2 Series

BMW 2 Series has an automatic lock system, but the system does not include the car auto-locking when the driver parks it. However, for BMW 2 series models, you can lock your car using the lock/unlock button on car handles or your lock sensor. 

So far, all BMW 2 series models automatically lock only when you journey at a certain speed and when you unlock your car and open none of its doors within a certain time.

However, BMW 2 series cars allow drivers to activate, customize or deactivate the auto-lock feature in their cars depending on their preference.

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7. Ford F-150

Ford F-150 auto-lock system will automatically lock your car when you move at a certain speed, but not when you park it. To lock your car every time you park, you can press the lock button or the car handle.

Also, Ford allows you to activate or deactivate this auto-lock system of your Ford-150 car through the settings. However, for people who love the auto-lock system when they park their cars, it may take a while to adapt to Ford’s provision for their consumers.

However, being consistently conscious of using the lock button or car handle to lock your car will help you adapt easily with time.

8. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai cars may and may not auto-lock when you park it depending on your preference and your car model. However, in Hyundai Tucson, the carmaker allows you to activate or deactivate the auto-lock feature through the user setting mode on your display screen. 

Note that most Hyundai cars include the auto-lock features of locking all the car doors when your car journeys at 9 mph or when you shift out of park mode

Unlike other cars, the Hyundai Tucson allows car owners to set their auto-lock settings to either automatically lock or not when they park it. However, this feature exists in some other Hyundai models but is not common in every Hyundai car.

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Additional Information

So far, most car manufacturers only programmed cars to activate auto-lock either in motion or when parked. Others allow you to activate the settings yourself and chose the features that best suit you.

Note that the motion activation allows cars to auto-lock when you move at a certain speed or higher, depending on how the manufacturer programmed your car.

The speed can range from 5 mph to 20 mph. It can be lower or even higher in some cars.

However, the parking activation allows your car to activate auto-lock when you park it in the following cases:

  • When you unlock it but do not enter it within a specified period.
  • When you leave it on unlock and move a lengthy distance of about 2 meters from it. This can depend on the meaning your car gives a lengthy distance.
  • When you park but forget to lock it.

Final Thoughts

While some cars auto-lock both in motion and when parked, note that some manufacturers do not include the auto-lock technology in their cars at all. And those that install it may allow you to deactivate or adjust the feature to your needs.

However, while your car not auto-locking when parked can save you from the hassle of being locked outside, it can also involve some disadvantages, like insecurity (theft and robbery).


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