Where Are Toyota Highlanders Made? (Solved & Explained)

From its powerful engine and incredible road handling to large cargo space, the Highlander has it all.

Save for the slight vibration it makes when you are driving, this vehicle really delivers on quality and reliability.

Let’s find out where this SUV is made.

Where Are Toyota Highlanders Being Made?

The latest version of the Toyota Highlander, the 2020 model year, was produced exclusively at Toyota’s Princeton, Indiana plant in the United States of America. Previous versions of this vehicle were built in China, Japan, and the USA. The maiden model of the Highlander was only manufactured at the Miyata plant in Fukuoka, Japan. 

Are Toyota Highlanders for the US Market Produced in the US?

Currently, the US market sources its stock of Toyota Highlanders locally. The factory in charge of producing the Highlander in the USA is located in Princeton, Indiana.

Nevertheless, Toyota Highlanders were not always manufactured in the USA. The United States only joined the list of countries producing the Highlander in 2007.

When Toyota released its initial edition of the Highlander in 2001, the US market imported Toyota Highlanders from Japan.

Are They Assembled in the US?

Toyota Highlanders are built and assembled at the Princeton plant in Indiana, USA.

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How Can You Check Where a Specific Highlander Was Produced?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your Highlander’s dashboard will tell you where your car was produced.

The VIN is a unique code which provides basic information about a vehicle. Such information include the model year, country of manufacturer, brand name, etc.

Each VIN contains 17 characters, all of which encode a particular piece of information about the vehicle.

The first character of the VIN represents the country where your vehicle was built. This character may be a letter, a number, or sometimes, a combination of letters.

If the first digit on your VIN is a letter or a combination of letters, it means the car was not produced in America. When a vehicle’s VIN starts with a number, it means the car was made on the American continent.

When these characters appear first on your Highlander’s VIN, this is what they mean:

  • L means your car was produced in China
  • J means it was produced in Japan.
  • 1,4 or 5 indicates that your Highlander was built in the USA.

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Are Japanese or European Built Highlanders Better?

Highlanders have never been built in Europe. So, this question does not apply to the Toyota Highlander.

Where Is the Highlander Designed?

The most recent generation, the third generation, of the Toyota Highlander was designed at the Calty Design Research Studios in California, USA.

The design of the second generation was also carried out at the Calty Research Studios by a different designer.

Where Is the Toyota Highlander Made for the Australian Market?

The Australian market sells Toyota Highlanders made at the Fukuoka factory in Japan under the name Toyota Kluger.

Where Is the Toyota Highlander Made for the Canadian Market?

The Toyota Highlanders in the Canadian market are produced at Toyota’s Princeton factory in Indiana, USA.

Where Is the Toyota Highlander Made for the UK Market?

The UK market will start selling the Toyota Highlander hybrids manufactured at Indiana, USA, from 2021.

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Is Toyota Planning to Move Its Production?

Presently, Toyota does not plan to move production of the Highlander to any new country.

It has, however, shifted production of the Highlander in the past. At first, the Fukuoka plant in Japan was solely in charge of manufacturing the Highlander.

In 2007, Toyota expanded production from Japan to China and the United States of America.

Also, in 2019, the company shut down the production of the Highlander in Japan and China. As a result, the Princeton factory gained exclusive rights to produce the Toyota Highlander.

Is Toyota Hiring or Firing in the US?

Toyota will hire new members of staff in its US branches this year. In August, the organization announced job vacancies through online job websites. Most of the vacancies are in sales and administrative roles.

In contrast, Toyota does not intend to lay off any members of staff in the United States of America this year.

Nevertheless, the company suffered revenue loss this year because it had to shut down its factories to comply with lockdown rules.

To make up for these losses, Toyota will reduce the pay of its ad hoc staff in the USA. Permanent staff will also have to give up two days’ pay from their salaries or take a two-day unpaid leave.

According to Toyota, some of the money from these reductions will also be donated towards coronavirus funds.

Is Toyota an American Company?

Toyota is a Japanese company with branches and factories in the United States of America and other countries of the world.

Nonetheless, Toyota North America, Toyota’s US branch is one of its most influential divisions.

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