What Does U-Haul Charge For? (12 Things Checked)

Most people have used the U-Haul rental service to move items at one point.

But do you know the overall cost and charges involved when using some specific offers and how much will cost you when you fail to meet their requirement? 

In this article, we have compiled 12 things that U-Haul charges for and what you need to do to avoid extra charges.

Does U-Haul Charge for Tolls?

U-Haul charges their customer for tolls. This is ordinarily not supposed to be because tolls are to be paid by the vehicle’s owner. Here, U-Haul is the certified owner of the truck and should be charged for it.

When the vehicle is pulled over, they send the toll fee to the U-Haul company as they are not concerned with the driver of the car but the owner. Then, U-Haul will later bill the renter for the tolls stated in the rental contract.

This customer pays for the toll because as far as U-Haul is concerned, the driving expenses should fall on the renter based on the written contract that the renter signed.

Does U-Haul Charge for Cancellation?

U-Haul does not charge for canceled reservations. You can cancel your rental truck offline or online and you will be given a refund.

However, U-Haul does require that a courtesy notice be given 24 hours before cancellation.

If you cancel within 24 hours, U-Haul may charge you $50 dollars but it is rare because the company usually puts a call through to customers to confirm their reservation.

In some other cases, U-Haul may cancel your reservation without you asking for it. This mostly happens if their services are temporarily unavailable.

It may be that there’s a lack of inventory, no trucks available or no specified vehicle available. However, a reservation guarantee of $50 will be paid and U-Haul will still attempt to fill the reservation.

Does U-Haul Charge You If You Don’t Show Up?

U-Haul will charge you extra if you don’t show up at the set time.

You are only allowed to use their rental truck for 24 hours before returning it to their location. If you exceed this limit, a $40 late fee will be added for the extra day of using their trucks, and if it is a trailer, an extra $20 will be added.

Make sure you ask for a grace period when there’s an unexpected delay on your side. U-Haul will usually give a small, unspecified amount of time to get yourself out of that situation.

Does U-Haul Charge For Boxes?

U-Haul places a small token on their boxes depending on the size. The prices include:

  • Medium moving box- $1.85
  • Large moving box- $2.35
  • Small moving box-&1.35 
  • Extra large moving box- $3.15
  • Book box- $1.99

These prices are lower if you buy in packs of 10, 25, or 50 for their respective sizes. Buying at a retail price is at a higher price than buying in packs.

In addition, if you happen to buy more than you need, you could return the boxes at any U-Haul location with the receipt and get a refund.

Does U-Haul Charge If You Have Several Drop-Off Locations?

U-Haul does not charge you extra if you have to drop the truck at another location.

However, with an in-town movement (a journey within the same city), you are expected to return the truck to the exact location you picked it from, but with a one-way move (crossing states); you might be allowed to drop the rental truck at another location nearby.

The situation where you will be charged extra is if you exceed the mile limit. The mileage fee includes:

  • cargo vans and pickup trucks- $0.59 to $0.69 per mile
  • Large moving trucks and vans- $0.79 to $0.89 per mile

 Unfortunately, unused miles or days will not be refunded as they are charged at the pre-agreed rate of the contract.

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Does U-Haul Charge If You Change Drop-Off Location?

U-Haul can sometimes add to your fees if you change the drop-off location. It is well within their rights to charge you for it because you signed on the contract exactly where you would drop their trucks at.

If it was a one-move, and you dropped it near the designated place, the company might overlook it. But if it was an in-town movement, and you drove their truck to another city, there will be problems.

However, if you changed your location, the very first thing to do is to inform them about your plans or what happened. They might be cooperative or not.

Does U-Haul Charge For Roadside Assistance?

U-Haul does not charge for roadside assistance if the truck has an issue. Simply contact one of their offices and inform them about it.

If the situation cannot be repaired, you will be given another truck, but if it was your personal vehicle having issues, you can still contact them, but you are fully in charge of whatever expenses incurred.

U-Haul will also be exempted if you misplace their keys or put the wrong gas in the truck. You are fully liable for the safety of the truck you rented.

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Does U-Haul Charge For After-Hours Drop-Off?

U-Haul does not charge you even if you drop the truck after their working hours. All you need is:

  • A smartphone to take pictures for evidence 
  • An internet connection 
  • An active U-Haul account

To return your U-Haul truck, you need to meet some of their requirements before dropping the vehicle:

  1. To get started, park the truck and leave the key in the ignition.
  2. Sign into your U-Haul account and select the “return my truck” buttons.
  3. The instructions on how to park the truck will be shown, follow them.
  4. Answer the questions regarding the mileage, truck performance and cleanliness. Inform them if there was any damage done to the truck.
  5. Review your pending charges.
  6. Last, lock the truck and place the keys in the key drop box.

Does U-Haul Charge For a Reservation?

This depends on the type of payment. You will most likely pay a deposit if you intend to pay with cash, but no deposit is needed if you pay with a major credit card.

For in-town movement or towing, you will be asked to pay $75. For one-way trucks, they will charge you $100 plus the rental rate and for a one-way trailer or towing, they will charge you  $75 plus the rental rate.

Does U-Haul Charge For a Dolly?

U-Haul charges $7 per day for a dolly and $37 for as long as you need it. This is called the Utility Dolly. It is a towing assistance that tows your car with the front wheels on the dolly and the rear wheels on the ground.

Does U-Haul Charge For Extra Hours?

U-Haul doesn’t have an exact extra hour fee. They only charge the fee when you exceed the 24 hours given to you.

The company charges the fee according to the extra day used. It cost $40 for the rental truck and $2o for the rental trailers.

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Does U-Haul Charge Extra If You’re Under 25?

U-Haul places an additional $25 for persons under the age of 25. To drive a U-Haul truck, you must be at least 18 years while to drive the U-Haul trailer such a person must attain the age of 16 and be able to produce two forms of identification.

However, charges are still applied for the age bracket of 18-24. Once the driver reaches the age of 25, they have no vehicle restrictions anymore. This additional fee is called the Young Driver fee.


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