Do Uber/Lyft Drivers Help with Luggage? (What to Expect)

Are you coming directly from the airport with your suitcases in tow? Many people turn to ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft when they are traveling with their luggage. However, it is unclear whether your driver is going to help you load or unload that luggage when you reach your destination.

Do Uber/Lyft drivers help with luggage?

Uber and Lyft drivers are used to transporting passengers who have luggage, but there are no real rules that dictate whether they must help. Many drivers will help in hopes of receiving a better rating or a generous tip from their riders.

If you’re looking for a specific driver to help you carry your luggage, you may need to ask first and leave a generous tip if they agree.

Do Uber and Lyft Instruct the Drivers to Help with Luggage?

While most drivers anticipate that their passengers may come with some sort of luggage, there are no hard and fast rules about helping with those heavy bags. Both Uber and Lyft leave it up to the discretion of the driver for how to handle these types of situations.

Most drivers are aiming to receive that coveted five-star rating and a generous tip. They want to impress their passengers and may genuinely wish to be as helpful as possible.

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This leads many drivers to lend a helping hand with loading and unloading luggage, even though it is not truly a requirement.

For the most part, you can expect your driver to exit the vehicle and open the trunk for you. They may help you to get your bags situated neatly in the trunk space.

Most will ask your permission or may ask if you would like some help with your bags before they jump right in and assume that you need their assistance.

In the end, don’t expect your Uber or Lyft driver to feel obligated by their app companies to help you, and instead, be as kind and as courteous as possible!

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How Much Luggage Can You Bring on Rideshare Trips?

The amount of luggage you can bring on rideshare trips depends on what type of service you sign up for. Smaller cars will not allow you to transport as many bags as you want, while large SUV vehicles will be able to fit more.

You do have the option of requesting a larger vehicle that would have more trunk space when you order a car through either of these platforms. For example, UberX is the most basic service offered.

Upgrading to an UberXL, Uber SUV, or a Lyft Plus car will give you significantly more room to stow away four to five large suitcases.

If you choose against these options, you will most likely be riding in an economy-sized sedan that will have a little trunk space, but not much. Uber Pool allows you to share a car with other riders, and it may not have room for your luggage, either.

Furthermore, even if the Uber driver who shows up on the regular app, they may still not be happy if you bring more than three to five bags per person.

You will have to plan to determine how much space you need and which rideshare program would be the best fit for you.

How About Uber Pool?

Uber Pool can be a great solution if you want to save money on the cost of your trip, but you might want to think again if you need to travel with luggage. This service allows you to share the cost of your ride with other passengers who need to travel around town. You might make several stops, but it cuts down on the overall cost of your trip!

However, you have no guarantees when it comes to how much space will be left in the vehicle.

Other passengers may have their own bags or luggage that are already taking up too much space when you are picked up.

If you are the first one picked up and you take all of the luggage space, it could lead to awkward scenarios when other riders arrive. Other passengers may have to pass on the ride and wait for another vehicle.

This will not only waste their time, but the driver is going to miss out on the payment for that ride.

Uber Pool has its perks, but you should steer clear if you need to be transported to or from the airport with your luggage.

How About Uber XL, Uber Black, and Uber SUV?

Uber XL

Uber XL might be your best choice if you have a lot of luggage to tote with you on your next major trip.

Particularly if you have fewer than four passengers, the third row of seats can be folded down to accommodate extra luggage. With these seats conveniently tucked away, you should be able to fit about four to five large suitcases (five to six medium ones).

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Uber Black

Uber Black will have approximately the same amount of space as an UberX. This service allows you to traipse across town in a luxury vehicle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have lots of space.

If your luggage does not comfortably fit in the trunk of a sedan, you most likely need to call for an Uber XL or an Uber SUV.

Uber SUV

Uber SUV is the luxury counterpart to Uber XL. You will be presented with a luxury black SUV that can hold up to six passengers, just like you could with the Uber XL. If you have four or fewer passengers, you can fold down the third row of seats to gain more room for luggage. Otherwise, you will have the standard trunk space.

Keep in mind that dirty luggage may be extremely frowned upon with both Uber Black and Uber SUV.

Your luggage needs to be in excellent condition to prevent harm to the interior of these luxury cars.

Can Uber and Lyft Drivers Charge Extra for Luggage?

Uber and Lyft drivers do not charge any extra for luggage.

However, they can refuse to accept you as a rider if you have too much luggage to fit within their vehicle comfortably. This is often the case when riders sign up for Uber Pool and have too many bags to share the trunk space with the other passengers.

Do Drivers Carry Your Luggage to the Door (or Inside the House)?

No rule requires drivers to carry your luggage to the door or inside of your house.

Many drivers aim to be courteous and helpful, and these drivers may offer to help you unload your bags.

In doing so, they are hoping to earn a higher review or a tip for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Should I Notify the Driver About Luggage Beforehand?

If you are being picked up at an airport or hotel, many Uber and Lyft drivers assume that you will have some sort of luggage. They should come prepared to help you fit your bags neatly into the trunk space of their vehicle.

However, you may want to inform the driver that you have luggage if you will be coming from some other location such as your home.

People who have large amounts of luggage should also notify the driver beforehand.

Particularly if you are trying to get away with ordering a smaller vehicle, it is best to be upfront with the driver about your space expectations and needs. You may quickly discover that their small sedan simply cannot handle five large suitcases!

Notifying the driver that you have large amounts of luggage beforehand saves both of you tremendous amounts of time. While this is not a requirement, it is a nice common courtesy to extend to your driver.

Can Rideshare Drivers Help Me Carry Groceries to the Door?

Many people use popular rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft for trips back and forth to the grocery store. Much like luggage, there are no hard and fast rules about whether drivers are required to help you carry your groceries to the door.

A driver who is in a hurry to get on to his next rideshare request may help you to unload your groceries so they can leave as quickly as possible. They may also help out of the kindness of their heart, in hopes of an excellent review and a generous tip.

It is best not to expect your driver to perform this duty for you, but you can be pleasantly surprised if he or she does assist.

If you need someone to load and unload your groceries for you, then you may want to consider using a different service such as an online shopping program like Shipt or Instacart.

Can I Use Uber or Lyft to Move?

For the most part, you should not count on Uber or Lyft to help you move from one place to another.

It takes a great deal of time to load and unload a car full of boxes, and this wastes a driver’s time when he or she could be out picking up other riders. Furthermore, they are not required to help you with loading or unloading those boxes.

Some drivers may be okay with helping you to move small furniture items, but this should be handled on a case-by-case basis.

As soon as your driver accepts your ride request, you should call them to let them know what to expect.

Plan to move the piece of furniture all on your own (both loading and unloading).

If your driver accepts after you share this detail, make sure that you leave him or her with a generous tip.

Final Thoughts

Even though you CAN use Uber and Lyft for some of these situations, that doesn’t mean you should. There are a ton of amazing apps out there willing to help you with your travels – some are even sister apps or companies to these amazing services.

Remember to be kind and courteous to all drivers and assess each situation differently!

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