3 Popular Sports Cars With Adaptive Cruise Control (With Pictures)

Adaptive cruise control is another great technological feature in the auto industry. It was deemed a giant leap in self-aware cars.

Adaptive cruise control allows the car to be aware of its surroundings and adjust its driving accordingly. It uses a set of sensors, cameras, and computers to steer the car and take over some of the driving.

In this article, we’ll be talking about some sports cars that have adaptive cruise control features.

1. Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is an iconic sports car made by the German automaker and features some of the best adaptive control features. Porsche introduced the feature way back in their 2011 models.

Adaptive cruise control is available in most of the modern Porsche cars on the market right now. This includes all sedans, SUVs, and sports cars in their lineup of models.

Not only does the technology means the Porsche is self-aware, but it can also mean driver safety. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) can limit driver fatigue by doing some of the driving.

The technology can reduce vehicle accidents and therefore prevent injuries. This is because the car will slow down by itself if there’s a car too close up front.

Porsche now has an advanced system of ACC called the Porsche InnoDrive. This has all the basic features of an ACC, but with more improvements.

Porsche Innodrive is available on the 2019 Cayenne and the 2019 Panamera models. This system has a lot more sensors that cover the extremities of the car to steer the car accordingly.

This improved feature of ACC can react quicker to other cars on the road and also introduced lane keep assist. This allows the car to be centered on its respective lane and judge the other cars accordingly.

Besides having best-in-class adaptive cruise control, the Porsche 911 is also one of the sport cars with extra leg room.

2. Tesla Model Y

Tesla cars need no introduction when it comes to self-driving cars. The automaker has made advanced driver assistance systems all the way back to 2013.

The Model Y is now an industry leader in self-driving and adaptive cruise control features. These features on a Tesla improve driveability and enhance safety for vehicle occupants.

This goes for all other modern Tesla models, from the Model 3 all the way to the Model X. All modern Tesla models have exceptional safety scores all around the world.

The self-driving capability of a Tesla means there will be fewer car accidents and therefore fewer injuries. It is not uncommon for a Tesla model to receive a 5-star rating for safety, which is the highest score.

Safety assist technologies such as lane-keeping assist and automatic emergency braking make the majority of an adaptive cruise control system.

All the modern ACC features you’d expect in the car are available on the Model Y. This is made possible by up to eight cameras all around the car.

Hardware like the radar sensors, cameras, and computer systems all make up the self-driving capability of a Tesla. These components work together to make sure the car is aware of its surroundings.

The system will then adjust itself to suit the driving environment while still being as efficient as possible. All that hardware also means the car can drive itself with or without a human driver.

Tesla seems to be leading the other car brands when it comes to modern adaptive cruise control systems. This is judged by crash-test scores, safety scores, and innovative technology updates.

Another advantage of Teslas is that they receive regular over-the-air updates to improve their cars. This means problems are recognized and fixed early on and during the car’s lifespan.

Check out this article for more information about the Tesla autopilot system.

3. Volkswagen Golf R

Forbes Wheels has named this car Sports Car of the Year for 2022, and this is no surprise. The Volkswagen Golf R sets itself apart with exceptional adaptive cruise control and other safety features.

Volkswagen is a German automaker known for producing excellent models for all price ranges. The Volkswagen Golf R is one of its top-tier sports cars and has taken the industry by storm.

VW introduced an adaptive cruise control system back in 2003 on the VW Phaeton. Back then, not a lot of cars had the technology, and the feature was still in its infancy.

The adaptive cruise control on VW cars is not only easy to use, but is also responsive. Modern VWs use a radar beam to detect cars in front of them and act accordingly.

If the car in front is slowing down, the ACC acts and decreases your speed. When the car in front speeds up, the ACC then accelerates to a set speed.

It is important to note that not all VW models feature ACC systems that are as advanced as they are on the VW Golf R. The type of ACC can differ according to market, location and price range.

Modern ACC units in VW Golf R cars are now improved to be able to read the speed limit and the route driven by the car. All this information is then used to control the speed of the car, with safety in mind.

A camera on the VW sees the speed limits and also recognizes the edges of the road. This helps the car stay in its lane and keeps it within the speed limit.

Furthermore, the ACC on the VW Golf R can also see bends and roundabouts coming up on the road. This allows the car to adjust the speed accordingly so that it does not get onto the roundabout at high speeds.

“Looking ahead” is a great feature on ACC systems because the car is able to maintain the needed speed. VW has done a great job designing the traffic sign detection system and the navigation system.

Adaptive cruise control makes road travel faster and also a lot safer for passengers. Regulating the speed for you can also mean doing away with driver fatigue on long-distance drives.

Within the stylish interior of the VW Golf R, you’ll find the sporty steering wheel which will have adaptive cruise control buttons. Here, you can set the desired speed easily and turn it off just as easily.

Owners of this model have also complimented its easy-to-use setup of ACC. However, VW advises against using cruise control on icy road conditions or in heavy traffic.

Thanks to its nimble size, we believe the VW Golf R will make an excellent sport car for girls.

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