Problems With Suzuki Cars: 10 Known Issues (Explained)

Suzuki is a Japanese brand renowned for its durability and dependable performance, and this has endeared the automobile brand to millions of customers across the globe.

However, each Suzuki model comes with its problems, and if you want to own a Suzuki vehicle, you must understand its susceptibility to some problems such as burnt-out bulbs, lousy timing chain tensioner, transmission system issues, and defective engine system.

Considering that your Suzuki vehicle is not perfect, knowing these problems will give you a fair idea of what to expect.

Other issues associated with the Suzuki vehicles are overheating engines, inflated MPG numbers, CVT failure, poor fuel mileage, etc.

Let us analyze each issue and the most affected models.

1. Poorly Designed Interior, Brake Issues, and Excess Noise

The 2007 XL7 was released into the market in 2007 and was touted as a unique vehicle. It has the flexibility of the minivan with the horsepower and the torque of a sport utility vehicle.

Despite its stellar qualities, drivers complained about the car’s defective timing chain, excessively high rates of brake failure, unnecessary road noise, and the use of inferior materials for the interior section, which led to recalls of the model.

Besides, the windshield of the model is prone to fall out of place, especially when there is a crash. This situation compelled the management to recall most of the vehicles.

Drivers also complained that they keep on spending money on repairs consistently, and the expenses for the repairs cost around $600 every year.

2. Faulty Timing Chain Tensioner

Experts advised buyers to avoid the 2008 Suzuki XL7 because of its defective timing chain tensioner.

Despite having premium horsepower, ample space, a 5-seat capacity, and being sold at an affordable price, the 2008 Suzuki XL7 suffers from leaky front axles and a defective timing chain tensioner.

3. Faulty Air/Fuel Sensor and Leaky Fuel Injector

The fuel system of the 2004 Suzuki Forenza will give you nightmares. Other issues with the vehicle include a leaky fuel injector, defective air or fuel sensors and hard starts triggered by low fuel pressure.

Drivers also complained about the problem with the Check Engine Light due to lack of power. It is reported that a defective throttle actuator causes the issue, and you might need to replace the actuator completely.

The 2004-2006 models were recalled because of the low beam and daytime running lights. The ruined connection at the headlight switch may cause your headlights to stop functioning. Annual repair costs are estimated to be around $600.

4. Burnt-out Headlights, Failed A/C Condenser Fan

Drivers of the Grand Vitara complained about their headlights burning out too often. A defective vehicle electrical system has been identified as the cause.

They also report an issue with the air conditioning condenser fan. Once the air conditioning system cannot produce cool air, it is a nightmare for drivers, especially during summer.

Grand Vitara drivers also have to cope with severe problems like oil leaks around the timing chain gasket. They also report that they have issues with the airbag sensor.

5. Engine, Transmission, and Suspension ProblemsĀ 

The SX4 is worth around $16,500, and few drivers have complained about the issues of this automobile.

Many drivers complained that the fifth gear was not functioning, and there were reports of transmission system failures. These issues are usually expensive to fix, as they estimate the expenses at around $2,000.

Other SX4 drivers also confirmed that they have problems such as a sticking accelerator pedal, cracked engine block, leaky seals on the rear axles, and issues with the airbag sensor lights.

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6. Defective Brakes and Tires

The braking system and tires of the 2002 Aerio model have been the primary source of headaches for most drivers. The rear tires get damaged easily, which compels you to purchase tires more often.

The brake pads also wear out quickly, and most drivers who do not change their brake fluid as soon as possible will face this problem.

7. Rapid Engine Oil Consumption

The first- and second-generation series of the Suzuki Swift Diesel have a common problem; rapid engine oil consumption.

Many drivers have complained about the quick exhaustion of the engine oil, even after servicing the engine. A leakage in the head gasket causes this problem.

When you are driving your vehicle on low engine oil, it will hurt the engine of your car. It is essential to check for the sudden depletion of engine oil before purchasing a used Swift Diesel vehicle.

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8. Power Steering Pump Issues

The power steering pumps of the 2012 and 2013 models of the Suzuki SX4 have several problems, which could eventually lead to failure.

The power steering pumps do not have sufficient clearance from the surrounding pump body.

The issue is that the vehicle will not perform well in cold weather. Suzuki recalled the affected SX4 because of the faulty power steering pumps.

9. Inflated MPG Numbers

In the wake of emission scandals and reports of fuel economy number manipulation, regulators caught Suzuki in the web of the fuel economy scandal.

This problem has led to over two million automobiles being recalled from the market. Thankfully, this problem is not unique to Suzuki. It’s an industry-wide issue.

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10. Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimmy is one of the most popular models of the Suzuki brand, and it is known for its reliability.

However, several problems are associated with the Suzuki Jimmy, including gearbox failure, worn-out velocity joints, defective wheel hub heads, and engine problems.

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