Problems With Skoda (15 Most Common Issues)

Skoda has a controversial history and is renowned for manufacturing bikes and early motorbikes. Since the 1890s, the Skoda brand has changed names on several occasions over the years.

They manufactured military vehicles and automobiles during the Second World War.

Skoda vehicles are popular in the United Kingdom as taxi brands and police departments use them, especially the Skoda Octavia.

If you are planning to buy a Skoda vehicle or just bought one, you need to understand the problems that come with each specific model of the Skoda brand.

In this article, you will learn more about the Skoda vehicles and their common problems. Let us start with the Skoda Octavia and its issues.

1. Leakage in the Car

Water damage is one of the major problems of the Skoda Octavia.

Many Skoda Octavia drivers have complained about the broken seals in their vehicle’s trunk, and this allows the penetration of water into their cars.

They also complained about the blockage of the drainage located in the front part of their cars, and this is causing severe damage to the interior parts, such as the carpets.

2. Headlamp Issues

The headlamps of the Skoda Octavia are prone to exposure to moisture.

Once the headlamps are filled with moist, it affects their vision and makes it hard for drivers to see the road clearly.

3. Dual Mass Flywheel Issues

If there is anything that should give you concern about the Skoda Octavia, it is the dual mass flywheel problem.

It is one reason the Skoda Octavia was recalled by the manufacturer. It causes severe damage to the engine of the vehicle, and if you are purchasing a second-hand vehicle, you need to check if it is part of your servicing plan package.

4. Gearbox Issues

It is important to note that the gearbox on the automatic Skoda Octavia models is the famous Volkswagen DGS.

Drivers have complained about difficulty in shifting in between the gears while they are driving. The reason has been traced to the faults in the mechatronic control system and the gearbox.

5. Turbo Charger Issues

If you are planning to own a Skoda Octavia model from 2002 to 2013, remember that turbo chargers may give you sleepless nights. The turbo chargers do not last long on these models, which can increase your ownership costs.

Drivers first noticed a loss of power when they are accelerating, and their vehicle engine goes into limp mode. The vehicle could be written off by the turbo. This is a severe issue that you do not want to ignore.

6. Water in Passenger Foot well

Most drivers who own the Fabia and Octavia vehicles complained about water in the passenger footwell.

The problem starts whenever the plenum chamber for the windscreen wipers gets blocked with glop and leaves. This makes the water to get into the footwell of the passenger.

You are likely to notice a foul smell in a second-hand car that has this issue. The best advice is to clean the vehicle as soon as possible.

7. Driveshaft Vibration

Skoda Octavia models are known to have noisy vibration issues, and the noise could be heard in the cabin section.

Most drivers observed that the issue is common between 1900 and 2900 rpm, the standard driving rev range.

This problem is a result of a defective driveshaft, and there is a need to replace it immediately to correct the issue.

8. Timing Chain Problems

There are several complaints about the defective timing chain system in some Skoda and TSI engines.

Timing chain problems also happen with SEAT and Volkswagen automobiles, and it is associated with the variable value system to enable the valves to lift and allow the engine to perform better at higher revs.

The timing chain is important to the engine, as its failure can damage the engine entirely.

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9. Rear Wheel Alignment

Most of the Skoda Octavia produced prior to the year 2006 have a common issue. The problem is with their rear wheels that results into rough tire wear.

This causes a problem for the drivers as they have to change two tires on the rear wheels when one of them is bad. For instance, when one tire gets damaged before the other, you may have to change the bad and the good one.

This problem was, however, fixed in newer models from 2006.

10. DPF Warning Light

The issue with the diesel particulate filter (DPF) warning light is not new, and most Skoda cars and vehicles with diesel engines face the same problem.

It is noticed that the DPF might be blocked by the particulate matter from fuel incineration.

The filter was created to prevent diesel from entering the air outside the engine, as the diesel burns with solid waste.

Drivers who do not travel on long distance journeys have complained about this problem. When they travel short distances, their engines are not hot enough and this creates more particulate matter.

Once the filter is clogged, the warning light will be triggered. The engine in the Skoda Octavia is created to be pushed to an enhanced level of performance at regular intervals.

Once this does not happen, the diesel particulate filter will be blocked. You may need to drive the vehicle on the open road in the fourth gear for about 10-15 minutes to avoid this problem.

11. Electrical Problems

Most Skoda Rapid vehicles from 2012 till date are known to have several electrical issues.

Some drivers have complained about issues such as faulty Sat navigation, their vehicles not starting, and engine management system issues.

If you want to own a Skoda Rapid model, you will experience more electrical problems. Unfortunately, you may not notice these electrical issues when you are buying a second-hand vehicle.

12. Air Conditioning Noise

You need to remember that Roomster and other models have poorly fitted air conditioning units.

In some cases, the air conditioning unit makes noise even when the unit is off.

13. Sunroof Leaking

Most of the old Roomster models have leaky sunroofs. If water enters your vehicle, you will notice foul smell and stains.

This problem escalates during the winter season, and there is an accumulation of moist that will be hard to eradicate.

14. Fuel Leak

2009 and 2011 Skoda Superb models are known to have leaks from high pressured fuel pipes. The issue of fuel leak is a severe one, and it is even worse for vehicles using petrol.

Vehicles with this problem have been recalled by the automaker.

15. DSG Automatic Gearbox Problems

When there is an issue with the DSG gearbox, you may notice weird noises from your vehicle.

Popular automobiles such as SEATs, Volkswagen and Skodas use this gearbox. The DSG automatic gearbox issues are complicated and must not be treated with levity. You may need to buy newer models with the automatic gearbox to avoid this problem.

The automaker has fixed the problem in newer models.

General Pros and Cons of Skoda Vehicles

Here are some pros and cons of Skoda vehicles:


Here are some pros of Skoda vehicles:

  • Skoda cars have incredible features.
  • Spacious Cabin
  • Skoda cars are made with full safety. Skoda makes their car safe and stable.
  • Skoda cars give comfortable rides. Ride quality of Skoda cars is much better.
  • Build quality of Skoda cars is much better.
  • Performance of the engine is excellent.
  • Good mileage.
  • Skoda cars possess stylish looks and design.


Here are some shortcomings of Skoda vehicles:

  • Spare parts of Skoda cars are expensive
  • Poor after-sale service of Skoda
  • Resale value of Skoda cars is not good
  • Low fuel economy is a drawback
  • The cost of ownership and maintenance is higher than the other brands

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What Reviews Are Saying

Skoda earned 4.0 out of 5.0 rating on some sites, and the Reliability Index gave Skoda a score of 40.

This score is one of the lowest scores among automakers.

Meanwhile, the dependability table of the Telegraph in 2016 and 2017 had Skoda on the top of its list.

Skoda has improved its range of vehicles in recent years, and the new models can give you a breath of fresh air.

Resale Prices

Several factors affect the resale value of a vehicle, and these include fuel efficiency, the condition of the car, mileage, and transmission type, among other factors.

Model Approx. Mile Price ($)
Octavia 110TSI 16,000 $11,132
Fabia 16,000 $14,000
Karoq 18,000 $22,135

Final Thoughts

Though Skoda manufactures solid cars, its reputation for neglecting buyers after a sale is affecting its fortunes. It is not the perfect choice for those who want a vehicle that is cheap to maintain.

Poor after-sale service and high maintenance expenses are the bane of the Skoda vehicles. You may have to cope with expensive spare parts whenever there is a need to purchase them for your car.

Once the warranty period is over, the maintenance of your Skoda can take a toll on your finances.

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