Problems With Peugeot Cars? (6 Most-Common Issues)

It’s no secret that Peugeot is still one of the oldest and most trusted car brands in the world. The brand sells most of its models in Europe and throughout the globe.

The French carmaker has had its fair share of not-so-great reviews of its models throughout the years. Despite this, the automaker is still releasing some pretty good models.

In this article, we’ll discuss some common issues with Peugeot cars that you might come across. This might help if you’re an owner or in the market for a Peugeot.

Let’s jump straight in.

1. Electric Handbrake Failure

One of the most essential components in a car is the brakes that make sure the car stays put. Some Peugeot models, unfortunately, experience problems with their handbrakes.

This problem is particularly apparent in the Peugeot 308 and 508 models from 2016 and earlier. These models experience an issue where the dashboard warning light for the handbrake flickers.

After some flickering of the warning lights, the actual mechanism of the handbrake itself starts failing. It then gets to a point where the handbrake can no longer restrain the car properly.

A parked car with a malfunctioning handbrake can be very dangerous, especially on an inclining road.

Owners went as far as having to put a wheel stopper or brick under the wheel to stop it from rolling. This is by far a temporary solution while the issue is looked into.

Both the Peugeot 308 and 508 models were faced with a few recalls regarding the failing parking brake. The recall stated that there might be a poor engagement of the handbrake due to compromised rear brake calipers.

Owners noticed that the handbrake and cruise control would fail when the door was either open or closed.

Another symptom of a failing handbrake is the loss of function when doors are open. They would then have to open and close the driver’s doors to reset it.

It is also important to note that the issue occurs on both the manual and automatic gearboxes of the Peugeot.

Since this is such an important part of the car’s safety, it is advised to check it as soon as possible. A visit to the mechanic or dealership should get the issue sorted out.

2. Faulty Central Locking System

The Peugeot 206 and 307 have been flooded with reports of a faulty central locking system. A central locking system works to automatically lock the car and doors after a set period.

A central locking system is designed to open all the doors at once when you use your car keys. It also works with the key fob. As soon as you press the unlock button, all the doors unlock.

In most cases involving faulty locking systems, you might find that the actuator is the culprit. The actuator is the mechanism in each door that locks it automatically.

This problem particularly affects the Peugeot 307, where the key fob buttons fail to unlock the car. Reprogramming the key solved the problem in most cases and also checking the battery helped a few owners.

Resetting the central locking on the Peugeot worked as well. You’d need to insert the key in “Run” for 10 seconds and then to “Off” for 10 seconds.

Resetting the central locking mechanism seems to be effective only as a temporary solution until the issue comes back. This is where you’d need to visit your nearest dealership because it indicates other electrical issues.

Replacement costs for a central locking system on a Peugeot can be between $50 and $250. This depends on the model and the service center or dealership you use.

3. Suspension Damper Failure

On the Peugeot 206, you might experience clunking noises and rattling noises coming from the front suspension. Owners who got these symptoms were told that they had a bad front suspension.

The front strut mount failure is a common problem in the Peugeot 206. The issue might also be due to a failing Anti-Roll bar (ARB).

In such cases, the anti-roll bar will have to be replaced because driving with it damaged can cause a bumpy ride. If the car has gone over 50,000 miles, it might be a good idea to also change the shock absorbers.

The Peugeot 208 and 308 also have been reported to make a rumbling noise from the front. The noise gets louder as you go through bumps on the road or at high speeds.

One way to find out if you have bad shock absorbers is when your car pulls to one side while driving. Other than the brakes and tires, this is a good indication of bad shock absorbers.

Owners of the Peugeot 206 experienced a really bumpy ride on smooth roads. The struts and shock absorbers need to be checked thoroughly in this case.

Replacing the shock absorbers on Peugeot 206 will set you back around $50 to $150 for only one. It is recommended to change both shock absorbers just in case.

4. Infotainment System Failure

The Peugeot 308 and 208 models have experienced severe problems with their infotainment systems. The system would crash entirely or become unusable in certain situations.

An infotainment system is designed to house all media controls for the car. It allows the user to interact via Bluetooth to synchronize music with their smartphone and other devices.

Owners reported that the infotainment system would sometimes reboot on its own. To exacerbate the problem, a reboot took about 40 minutes.

Models with a touchscreen experienced the screen going blank for a few seconds and coming back on again. This can happen in intervals of 15 minutes when the unit is completely unusable.

It is often dubbed the “black screen of death” because the screen randomly goes completely black. A few minutes later, the screen comes back on and the system reboots.

No one really knows what the cause of this might be because it happens differently from one car to the next.

The Peugeot 308 has the same issues with the infotainment system, but it affects other electronics too. Owners of the 308 noticed that functions like lane departure and auto light dipping were off too.

If other electronics are affected, this might indicate a problem with the electrical control unit.

In this case, a complete reset of the ECU might solve both the screen problem and the instrument cluster problem.

You’ll have to visit a dealership if the issue persists and worsens. They’ll likely reset the electronic control unit that controls the infotainment system.

5. Turbo Failure

A problem with the turbo haunts the Peugeot 307, 207, and 308 models, where the turbo does not kick in when accelerating.

The problem starts off with the “check engine” light coming on and the car accelerates normally but without the turbo.

The turbo failure does not necessarily pose a safety issue, but has gotten some owners worried. Owners often reported that they could feel the difference in acceleration when the turbo was not on.

The turbo was able to be fixed with a simple software update in some cases. However, the problem indicated a bigger problem with the timing of the engine in extreme cases.

Turbo problems occur when the engine timing is off and require some parts to be replaced. The service center will likely replace the timing chain or the solenoid in the turbo system to fix the problem.

The software needs to be updated after replacing all the parts that mess with the turbo on these Peugeot models. It is a relatively easy process to diagnose and fix, so it shouldn’t take very long.

Causes of a failing turbo system can range from normal wear and tear to carbon buildup. Sometimes solenoids and wires get worn out and other times the engine is just too clogged up with carbon.

Peugeot service centers always advise owners to not use the wrong oil in the engine. Using the wrong oil can cause an oil blockage.

Lack of servicing is also a big issue when it comes to a failing turbo in the Peugeot. Regular maintenance at a certified Peugeot dealership is recommended.

6. Sunroof Noise

The Peugeot 508 has a particularly noisy sunroof during opening and closing. The panoramic sunroof rattles and buzzes when the car is moving and when using the AC.

Owners report that the noise comes back even after visiting the dealership to fix it. The dealership cleans the rails and greases the sunroof to try and solve the issue.

After the visit to the dealership, the noise goes away for a while and comes back after a few weeks. This means that greasing and cleaning the rails is only a temporary solution.

Other owners also noticed that the noise became worse when the car was at high speeds. This happens particularly after it has rained.

The panoramic sunroof on the Peugeot 508 squeaks when opening it. This is a clear indication of dry seals and might need to be lubricated to stay quiet.

A certified Peugeot dealership should be able to solve the problem by disassembling and then putting the sunroof together again.

It can be a good idea to let them know that simply greasing or lubricating the sunroof rails doesn’t work. They’ll then use better methods to fix the panoramic sunroof for good.

This issue affects other Peugeot models, so the cost might vary according to the model you have. Generally, you can expect to pay around $200 to $800 for panoramic sunroof repairs on a Peugeot.

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General Pros and Cons for Peugeot Cars

Just like a lot of car brands in the industry, Peugeot cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. You might have experienced it if you’ve owned one and it is a good idea to know them.

Here are some pros and cons of Peugeot vehicles:


  • Improved Handling
  • Stylish And Modern Interior
  • Affordable Mid-Range Models
  • Built With Strong Materials
  • Great Warranty Packages


  • Failing Electric Handbrake
  • Faulty Central Locking
  • Faulty Turbo
  • Infotainment System Failure
  • Sunroof Noise
  • Suspension Damper Failure

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What Do the Reviews Say?

Here are some reviews of Peugeot cars from expert car publications:

Peugeot has had its strongest model line-up for some years, with some of its cars now rated by our testers as being among the very best available.


Buyers should evaluate some of the lower-rated cars in the range more carefully, though. Some are now quite old and are subsequently left behind in terms of quality when compared with the opposition.

What’s The Resale Value of Peugeot Cars?

Model Mileage (miles) Price ($)
2011 PEUGEOT 308 54,728 11,406
2018 PEUGEOT 3008 46,943 16,276
2016 PEUGEOT 508 77,671 11,307
2022 PEUGEOT 5008 New 23,890

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