Problems With Renault Cars? (5 Most-Common Issues)

Renault has been around for some time and is still one of the well-known brands in the auto industry. They’ve been known to produce some great models such as the Renault Megane.

The Megane is one of the best-selling models for Renault and also one that has its faults. Cars that sell on a large scale will always have some issues attached to them as a result of mass production.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some common issues that you’d find in Renault cars. These problems range across models, and some are quick fixes.

With that said, let’s get started.

1. Fuel Leaking From Gas Tank

This problem is common in the Renault Scenic and some Renault Megane models from 2019. It was found that the fuel leak was caused by internal aggression in the fuel hose.

Some owners noticed some liquid leaking from the bottom of the car after it had been in one place for some time. It was rather difficult to tell that it was fuel because the fuel was mixed with oil from the engine.

It’s no secret that the fuel tank is one of the most important components of a car. As such, it is also one of the most dangerous if it is leaking.

Fuel tanks are made of metal or plastic and are prone to punctures or corrosion, which could lead to a leak. The first symptom of a leak will be a strong smell of gas from the car.

Fortunately, fuel tank corrosion and punctures are not a problem for Renault cars. However, the models have had a problem with the fuel hoses, wiring, and pipes.

The Renault Scenic models from 2019 to later were plagued by various fuel hose problems. The issue was caused by internal force on the fuel hose.

Owners of the Renault Scenic noticed drops or puddles of fluid at the bottom of the car after it was parked for a while. The issue was fixed by a new fuel supply pipe and accessories.

A mechanic will easily find the leaks and install the new fuel supply pipe for you. You can expect to pay around $100 to $250 for both labor and parts.

2. Transmission Problems

Both old and later models of Renault cars have had some type of transmission problem reported by owners. Models like the Renault Megane, Clio. and Scenic have experienced some transmission problems.

Older Renault models that have an automatic transmission have been known to experience a banging sound. The sound crops up during gear shifts, especially when the car gets warm.

After some miles are driven, the Renault will have a loud bang and the gears might even get stuck. This is a safety problem if the car is on the highway at high speeds.

The issue is sometimes called the “limp mode” because the car appears to be unable to run smoothly. Some owners were able to solve the problem by replacing a faulty pressure modulation valve.

Other owners even experienced rattling noises coming from the gearbox during acceleration. A rattling or whining noise is experienced by cars that have a continuously variable transmission.

These noises might also be accompanied by hard shifting. The issue was traced down to a worn-out pulley bearing, causing the noise and hard shifting.

If you have an older model Renault car, you might also experience some rattling when the car is idle. This rattling and or shuddering affects older models with a 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox.

Idling problems were solved by replacing a worn-out dual-mass flywheel that had movement between the two plates. An experienced mechanic can easily check this for you and determine if it needs replacing.

Models like the Renault Clio, Megane, and Scenic that have a dual-clutch assembly required a replacement of the whole system. A replacement clutch is better than a fix because it will likely last longer.

3. Electrical System Issues

Renault Megane models are notorious for having a list of problems with their electrical system. Symptoms are often seen in various electronic components throughout the car.

A faulty electrical system is really dangerous because it can also affect safety features in the car. The power steering, air conditioning, and electric windows might also be affected.

These electrical issues affect different models with different symptoms on the electronic components. A problem on the Renault Megane might not appear on the Renault Scenic and so forth.

For example, the Renault Megane has a known problem with its electric windows. Owners noticed that the issue started when windows would completely stop working or become slow when opening.

Eventually, the electrical windows would stop completely operating on the Renault Megane. The issue affects mostly the rear windows and was traced down to a faulty window regulator.

Owners that experienced defective windows on the Renault Megane solved the issue by replacing the window regulator.

The Renault Scenic also had an issue with some cars having rear electric window problems. Unlike the Renault Megane, the Renault Scenic actually got a few recalls regarding electrical issues.

The electric system can also affect components such as air conditioning or power steering functionality.

Some Renault Megane models experienced a problem where the climate control system was not heating up the car sufficiently. The issue was traced to a faulty heater resistor.

4. Engine Clicking Noises

The Renault Megane takes the cup when it comes to issues of engine clicking noises. The noises are sometimes accompanied by the inability of the car to start or turn over.

When a car cannot start, most people suspect the battery and connections to it. However, in the Renault Megane, some older models had this as a security feature.

Renault Megane cars from the 90s gave you 30 seconds to start the car after unlocking it. If you don’t start the car within that time, the car locks up and does not start.

The clicking noise you might hear from the engine might be due to a weak battery and terminals or a faulty starter motor. The car might not even start because it is not receiving enough power from the battery.

This is where the clicking sound typically comes from and this affects Renault Megane, Clio, and Scenic models. Some owners are sometimes lucky to identify the problem quickly.

A quick diagnosis or test of the battery will let you know if the issue is the battery or the connections. If the battery terminals are all fine and the battery seems fully charged, you might have a problem with the starter.

The parts inside the starter are quite sensitive and can sometimes get stuck together. This can mean the starter is slowly dying and will need a professional to look at it.

In some unfortunate cases, you might find that the issue is with the engine itself and this will usually cost much more to fix. Engine failure can be a result of poor maintenance and lack of oil, which results in loud banging noises.

If the battery and connections seem to be working fine, it would indicate a larger problem. A visit to the dealership or a trusted mechanic should be your next step to diagnose and solve the issues.

5. Electronic Parking Brake Problems

It’s no secret that the parking brake is one of the most important safety components in a modern car. The safety brake allows the car to be brought to a complete stop when engaged.

A faulty safety brake can put you in danger if the car rolls off into other motorists. It is important to check and make sure that the handbrake is really engaged.

The Renault Megane has had handbrake units that broke down at the 60,000-mile mark. Not all models of the Megane will experience problems at that time because it depends on individual use.

The Scenic also has handbrake problems that start at further stages of the car’s mileage. Some can even go over 140,000 miles without seeing handbrake problems.

Handbrake failure on various Renault models can be due to motor errors, seizing cables, or a failure with the relay. All the components make up the electronic parking brake system in a Renault.

For example, the Renault Scenic models had a problem with a seizing parking brake cable. The cable was exposed to heat from the exhaust system, which caused the lubricant to dry out and resulted in a seized cable.

Fortunately, most of these parking brake components are replaceable after a thorough diagnosis.

The old Renault Lagunas also had handbrake problems, which pointed to a lack of lubricant oil. The handbrake would be unable to release and the car would not be able to run.

A lot of the Renault Megane owners who experienced handbrake failure reported that it was sometimes a battery issue. A dying battery can sometimes render the parking brake system unusable.

A good indication of parking brake problems is the dashboard warning lights coming on. Sometimes the warning light comes on even if the parking brake is functioning correctly.

It is always a good idea to get the car checked out if any dashboard warning light comes on. Sometimes you might find that the light is incorrect, but there is an issue with the other components.

Mechanically inclined owners of some Renaults were able to locate an emergency parking brake release in the boot. This handle has a bright yellow handle and is used in emergencies to reset the parking brake.

The parking brake is an important safety feature on the Renault Megane and should be treated carefully. A professional mechanic or Renault dealership should be able to diagnose and fix any parking brake system failures.

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General Pros and Cons for Renault Cars

Here are some general pros and cons of Renault cars:


  • Good warranty packages
  • Affordable family models
  • Parts are readily available
  • Models suitable for first-time buyers
  • Good fuel-economy


  • Fuel leaking from the gas tank
  • Transmission Problems
  • Electrical system issues
  • Engine clicking noises
  • Electronic parking brake problems

What Do the Reviews Say?

Because Renault cars are popular and also quite common cars, it means that their parts are more common and therefore take less time to source.

They are also more affordable and therefore this keeps the repair costs low.

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What’s the Resale Value of Renault Cars?

Model Mileage (miles) Price ($)
2005 Renault Scenic 151,700 2,475
2013 Renault Grand Scenic 160,935 7,374
2019 Renault Megane 50,388 23,500
2019 Renault Kangoo 67,874 11,258

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