Nissan Maxima Problems: 6 Common Issues (Explained)

The Nissan Maxima is a powerful giant car that is manufactured and sourced for market by the Nissan Company. Just as its name suggests ‘maxima’, there is no doubt that this is a car of high degree and value.

The Nissan Maxima is largely characterized by its unique features, which include a smooth ride, a standard cabin, great fast-forward controls, and a stylish cabin.

The Nissan company strives to produce newer models of the Maxima each new year.

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As much as the Nissan Maxima is an eye-catching vehicle, this does not make it immune to common problems, some of which are faced by all vehicles.

Overall, it is important to note that these problems do not tarnish the brilliant performance of the vehicle and the vehicle gains back its good performance once the small issues are rectified. Furthermore, some of the problems will go unnoticed.

Failure in Ignition Coil

Although not many cases have been reported by owners of the Nissan Maxima, some owners report that their check engine light was on.

On further investigation, it was noticed that this problem arose due to a failure in the ignition coil. It is noticed that failure in a single-coil can cause further damage to other ignition coils.

This problem with the Nissan Maxima can be corrected by regular check-ups and services.

Moreover, this issue arises after a long-distance drive.

Overheating Issues

The thermostat is a common weak point in the Nissan Maxima which regularly becomes stuck and leads to overheating.

This problem is simple and manageable as the driver can order a replacement for the thermostat that is always available.

Incorrect Readings of the Speedometer

Failure in the car’s speedometer is caused by issues with the Vehicle Speed Sensor. One may be driving down the road and the speed still reads at 0.

However, this is not a major problem as the speedometer is not expensive to replace and they are readily available.

The Nissan Maxima is also among the cars with zero-gravity seats.

Leakage of AC

While at low pressure, the AC may lead to leakage at a compressed connection.

This problem transmits to the air conditioner making it produce warm air rather than the cold desired air.

Although this serves as a major problem for the Nissan Maxima and is costly to repair, it has very few reports by the owners and it only affects a few models of the car.

Problems with the Camshaft sensor

A noticeable problem with the camshaft center in the Nissan Maxima comes with its positioning.

The camshaft can cause leakage of its electric connector which leads to illumination in the check engine light.

This problem leads to the lighting of the check engine lights and the engine could gradually come to a halt.

This problem only affects models from 2002 to 2010, including those from 2014. The automakers should come up with solutions to curb this problem with the Nissan Maxima.

Leakage in the Power Steering Pump

It is so obvious that all drivers or car owners desire a peaceful and quiet drive.

However, a leak in the power steering pump leads to the hearing of a clunking sound and this is after the drips trickle down to the lower control arm. Drivers tend to have more control issues when this problem occurs.

Even though these issues affect a lot of models of the Nissan Maxima, it is rare for the power steering pump to experience leakage before 100,000 miles of the drive.

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General Pros and Cons for Nissan Maxima

Wi-Fi enabled

The internet is considered vital and needed in carrying out the majority of our day-to-day activities.

The Maxima is equipped with strong Wi-Fi and a hotspot that can be used to access the internet instead of one’s phone data. This is more beneficial to friends and families as Wi-Fi can be accessed by multiple users at a time.

Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to enjoy good music and the strong internet on the road, thus the Nissan Maxima is a car to be envied.

Powerful Powertrain

The Nissan Maxima is a single vehicle with one powertrain for a brilliant recorded performance. The car has an extremely powerful V6 engine with an astonishing design that beats many of its market competitors.

If fun is among the features that one considers when buying a vehicle, then the Maxima is one of the best to choose from.

Bags a lot of Styles

One of the award-winning features of the Maxima is that it has a unique exterior design. On the front part of the Maxima lies an upgraded exhaust finisher that elevates the car’s sporty look.

It has a sleek, streamlined lined exterior body that makes the car worth every single coin. Continuous upgrading of the Maxima promises that in the future this car will have nothing that can be compared to it.

Extremely Comfortable and Luxurious

The upgraded model of the maxima has enhanced zero gravity seats that give passengers an extremely comfortable ride.

The seats are designed to leave your body in an ideal upright posture, thus eliminating all sorts of discomfort.

The Maxima’s quiet cabin gives the drivers a silent atmosphere while driving at a high speed.

The maxima will definitely be of preference if luxury is the matter at hand.

Safety Features

The Nissan Maxima has useful features that serve as the drivers’ safety aid while in transit.

The standard driver assistance features include:

  • adaptive drive control,
  • pedestrian detection,
  • front view camera,
  • lane departure warnings,
  • driver attention monitor,
  • traffic sign recognition,
  • and a good blind-spot monitor.

These features serve as a great assistance to the driver in the prevention of accidents and careless driving and parking.

Quality Sound System

As most people are fond of enjoying good music while on transit, the Maxima is designed to satisfy this need.

Music lovers can increase the volume without fear of causing destruction or noise pollution.

A functional voice filter comes with a system that promotes a more quiet cycle.

The Bose premium is an upgrade to the standard stereo and it delivers quite a clear and audible sound.

Fuel economy

A notable advantage of the Nissan Maxima is its maximum fuel efficiency. The 2020 version of the Nissan Maxima provides 27 MPG, which makes it cost-friendly and one spends minimal time in petrol stations.

The standard vehicle features and the powerful engine work tirelessly to ensure the Maxima’s fuel consumption remains low.

Rear Door Alert

The 2021 Maxima has an alert rear door which improves the car’s safety.

The door acts as a good check of the backseat, hence a vital tool for drivers who travel with pets, children, and valuable items.

Furthermore, this is a vital tool in preventing robbery and theft.

Interior Design, Comfortability, and Cargo Space

The front legroom space of the Maxima is one of the best in its class.

Rear legroom space is a major problem and thus subjected to competition by bigger rivals.

The interior is fitted with:

  • automatic climate controllers,
  • a leather shielded steering wheel,
  • power-controllable front and driver seats,
  • which are of high standard and quality.

One of the smallest cargo trunks in the class causes a disadvantage in luggage hauling.

However, the Maxima has large cubbies which are suitable for accommodating huge commodities.

Warranty and Maintenance Cover

The Nissan Maxima provides a good protective cover. Moreover, additional coverage is available, and one has to incur some extra costs through insurance and dealership.

The standard powertrain warranty which covers years or 60,000 miles and a limited warranty which lasts up to 3 years or 36,000 miles is designed to suit most of the buyers.

Cons of Nissan Maxima

The Maxima is not an All-Wheel Drive

To people living in a snow-prone environment, this serves as a big disadvantage since the Maxima is a front-wheel vehicle. The Maxima is exposed to breakdown during a wintry storm.

However, this feature is not a major consideration for car purchasers.

Inadequate Cargo Space

If luggage space is one of the key considerations when purchasing a car, then one would definitely opt out of buying the Maxima.

However, this feature exempts some cars in the same class as the Maxima, which contain larger trunks that serve as an important asset for travelling.

Outdated Interior Electronics

With the ongoing evolution of technology, the Maxima is left out as it still holds onto the ancient electronic systems.

Drivers are forced to use outdated USB cables and ports while connecting to their smartphones rather than the modern wireless phone integration.

Nissan does not equip the driver with a modern gauge cluster.

Despite the urge to suit the current modern trends, testers still shower praise on the Maxima for its simple design.

Inadequate Rear legroom

Very few existing models of the vehicle provide good room for the rear legroom. Tall and long-legged people tend to be disadvantaged by this feature.

The backseat does not have plenty of space.

However, the midsize Nissan has adequate backseat space.

What Do the Reviews Say?

“A full-size sedan does not have to be unattractive and boring to drive”

The Maxima has unique features that wrap up and disapprove this statement.

It has a unique sleek exterior completed with a spacious cabin. Drivers that desire a luxurious and fun drive will definitely find themselves behind this wheel.

Unlike other huge sedans, the Nissan Maxima is equipped with front-wheel drive. The Nissan Maxima is definitely the best choice for drivers who fancy space for passengers and love the comfort that comes with a big car.

“Quickest Sedan With a Quiet Engine Sound“

The Maxima has proved to be one of the quickest sedans with a quiet engine sound. Its size makes it stable and brilliant at maneuvering.

The powerful engine and transmission definitely enable the Maxima to beat its rivals.

What is the Resale Value on the Nissan Maxima?

Just like any normal car, the Nissan Maxima is not immune to price depreciation. It is discovered that the Maxima will depreciate by 49% after a period of five years.

A two-year-old Nissan Maxima is bought at $13,108 less the price of a new one and still has a longer life span remaining.

The best model of the Maxima to purchase is the 2019 Nissan Maxima, which has the highest value in the class. With this model, one would spend 66% of the price of a new Maxima and still enjoy a useful and long life span.

The 2018 and 2020 models are also attractive.

These rankings are based on:

  • the price of a new Maxima,
  • the current price,
  • the cost of maintenance,
  • and expected future expenses.

Final Thoughts

It is clear from the information we have gathered so far that the Nissan Maxima is subjected to lots of positivity and some faults as well.

However, it is evident that the positive traits outweigh the faults, making the Maxima a car that can be desired by any driver.

It has been further proven that problems faced by the Maxima affect only certain cars and not all of them in the class.

Therefore, it is just to conclude that the Nissan Maxima is indeed a good and reliable sedan.

Automakers have further established solutions to the problems and better strategies of improving and advancing the models. Therefore, driving a Maxima in the present years is safer and less problematic.

Among the major features that the car tends to amuse us are its affordable fuel consumption, a good cabin, simple interior design, and unbelievably powerful engine.

There has been great improvement in the car from the year it was manufactured, 1976, to the present. If luxury is a choice at hand, then the Maxima is the best decision to make.

Finally, driving a Maxima today is less stressful because lasting solutions have been implemented regularly to deal with the common issues and, just like any other car, the Maxima should be serviced regularly for it to maintain its brilliant performance.

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