Lamborghini Problems: 15 Most-Common Issues (Explained)

The Lamborghini is a flashy Italian supercar that can only be described as captivating. The cheapest Lambos on the market cost about $200,000; the most expensive are millions of dollars.

Also, Lamboreghinis are some of the fastest cars at 0-60 MPH.

It’s more of a lifestyle choice than just a vehicle purchase.

But, like any other car worldwide, it also has problems.

Check out the most common Lamborghini problems below to find out if you should buy one for yourself or not.

#1 Handmade Design Leaves Room for Human Error

Italian Lamborghinis are built by hand. The craftsmanship that goes into building a Lamborghini is impressive, but it also leaves room for human error.

Each Lamborghini undergoes several inspections before leaving the facility, but, it does cause some uncertainty.

The only way to tell if there is a problem with the way the vehicle is assembled is if there is a problem, or a part needs replaced.

#2 Poor Mileage

Most Lamborghinis have a V12 engine.

Of course, with an engine that powerful, you don’t expect to save on gas, but the single-digit mileage per gallon of gas provided by the Lamborghini is a turn-off for some.

#3 Maintenance Costs are Expensive

Every car owner expects to put money into their vehicles, especially when it comes to maintenance. For Lamborghini owners, the maintenance costs are sky-high.

For example, an oil change can cost up to $2,000. A new set of tires? Probably about $25,000, and transmission work can be as high as $50,000.

If you want a supercar with a low maintenance cost – choose an electric car.

#4 Lamborghinis are Loud

For some, a Lamborghini’s unrestricted exhaust system creates the loud noise they crave. For others, the Lamborghini’s loud exhaust system is a turn-off.

The open exhaust system is needed for the impressive horsepower of the V12 engine.

#5 Car Insurance is Expensive

With an expensive price tag, the cost of gas, and expensive maintenance visits, Lamborghini owners and shoppers shouldn’t be surprised that car insurance is also expensive.

Car insurance can vary depending on a driver’s age, driving history, and whether other cars are insured on a policy. However, most Lamborghini owners can expect the Lamborghini car insurance alone to cost hundreds of dollars a month.

The increase in payments is directly correlated to the value of the car and the expense to replace or repair it.

You also find high insurance costs with high-end electric cars.

#6 Relatively Short Life Span when Compared to Other Vehicles

A Lamborghini engine is expected to last from 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

Lamborghinis don’t last as long as other vehicles before needing significant overhauls, such as a new engine.

#7 Visibility is Difficult

A Lamborghini is low to the ground and provides visibility obstacles for drivers.

However, when driving straight away, the low visibility from the vehicle’s interior isn’t a big deal.

The low visibility can become an obstacle when you need to parallel park or navigate the corners of a tight parking garage. And, if you’re backing out of a parking space, you’ll have to rely almost solely on the vehicle’s rear camera.

#8 Not Designed for Weekend Getaways

The interior of the Lamborghini is tight.

There’s room for the driver and the passenger, and a couple backseat passengers in the Urus, but that’s about it.

There is a trunk, but you can’t fit more than a small backpack in there, which makes it impractical for a weekend getaway.

#9 Speedbumps are Hard to Avoid

For most cars, a speed bump is no big deal.

But a speed bump can be a big deal for a Lamborghini supercar. Lamborghinis are so close to the ground that there’s no way to go over a speedbump without feeling it.

Not only will a speedbump be bumpy for the driver and the passenger, but it can also scrape the vehicle’s bumper, which will require replacement if you do it too often.

#10 Potholes can Cause Expensive Damage

Just like speed bumps will rock a Lamborghini, speed bumps can be a disaster.

Anyone driving a vehicle with low-profile tires knows a pothole can easily pop a tire; anyone driving a Lamborghini needs to be aware of potholes.

Potholes can wreck a Lamborghini and cause costly damage.

#11 New Lamborghinis Don’t Come with Manual Transmissions

If you want a supercar to feel the clutch shift in your hand as you change gears, you’re out of luck.

Most new Lamborghinis aren’t created with a manual transmission.

#12 Not Meant to be an Everyday Driver

The Lamborghini probably isn’t for you if you need a car to commute to work daily via the freeway.

Instead, it’s designed for flash and to be driven on occasion.

#13 Interior Features Plastic Materials

With a $200,000+ price tag, you’d expect the interior to be covered in suede, leather, and gorgeous textiles.

Instead, what you might be surprised to find out is that Lamborghini uses a bit of plastic material to flush out the interior.

The plastic pieces serve their purpose, but it does give the interior of the vehicle a cheap feel.

#14 Teach Yourself How to Drive Again

Lamborghinis deliver a racetrack feel because they are designed like a racecar. But, unfortunately, that means you’ll have to relearn how to drive when you get behind the wheel of a Lambo.

Instead of an ignition and gear shifter, you’ll have a console with many buttons and paddles behind the steering wheel.

Most buttons are self-explanatory, like “P” for park and “M” for manual mode.

But there’s no start button or drive.

You’ll have to pull on one of the gear shifters to start a Lambo. You’ll also have to learn how to control the sports car’s speed before you hit the streets.

#15 Finding a Parking Spot Might be Impossible

If you’re taking the Lamborghini to an event, you might want to check out the parking lot before you leave.

This is especially true if your Lamborghini doesn’t have an optional lift kit on the front.

For example, if a parking lot is located on the top of a hill, you will not be able to make it up the hill in a Lamborghini. Instead, you’ll have to find a parking lot nearby and hike to the event.

General Pros and Con of the Lamborghini

Let’s start with the pros.

Pros of a Lamborghini

  • Stunning appeal
  • Impressive Powertrain
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship
  • Superb handling and balance

Cons of a Lamborghini

  • The handmade design leaves room for human error
  • Poor mileage
  • Maintenance costs are expensive
  • Loud
  • Car insurance is expensive
  • Relatively short lifespan when compared to other vehicles
  • Visibility is Difficult
  • Not designed for a weekend getaway
  • Speed bumps are hard to avoid
  • Potholes can cause expensive damage
  • Not available with a manual transmission
  • Not meant to be an everyday driver
  • The Interior features plastic materials
  • Teach yourself how to drive again
  • Parking might be impossible

Quote Reviews

“Lamborghini has been in the business of selling low-volume, attention-grabbing supercars for decades. But in the last few years, annual Lamborghini sales numbers have essentially doubled.”


Resale Prices

You might have heard that buying a supercar is an investment. But not all supercars appreciate it, so it’s not true for every vehicle.

If you plan on your supercar being an investment, you’ll have to accept that you won’t be able to enjoy it. Instead, you’ll have to keep it ideally stored and in pristine condition.

Next, you’ll have to cross your fingers so that it becomes a collector’s item.

Check out the example below to see what resale prices look like for Lamborghinis from different years, different models, and varying mileage.

Lamborghini Resale Examples
2016 Lamborghini Huracan $239,995 27,000 miles
2005 Lamborghini Gallardo $129,997 12,075 miles
2022 Lamborghini Urus $389,995 1,052 miles

Final Thoughts

Despite the cons associated with the Lamborghini, it doesn’t distract from the supercar’s impressive driveability, ability to exceed traditional car speed limits, and overall vehicle attractiveness.

If you can afford to own a Lamborghini, the problems that could arise will likely not dissuade you.

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