Can Rental Trucks Be Used For Towing? (Explained)

When we find ourselves in the market for rental vehicles, there is no shortage of ways to utilize these cars and trucks. For example, many will be in the market for a rental truck that they can use for towing purposes.

Of course, before a final decision is made, there is a wide range of follow-up questions that will need to be asked.

Let’s take a closer look at the process of obtaining a rental truck so that those who seek towing assistance can make the best possible choice for their personal needs.

Do rental trucks come with tow hitches?

Yes, but you will need to take the time to do your homework. Every rental company is not going to offer this option, so the customer must research ahead of time.

Pricing for these vehicles works the same as it would for any other rental.

The customer pays based on the same criteria that they would normally adhere to. The destination, the length of the trip and the size of the vehicle are all considered.

Fortunately for the customer, there are a few different locations that offer rental trucks with tow hitchers, allowing for plenty of comparison shopping.

The first and most obvious choice for anyone who seeks a rental truck with a tow hitch is U-Haul.

They offer a variety of different trailers, including a number of cargo and utility trailers. Car carriers, motorcycle trailers and tow dollies are all available as well. They can be attached to your truck, in addition to any other vehicle that you may have.

Penske offers rental trucks, too.

Car carriers and tow dollies are on hand, but there are some restrictions that must be noted. The tow dollies and car carriers are only available to customers who make a truck reservation with Penske. Customers are not allowed to tow their own trailers.

The same can be said of Budget truck rental. Enterprise truck rental offers 3/4 and one-ton pickup trucks to their customers, but you must provide your own towing equipment.

Lastly, Hertz will offer towing capabilities, but there are more restrictions than the other companies have to offer.

It is only offered with certain vehicles and the customer will need to have prior permission from Hertz.

The vehicle that is being used must have its own tow bar and the vehicle’s dimensions and weight are not allowed to exceed the capacity either.

Will car rentals let you use their trucks for towing?

It depends on the company that you select.

Some rental companies are more than happy to let you use their trucks for towing, but there is no reason to assume that every company will allow for this practice.

As mentioned above, U-Haul is the best choice for anyone who seeks a rental company that will let customers use their trucks for towing purposes.

Penske, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz also offer rental trucks for towing purposes, but customers must take the time to speak with each company to find out more. Some of these companies have restrictions that the customer has to be aware of.

These are the main companies that should be contacted if trucks are needed for towing purposes.

However, the customer should be doing their homework.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the trucks can be used for any chosen purpose. This brings us directly to the next question that is often asked in these scenarios.

Are there any towing limitations on rental trucks?

The short answer to this question is yes, of course. The limitations are going to vary greatly depending on the company that is chosen, though.

While a company like U-Haul is fairly accommodating to the customer, other companies are going to have rules and restrictions that must be followed.

The answer may be yes but these restrictions are not going to be the same across the board. It is not as simple as going to the first available rental provider in your area.

Your ability to obtain a rental truck without any towing limitations is going to depend on your specific location.

For this question, we’ll examine the policies of a company that has emerged as a commonly suggested solution in these instances. Home Depot has all sorts of signage that most customers have seen before. They make it seem so easy, don’t they?

In reality, there are more restrictions than most realize. Home Depot does not offer truck rental across the board and this is something that must be discussed before arrival.

Otherwise, potential customers is putting themselves in a far more challenging position than necessary.

This is something that is going to come up, regardless of where you may live. You may have friends and loved ones in different states or towns that can easily procure a rental truck.

Meanwhile, you are left to travel to another region in order to obtain the rental that they need.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming. It will all depend on the inventory that is available at the rental provider that you have selected. You may end up having to expand your search in order to find a vehicle that meets your needs.

Towing capacity is a concern that is going to come up at just about any rental provider that you visit. Even U-Haul has limitations in this regard.

The hitch system is going to be limited to the trailer ball’s towing capacity, which is typically in the 2,000 pound range.

It will also depend on the item that is being towed as well. Companies like Home Depot and Enterprise are not going to be able to assist customers with boats and RVs. In fact, it is typically suggested that prospective boat haulers speak to companies that are specifically designated for this purpose, such as SeaTow and BoatTowUS.

The same goes for RVs, as many of the big name companies are unable to provide the necessary towing capacity. 

Budget does offer access to a network of companies under the Budget Transport banner, though. 

To find out more about the specific options in your area, Google is your friend.

Can a rented U-haul vehicle be used for towing?

Yes and this is why they’re one of the most commonly chosen companies for this purpose.

Whether you need to utilize one of their vehicles for a shorter trip or you are moving across state lines, U-Haul is more than happy to help.

If the customer is unable to meet the specific vehicle requirements or they do not wish to place any added strain on their personal vehicle, U-Haul is always happy to help. In most instances, they are going to serve as the top choice, owing to their sizable number of locations and vehicles.

Can a rented TURO truck be used for towing?

Turo does not allow customers to use their vehicles for towing and this is specifically stated, so that there is no confusion later on. Towing is against the company’s terms of service, which means that all of this is included in the paperwork that is signed.

There is no way for the customer not to be aware of these restrictions.

Turo forbids customers from using the vehicles that they rent for towing purposes. 

They cannot be used to push anything, in case a customer was looking to find a loophole.

Your protection will be voided and yes, there is a penalty fee for anyone who attempts to skirt these rules. Do not attempt to contact this company for any sort of towing purposes, as it is a lost cause.

Does rental truck insurance cover towing?

Of course, this is one of the most crucial questions of all. After all, no one wants to be left on the hook for any mishaps that may occur when they are utilizing a rental truck for towing purposes. No, you are not covered by your current auto insurance policy.

You will need to purchase rental truck insurance that is specifically designed to cover towing.

Auto tow protection is a must and there is no getting around its importance. 

If any damage takes place that involves your personal vehicle during a towing expedition, those who do not have auto tow insurance must foot the bill themselves.

Fires, explosions, floods, windstorms and landslides are covered under this insurance.

More importantly, any overturns or collisions are covered as well. It bears noting that the customer will not receive coverage from any damages that are caused by their own negligence. This includes losses that are taking place because of an unauthorized driver or mistakes that are made during the loading and/or unloading process.

Thefts and robberies are also not typically covered under these policies. 

Be sure to look over the specifics of each policy before signing, although the basic rules tend to remain in place across the board. Those who do not take the time to look over the specific terms and conditions are going to place themselves in a less advantageous position.

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