Are Hummers a Good Buy Today? (Solved & Explained!)

Is the Hummer a good buy?

Hummers are a good buy but it depends on a variety of factors. These include the model you are buying, level of maintenance and your reason for getting the truck.

Let’s take a detailed look into the pros and cons of buying a Hummer.

Pros of Buying a Hummer

Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted a Hummer because it complemented his macho persona and gave him the street credibility his action-man image demanded.

You probably won’t buy the Hummer for the same reasons. Maybe all you’re looking for is that perfect off-roading vehicle with some individual comforts. Here are the advantages of buying a Hummer:

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1. Excellent Off-Road Capabilities

Hummer is one of the best off-road vehicles in the world. From muddy terrain, snow, dirt roads to rocky/mountainous surfaces, the Hummer delivers exceptional performance in all environments.

The Hummer is basically an all-terrain, military vehicle with a civilian garb.

It has a Locking Differential System which transfers power and torque equally to all the wheels, while still allowing the tires to turn at different speeds.

This improves traction and driving control, getting you out of trouble on and off the road.

The Hummer has a high ground clearance up to 9-16 inches and short front and rear overhangs. This reduces damage to the undercarriage while traveling on uneven terrain.

Most Hummers have a Traction Control feature. It uses sensors to monitor the speed of each wheel and prevents dangerous skidding and spinning if you get stuck in snow or mud.

2. Exquisite Interior

The early H1 might be drab but later models and the H2 and H3 provide a luxurious and comfortable interior.

Most Hummers can seat up to five or six passengers comfortably with plenty of head, shoulder, and legroom. They also feature wide doors that make entry and exit easy and comfortable for occupants.

Hummer seats are thick, cushioned and come with multiple armrests to ensure maximum comfort. The vehicle sports high-end sound and entertainment systems to keep your trip fun and memorable.

3. Versatility

One of the Hummer’s greatest strengths is its flexibility. It can function as a streetcar, truck, off-road machine, or even a towing vehicle.

As a street vehicle, the Hummer can help you make a statement and leave a lasting impression on others.

The average Hummer is six feet tall, seven feet wide, and fifteen feet long, giving it an imposing presence on the road.

With its tough military look and imposing size, the Hummer is a good buy if you love the larger-than-life American way. Whether on the pavement or the camping trail, a Hummer will always get you there.

4. High Resale Value

The production of Hummers ceased in 2010. Almost 10 years after, demand is strong and there is clamor from many quarters for the vehicle to come back.

If you go through sites that sell Hummers, it will amaze you to find models selling for up to $50,000. Few SUVs hold their value for that long.

This shows the level of popularity the vehicle enjoys and the quality of engineering used to build the Hummer. With regular maintenance and conscious use, you can sell a Hummer for a great price.

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Cons of Buying a Hummer

The Hummer is an amazing vehicle to own, especially if you love big, tough, rugged vehicles. However, it has some flaws which you may want to consider before buying one. Some of these include:

1. High Maintenance Costs

The Hummer is not cheap to buy, and it is a maintenance beast, especially if you drive yours at a high speed on the highway.

Compared to similar-sized vehicles, Hummers require more maintenance because of their huge bulk which puts a lot of strain on the engines. These repairs can be costly if you won’t be doing it yourself.

The best way to reduce maintenance costs on your Hummer is to use it consciously and learn to DIY the work.

You can also save money by buying the parts. But some repairs will require specialized tools found only in an auto-shop that handles Hummers.

2. Poor Fuel Economy

The Hummer is big and uses powerful, gas-guzzling engines.

While the weight and the bulky engine allow it to brave the most tough terrains, they also cause the vehicle to consume more gasoline than regular trucks.

This poor fuel economy/ miles per gallon (MPG) means that Hummer owners often have to spend high amounts on buying gasoline/diesel to fuel their vehicles, depending on the engine their Hummer model uses.

3. Size/Speed

The Hummer is a big vehicle, perhaps one of the biggest in the SUV segment. This large size often makes it difficult to drive within busy cities where the risk of accidents is higher.

The Hummer’s enormous width means it’s difficult to drive the vehicle on narrow roads, park in small places or fit into garages (you may need to expand the size of your garage to accommodate your Hummer).

Last, if you love coasting down highways at top speeds, then you probably shouldn’t get a Hummer. The Hummer is one of the slowest vehicles in its class. The H1s can manage 65 mph and 0-60 mph acceleration time of 10.7 seconds, which does not speak well of its acceleration capabilities.

The H2 and H3 fair better but they are slow compared to trucks of similar size. People do various modifications to increase their Hummer’s speed but it is not advisable.

Despite their flashy interior and rugged external features, the best place for a Hummer is on the trail.

If you always max out the throttle on your Hummer, maintenance bills will be unnecessarily high. It is better to get a sports car for your speed fantasies and use the boxy Hummer for country expeditions.

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What You Should Look for When Buying a Hummer

There are tons of things to consider when buying a Hummer, but the most important factors boil down to the following:

1. Interior

If you plan to use the Hummer as an SUV, especially to transport yourself and loved ones around, pay attention to the interior of the model you choose.

For example, the 1998 H1 has limited interior space and can seat only four occupants. Conversely, the 2003 H2 has a spacious interior with plenty of headroom and legroom and can seat up to 6-7 occupants.

2. Fuel Economy

While the fuel economy of the average Hummer is relatively low, it is advisable to choose a model that offers considerable miles per gallon (MPG).

This is necessary, especially if you’ll be using your vehicle frequently so you know how much to budget for gasoline refills.

3. Towing Capacity

Aside from being a good off-road vehicle and a nice SUV, the Hummer can also be a towing vehicle. If you have plans to use your vehicle for towing, it is advisable to check the towing capacity for each Hummer model before committing to anyone.

All Hummer models have different towing capacity ratings and it is up to you to select whichever one suits your needs.

4. Off-road Capability

While the Hummer is seen as the king of off-road vehicles, the H1, H2, and H3 are not equal in terms of their ability to handle extreme terrain/weather.

The off-road ability of each model depends on things such as ground clearance, drivetrain, traction control system, etc.

Consider these features if you plan to expose your Hummer to a lot of off-road terrains.

5. Maintenance Records

Since there are no new Hummers, buy a pre-owned type that is well taken care of. It is not enough for the exterior to be clean, ask for the maintenance logs. A detailed maintenance record will show you the issues the vehicle has had in the past and how well the previous owners care for it.

A Hummer can last a lifetime if you use it gently and provide regular maintenance. The service records can also reveal user habits. Extensive undercarriage repair is a sign of heavy off-roading. Rust, paint jobs and detailed bodywork can indicate flood damage. Watch out for telltale signs and follow your hunches.

6. Shop for Deals

You can get neat Hummers for a killing if you search enough. Don’t settle for the first one or two vehicles you come across. Be patient and take your time until you see a vehicle that ticks all the right boxes.

Remember a Hummer is not only expensive to buy but requires expensive maintenance. Don’t rush to make that commitment.

Final Words

The Hummer was a controversial brand in its heyday, drawing both praise and criticism from different quarters. And even though the production of the truck stopped in 2010 due to various reasons, many individuals still shell out thousands of dollars to buy the vehicle.

Depending on who you ask, a Hummer can be a great buy and or a nightmare.

However, the indisputable fact is that Hummers are built to last.

They are rugged, powerful and sturdy enough to use continuously in the most challenging environments.

Your job is to do due diligence before buying a Hummer. If you are not mechanically inclined, get a mechanic to perform a thorough check on the vehicle before you buy it. It helps if you can negotiate too as that allows you to pay less for more value.

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