How Long Do Ford Raptors Last? (Explained)

The Ford Raptor is a pickup truck built for performance and ruggedness. While this Ford model has exceptional off-road credentials, it is also perfect for the highways and city streets.

Nevertheless, the Raptor is not invincible and will break down at some point in time.

How long do Ford Raptors last?

Raptors will likely last for 300,000 miles before giving up. Ford’s Special Vehicle Team built this truck for heavy-duty off-road performance. Expect it to outlast the regular F-150, which is one of the most rugged mass-produced pickups in the industry.

How Many Miles Does the Ford Raptor Last?

Since the Ford Raptor was only introduced in 2010, it is difficult to find one with over 100,000 miles on it.

Notwithstanding this, the Raptor is an F-150 truck, and most F-150 trucks have been known to last for over 300,000 miles.

So, we can infer that the Ford Raptor will most likely last that long if you pay regular visits to the technician. Another fact that assures us of the Raptor’s durability is the positive reviews the truck has generated.

For instance, Bane, a 2010 Raptor owner, notes that his Raptor is still in excellent condition despite having driven it for 80,000 miles.

How Soon to Expect Rust on a Ford Raptor?

Unfortunately, rust often appears on the Raptor within two months after its manufacture date.

Drivers claim they found rust on the surface of brand new Raptors.

Apparently, Ford does not apply enough undercoating on the vehicle before releasing it to the market, or the primer is deficient in some ways.

To avoid this problem, spray your truck with undercoating or Film fluid immediately after purchase. Spraying your vehicle with the film fluid will also prevent rust from spreading if your Raptor is already rusting.

Another way to delay rust on your Raptor is to park it indoors during the winter.

Nevertheless, please note that this early rust does not reduce the longevity of the Raptor but may lower its resale value.

How Long Does the Ford Raptor Last Compare to Similar Cars?

There are very few pickup trucks that offer similar high-performance features as the Ford Raptor.

It is only natural that you would want to enjoy those features as long as possible. Compared to similar pickup trucks, the Ford Raptor is not so durable.

Quickly scan our article that talks about 11 Ford Raptor Statistics You Should Know

Check out the comparisons below:

Ford Raptor vs. Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma handles rough terrain just as brilliantly as the Ford Raptor.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to durability.

Ford Raptors don’t last as long as Tacomas. Whereas a Toyota Tacoma can last over 400,000 miles, your Ford Raptor will most likely wear out after it has traveled 300,000 miles.

Ford Raptor vs. Honda Ridgeline

Both trucks are loaded with driver-assist features like pre-collision signals and visors.

Regarding longevity, the Ridgeline lasts longer than Ford Raptor. Most Honda Ridgelines will probably last longer than 400,000 miles.

For Ford Raptors, the limit for longevity is only a few miles after 300,00 miles.

Ford Raptor vs. GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon also boasts driver-assist features, just like the Raptor. Likewise, both cars often last for the same time.

A Ford Raptor and GMC Canyon will most likely require extensive and expensive upgrades after 300,000 miles.

Are Ford Raptors Reliable?

Yes, Ford Raptors are reliable.

J.D. Power rates the 2020 Ford Raptor a 4 out of 5 in reliability. Most Raptors will not encounter issues over a long period of usage.

That said, some Ford Raptor model years often have manufacturing defects that only surface after a long period of usage.

Trucks that suffer these defects will probably break down earlier than you expect them to.

In a recent Raptor review, 20% of drivers had complaints about premature faults. Most of the problems reported were about the vehicle’s leaky oil pan, which appears around 3000 miles.

However, this problem has been fixed in the 2020 Ford Raptor.

Owners also reported minor problems with the transmission. Luckily, these problems usually occur within the 3-year Ford warranty, so Ford will fix them for you free.

The Best and Worst Years of Ford Raptor


While it is indisputable that the Ford Raptor is a very reliable truck, the fact remains that certain models are better than others.

Over time, Ford has improved the vehicle and corrected flaws in newer Raptor models.

Reports show that 2012 is the worst model year for the Ford Raptor.

It had the highest amount of complaints, ranging from engine issues to transmission failures:

Engine Issues

Drivers claim the engine flopped when they attempted to increase their speed.

To fix this problem, they had to replace their spark plugs.

Others complained of unusual vibration after the truck passed 60,000 miles. Affected people had to get new engines.

Affected drivers had to pay for the repairs themselves since the vehicle had often passed its warranty.

Transmission Failures

According to owners of faulty 2012 Ford Raptor, the gear often slipped with no prompting from the driver.

There were also a few cases of cracked frames that users had to replace.

Window Problems

The 2012 Ford Raptor must have weak windows because quite a few reviews contained reports of the vehicle’s windows breaking in winter.

Fortunately, Ford repaired the windows free.

Steering faults

Several drivers claimed their steering wheels tightened up around 55,000 miles, making it difficult for them to maneuver the truck.

They had to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

Going by user reviews, 2020 is the best model year for the Ford Raptor. It boasts better off-road performance and more spacious and luxurious interiors than previous model years.

Also, the recurrent issue of leaky oil pans is absent in the 2020 Ford Raptor model.

What About Recalls for These Models?

Ford recalled several 2012 Ford Raptor models to fix their transmission gear.

While the vehicle is moving, this gear may shift without the driver touching it. If this problem catches the driver unawares, he may lose control and cause a crash.

Some 2020 Ford Raptor models were also recalled. This is because of doubts that their spare tires were in pristine condition at the time of their release.

For more information about the recalls of the Raptor, check recall actions of the Ford F-150.

Ford Raptor Model Year List

The Ford Raptor was introduced in 2010 but discontinued in 2014.

In 2017, Ford revived the model, thus initiating two generations for the Raptor:

First Generation:

  • 2010 Ford Raptor
  • 2011 Ford Raptor
  • 2012 Ford Raptor
  • 2013 Ford Raptor
  • 2014 Ford Raptor

Second Generation:

  • 2017 Ford Raptor
  • 2018 Ford Raptor
  • 2019 Ford Raptor
  • 2020 Ford Raptor

Are Ford Raptors Expensive to Maintain?

Yes, Raptors are expensive to maintain.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since the cost of the truck is about $55,000 for the base model.

Full-size trucks like the Raptor costs $450 to maintain, but maintenance on the Raptor will most likely cost $750.

How Long Do Brakes Last?

Your Ford Raptor brakes will probably last for 25,000-60,000 miles with adequate maintenance.

Since the Raptor is designed for off-road driving and performance, handling it carefully will not make much difference in its durability.

We suggest that you service your truck regularly to make it last longer.

Depending on your budget, you need about $460-$640 to get new brakes.

How Long Do Batteries Last?

Your Ford Raptor batteries can last from 3 to 5 years if you maintain your vehicle religiously.

How Long Do Tires Last?

Ford Raptors are installed with Original Equipment tires during production, and they can last 20,000-50,000 miles.

Always remember to rotate your tires during your visits to the mechanic, and they will reach their optimum service life.

At some point, you’ll have to replace the tires on your Ford Raptor. Owners of Ford Raptors recommend Toyo RT (Rugged Terrain) tires.

How Long Do Transmissions Last?

If your truck doesn’t suffer from manufacturing defects, your Ford Raptor transmission can last as long as 200,000 miles.

A replacement transmission will likely cost about $4,500.

How Long do Spark Plugs Last?

Your Raptor spark plugs can last for 100,000 miles.

What Is the Insurance Cost of Ford Raptor?

On average, it costs about $1,410 a year to insure a Ford Raptor.

Factors like age, mileage, and location may also determine how much you will pay for insuring your Raptor.

Tips to Prolong the Life of your Car

Here are ways to extend the service life of your Ford Raptor:

  • Park your truck indoors, especially during the winter. Winter does not bode well for the Ford Raptor. The vehicle rusts faster, and sometimes the cold weather might shatter its windows.
  • Apply Satin paint on your vehicle as soon as you purchase it. This will delay the appearance of rust on your car.
  • Don’t treat your vehicle like a garage queen. In fact, you must start it every day to protect the battery, even if you won’t be using it that day.
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