Honda Ridgeline & Keys: 13 Questions Answered

The Honda Ridgeline is not your regular truck. Unlike the traditional body that most trucks have, the Ridgeline flaunts a strong build in the form of a unibody style.

Despite its luxury build, this truck also offers an impressive towing capacity. This article will highlight everything you should know about Honda Ridgeline keys.

Honda Ridgeline Key Buttons, Functions and Tricks

Most Honda Ridgeline key fobs have four buttons: Lock, Unlock, Remote Engine Start, and Panic buttons.

Drivers use the Lock button to lock the doors in their vehicles.

The Unlock button opens a locked car.

Remote Engine Start lets you start your vehicle without inserting the ignition key.

The Panic button helps users scare thieves away or find their car in a crowded park.

Imagine that you are far away from your vehicle when you notice that someone is trying to break into the car. You can use the Panic button to draw the attention of passersby and make the thief run away in fear.

If you can’t recognize your car in a crowded park, press the Panic button. This will set off the emergency alarm and help identify your vehicle.

How Much Does an Extra Honda Ridgeline Key Cost?

An extra Honda Ridgeline key may cost between $150-$330. Also, some factors affect the price of a Honda Ridgeline key:

  1. Type of key: There are two types of Honda Ridgeline keys: transponder keys and remote key fobs. Usually, transponder keys cost more money than remote key fobs.
  2. Model year: Honda increases their security features with each model year. For this reason, replacement keys for earlier Ridgeline model years are often cheaper than extra keys for later model years. That said, a 2017 Ridgeline key will most likely cost higher than a spare key for a 2015 Ridgeline key.
  3. Where you buy your extra key: You can buy a spare key for your Honda Ridgeline online, at a dealership, or from a locksmith. Buying a replacement key online is usually cheaper than purchasing a key from a Honda dealer. Locksmiths may charge the highest prices on replacement keys.
  4. Time of purchase: Buying a replacement key from a locksmith or a dealer after business hours may attract an extra fee.
  5. Availability of code: If you don’t know your key code before you buy a new car key, you can ask your dealer for the code. Once you can prove your ownership, the dealer will give you the key code. However, they may charge you for the service. In contrast, if you know your key code, you may only have to pay for your replacement key.

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What Batteries Do Honda Ridgeline Key Fobs Use?

The appropriate battery for Honda Ridgeline key fobs is 3-volt CR-2032.

You can order these batteries at online retail stores like Wal-Mart or Amazon.

Check here for the cheapest Honda Ridgeline key fob batteries on Amazon.

Can You Change Your Honda Ridgeline Key Battery Yourself?

You can change your Honda Ridgeline key battery yourself.

The following instructions might help you replace your key battery;

  • Locate the button at the back of your key fob
  • Press the button to remove your ignition key.
  • Insert the end of your Honda Ridgeline key between the fob to remove the back of the key fob.
  • You will now see the battery.
  • Swap the dead battery with your new Honda Ridgeline key battery.
  • Rearrange the pieces of the key fob.

What to Do When Your Honda Ridgeline Key Gets Stuck in the Ignition

Honda designs the Ridgeline ignition to lock after you switch off your engine.

If you don’t remove your key immediately you turn off the engine, your key may get stuck in the ignition.

To remove a stuck key, jiggle your steering wheel and attempt turning your key simultaneously. Repeat this process until your key moves freely in the ignition.

Then, move your key to the ‘Off’ position and pull it out of the ignition.

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5 Popular Honda Ridgeline Key Fob Covers

Here are 5 popular Honda Ridgeline key fob covers you can buy online:

  1. Horande 4 Buttons Replacement Keyless Entry Key Fob Cover
  2. Arrvweer No Cutting 4 Buttons Replacement Key Fob Cover
  3. iSaddle for Honda Fob Cover
  4. NoneSuper Car Key Fob Cover
  5. Ezzy Black Silicone Rubber Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Case

Click here for the best Honda Ridgeline key fob covers on Amazon.

How to Find the Key Code for Lost Honda Ridgeline Keys

Your Honda Ridgeline key shares a unique key code with its ignition.

Any replacement key you get must contain your original key code so that it can function with your ignition.

Your key is not the only place where Honda stores your key code. If you lose your keys, you can still find your key code in any of these places:

  1. In your owner’s manual: Your Honda Ridgeline key code is the factory default code in your owner’s manual.
  2. From a certified Ford dealer: Your certified dealer can provide your key code if you have sufficient proof of ownership. A sale agreement from the dealership where you bought your car qualifies as proof of ownership.

What to Do If My Honda Ridgeline Key Won’t Turn

If your key does not turn when you insert it in the ignition, it might be due to the following reasons:

  1. You have inserted the wrong ignition key: Before releasing a vehicle, Honda installs the same key code on your key and your ignition. For this reason, only your original key can work with the ignition. If you insert a different key, you won’t be able to turn it.
  2. Your key is stuck in the ignition: Your key may get stuck in the ignition if you don’t remove it immediately you turn off your engine.
  3. Wrong transmission mode: If you have an automatic transmission, the key won’t turn if it is not in Park or Neutral.
  4. Dead battery: A dead battery can also prevent your key from turning in the ignition since the starter needs current to work.

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My Honda Ridgeline Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

Your key may not go easily into the ignition if dirt blocks your ignition.

To clean up the dirt in your ignition, try pushing in and pulling your key out of the ignition until the whole key can fit into the ignition.

A bent or damaged key and broken ignition cylinder can also make it impossible for the key to go into the ignition. 

What to Do If the Keys Are Locked in My Honda Ridgeline

There are several ways to open your Honda Ridgeline if the keys are locked inside. Below, we outline how to open your Honda Ridgeline with a car door wedge and wire hanger:

  • Find an inflatable car door wedge and a wire hanger
  • Place the wedge in the space between your car frame and door
  • Use the hand pump on your car wedge to create an opening.
  • Insert your hanger through the opening to press the unlock button on your door handle.
  • You have opened the door.

Honda Ridgeline Immobilizer Explained

The Honda Ridgeline Immobilizer is a security feature that restricts access to your engine.

Honda installs a unique key code in your key and fixes the same key code in the ignition. This ensures that only keys that contain your original key code can start your vehicle.

When you insert your Honda Ridgeline key in the ignition, the immobilizer reads the key code and activates the engine if it recognizes the key code.

The immobilizer system will not start the engine if it does not identify the key code on your key.

What Does the Key Light on My Honda Ridgeline Mean?

If the key light appears when you insert your car key, it means that your immobilizer system cannot recognize your key.

When this light comes on, check that you are using the right Honda Ridgeline key. If the light stays on after you have inserted the correct key, your ignition might be faulty.

How to Extend the Battery Life of My Honda Ridgeline Key

One way to prolong the battery life of your key is to purchase a durable key fob cover. Key fob covers protect your key fob and key battery against heat and dust.

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