Honda Passport & Keys: 13 Questions Answered

The Honda Passport is a vehicle you should consider if you love road trips.

With its potent engine, this car offers excellent handling even on the roughest of roads. Although it may be expensive, its additional features like comfortable seats and a spacious luggage compartment justify its price.

This article will outline everything you should know about Honda Passport keys.

Honda Passport Key Fob Buttons, Functions, and Tricks

Honda Passport key fobs have five buttons: Lock, Unlock, Remote Engine Start, Trunk Release, and Panic.

The Lock button locks your vehicle’s door.

Users press the Unlock button when they want to unlock a locked car.

Remote Engine Start allows drivers to start the engine without inserting the metal key in the ignition.

The Trunk Release button lets you open your Honda Passport’s trunk automatically.

Pressing the Panic button sets off the emergency alert in your car. You can use this button to find your vehicle amidst similar types. Some drivers also use this button when they suspect that someone is trying to steal their car.

How Much Does an Extra Honda Passport Key Cost?

Honda Passport keys cost between $45 and $330.

That said, the actual amount you pay to replace your Honda Passport key depends on the following factors:

  1. The model year of your vehicle: It is more expensive to replace a key for a later model than a key for an earlier model. For instance, a 2020 Honda Passport replacement key may cost more money than a 2018 Honda Passport key as newer cars have more sophisticated keys.
  2. Type of Key: Non-transponder Honda Passport keys are cheaper than Honda Passport key fobs. So, if your Honda Passport uses a non-transponder key, you’ll most likely pay less for a replacement than someone who buys an extra key fob.
  3. Time of Purchase: Most dealers and locksmiths will charge you an extra fee if you buy your replacement key after working hours.
  4. Where you bought the key: Compared to dealerships and locksmiths, online retail stores offer the cheapest deals on remote car keys.

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What Batteries Do Honda Passport Key Fobs Use?

Honda Passport key fobs use 3-volt CR2032 lithium batteries.

You can order this battery online at Amazon or Wal-Mart.

Check here for the best Honda Passport key fob battery prices on Amazon.

Can You Change the Honda Passport Key Battery Yourself?

You can change the battery in your Honda Passport key fob by yourself.

Here’s a guide to help you:

  • Press the button at the back of your key fob to release the metal key.
  • Pull the key out.
  • Use the key you just removed to pry open the edges of your key fob.
  • Next, pull the two sides of the key fob apart with a flathead screwdriver.
  • This will reveal the battery.
  • While removing the dead Honda Passport key fob battery, hold down the key fob to keep its pieces together.
  • Insert your new battery and replace the back of your key fob and the metal key.

What to Do When My Honda Passport Key Is Stuck in the Ignition

Your Honda Passport key might be stuck in the ignition if you don’t remove it immediately you turn off the engine.

To prevent theft, Honda designs the ignition in its vehicles to lock itself when the driver switches the engine off. This means that you can’t keep your key in the ignition for too long when the engine is off.

To remove your stuck key, wiggle your steering wheel and move your key to the On or Accessory position simultaneously. Repeat this action until you can turn your key freely in the ignition. Then, pull out your key instantly.

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Popular Honda Passport Key Fob Covers

Here is a list of some of the most popular Honda Passport key fob covers:

  1. Hey Kaulor Leather Cover Key Fob Case
  2. Ezzy Black Leather Key Fob Cover
  3. Coolbestda Smart Soft Key Fob Remote TPU Case
  4. FlashMost Car Key Fob Cover for Honda
  5. Cajek Black TPU Key Fob Cover
  6. Sindeda for Honda Key Fob Cover
  7. N/P Car Key Fob Case

Check here for the best prices for Honda Passport key fob covers on Amazon.

How to Find the Key Code for Lost Honda Passport Keys

Every Honda Passport key has a unique key code that grants users access to their car. This unique code links your key to your vehicle’s ignition.

That said, you won’t be able to start your vehicle if you use a key that does not contain the vehicle’s key code. Any new key you cut must have your vehicle’s original key code to start your engine.

You can find your key code in the owner’s manual of your Honda Passport.

If you have lost your manual, visit a Honda dealership and ask them to provide your key code. Before a certified Honda dealer reveals your vehicle’s key code to you, they’ll ask you to show some proof of ownership.

What to Do If My Honda Passport Key Won’t Turn in the Ignition

Your Honda Passport key may not turn for any of the following reasons:

Key Is Stuck in Ignition

You stop your car and turn off your engine to let a passenger out of the vehicle. When you try to turn the engine back on, you discover that you can’t move your key.

Follow the steps below to remove your key:

  • Grip your steering wheel and jiggle it.
  • Try turning your key away from the ‘Off’ at the same time. Keep doing this until your key moves freely in the ignition.
  • Now, move the key back to the ‘Off’ position and pull it out.

You can insert the key after a few seconds if you need to keep driving.

Wrong Ignition Key

Your Honda Passport key contains a unique key code that the immobilizer system in your ignition must recognize before it activates the car’s engine.

No two original Honda keys have the same key code. So, if you insert the wrong key in your ignition, your key may not turn because your immobilizer system cannot recognize the key code.

Wrong Transmission Mode

Your key may also refuse to turn if you have an automatic transmission and it is in the wrong mode.

Check that the tranny is in Park or Neutral if your key doesn’t turn in the ignition.

Dead Battery

Your key won’t turn in the ignition if the battery is dead. Make sure you have a charged battery if every other thing checks out and you still can’t start your Honda Passport.

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My Honda Passport Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

As time passes, dust and dirt pile up and block your ignition. As a result, you might find it difficult to insert your key into the ignition.

To solve this problem, keep inserting and removing your key from the ignition until the whole key can go in. This will clear up the dust and other elements that have blocked your ignition.

Your key might also be unable to get the key in the ignition if it is bent or damaged. A broken ignition cylinder can also make it difficult for the key to enter freely. 

What to Do If the Keys are Locked in My Honda Passport

You’ll need an inflatable car door wedge and a wire hanger to unlock your car without a key. Once you have the tools, you can follow the steps below to open your car door and retrieve your keys:

  • Place the door wedge in the space between your car frame and door.
  • Inflate the hand pump attached to the wedge to increase the opening.
  • When you think the opening is big enough, insert the hook of your wire hanger through the opening to press the unlock button on the door handle.

If someone is in the locked car, you can ask them to press the unlock button on the door handle.

Another alternative is to call a locksmith to unlock the vehicle.

Honda Passport Immobilizer Explained

The Immobilizer is a system that restricts access to the Honda Passport to protect the car from theft.

When someone inserts a car key, the immobilizer reads the key code and starts it if it recognizes the code.

However, if the immobilizer fails to recognize your key code, it will not turn on your vehicle’s engine.

What Does the Key Light on My Honda Passport Dashboard Mean?

If the key light appears on your Honda Passport, it means that you have inserted the wrong key. Check that you have inserted the right key.

If the key light turns on when you insert your vehicle’s original key, there might be an error with your car. You should notify your repairer immediately and request him to inspect your vehicle.

How Do I Extend the Battery Life of My Honda Passport Key Battery?

Get a key fob cover for your Honda Passport key fob to extend the battery life.

Covers protect key fobs and their batteries from rust and dirt, thus increasing their life span.

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