Honda Odyssey & Keys: 13 Questions Answered

The Honda Odyssey is a popular minivan loved by many families.

Whether your family is going on a road trip or a weekend drive, its comfortable seats, superb infotainment system, and cabin intercom will give you an enjoyable time.

This article outlines and answers possible questions that you may have about your Honda Odyssey key.

Honda Odyssey Key Fob Buttons, Functions, and Tricks

Usually, Honda Odyssey key fobs have six buttons: Lock, Unlock, Tailgate, Remote Engine Start, Panic, and Power Sliding Door buttons.

The Lock button locks your car doors.

Pressing the Unlock button will open all your car doors.

Drivers use the Tailgate button to open and lock the tailgate.

You can press the Remote Engine Start to start your engine automatically.

The Panic button sets off emergency alerts in the vehicle. When a Honda Odyssey owner suspects that someone is trying to steal his car, he uses the Panic button to scare them off. Some users also press the Panic button to find their car amidst similar vehicles.

The Power Sliding Door button opens and closes the sliding doors in the Honda Odyssey.

How Much Does an Extra Honda Odyssey Key Cost?

Replacing a Honda Odyssey keys costs between $50 -$340.

That said, some factors may determine the actual amount you pay for an extra Honda Odyssey key:

  1. The time you bought the key: Locksmiths and dealerships often charge higher prices when a driver purchases a key after working hours. So, you are likely to pay more than the usual price if you are buying your replacement key outside business hours.
  2. Where you bought the key: It is more expensive to buy an extra Honda Odyssey key at a dealership than at an online retail store.
  3. Model year: The keys for newer model year Honda Odysseys often cost more money than older model Honda Odyssey keys. For instance, replacing a 2017 Honda Odyssey key may cost more money than its 2007 counterpart.
  4. Type of key: Non-transponder Honda Odyssey keys are usually cheaper than remote key fobs or transponder keys.
  5. Original ignition or not: Every Honda ignition has a key code that matches the original ignition key. If you replace your ignition after a fault, the key code in the ignition will change. As a result, you will need to cut an ignition key with the new key code. It is more expensive to cut a replacement key with a new key code than with the original key code of your Honda Odyssey.

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What Batteries Do Honda Odyssey Key Fobs Use?

Honda Odyssey key fobs use 3-volt CR-2032 batteries.

These batteries are available at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Home Depot and several other stores.

Check here to buy key fob batteries for your Honda Odyssey.

Can You Change the Honda Odyssey Key Batteries Yourself?

You can change your Honda Odyssey key battery without the intervention of a specialist.

The following steps will help you replace the battery in your Honda Odyssey key fob:

  • Press the knob at the back of your key fob to release the metal key.
  • Use the metal key to open up the fob
  • Insert a flathead screwdriver between the key fob to remove the back.
  • You’ll see the battery.
  • Before replacing the battery, keep your hand over the front of the key fob to prevent its pieces from falling apart.
  • After changing the battery, rearrange the pieces of the key fob.

What to Do When My Honda Odyssey Key Is Stuck in the Ignition

Honda designs your Odyssey’s ignition to lock immediately you turn off your engine. If you don’t remove your key when you switch off the engine, the key might get stuck in the ignition.

To remove a stuck key from the ignition, wiggle your steering wheel and try turning your key at the same time.

Repeat this action until you can move your key freely in the ignition. Now, turn your key to the Off position and pull it out immediately.

Popular Honda Odyssey Key Fob Covers

The following list contains some of the best Honda Odyssey key fob covers:

  1. Rpkey 6-Button Silicone Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Cover
  2. REPROTECTING Silicone Rubber Key Fob Cover
  3. Horande Replacement Keyless Entry Key Fob Case
  4. KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Uncut Key Fob

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How to Find the Key Code for Lost Honda Odyssey Keys

Your Honda Odyssey’s ignition system contains a key code that matches the code on your vehicle’s original key.

That said, your key will only function in your car if it has the same key code as the ignition system. This is why you need to obtain the key code for your lost Honda Odyssey keys.

You’ll find your key code in your owner’s manual. If you’ve lost your owner’s manual, visit a certified Honda dealership to request your key code.

Before the dealer reveals your Honda Odyssey’s key code, they will ask for proof of ownership.

The sale agreement you received when you bought your Honda Odyssey and a Certificate of Title can serve as proof of ownership.

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What to Do If My Honda Odyssey Key Won’t Turn

Your Honda Odyssey may not turn for any of the following reasons:

Key Is Stuck in the Ignition

Every time you turn off your engine, your Honda Odyssey’s ignition locks. If you don’t pull out your key when you turn off the engine, it may get stuck in the ignition.

When your key is stuck in your Honda Odyssey’s ignition, you may be unable to move it. To remove the key, jiggle your steering wheel and try turning your key at the same time.

Keep doing this until your key feels loose. Then, move your key to the ‘Off’ position and remove it immediately.

Wrong Ignition Key

Your ignition contains a unique key code that Honda also installs on your Odyssey’s original key during production. This implies that only the original key or any key that contains the same key code can work with your car.

If you use a key that has a different code from your ignition, you may not be able to turn the key.

Dead Battery

If your Odyssey has a dead or weak battery, the key might not turn in the ignition. The ignition requires current from the battery for the starter to work.

Wrong Transmission

Your key won’t turn if your automatic transmission is not in Park or neutral. If your battery has power and the key is not stuck in the ignition, check that you put the car in the correct gear.

My Honda Odyssey Key Won’t Go in the Ignition

When dirt blocks your ignition, you may have a hard time inserting your key into the ignition.

Keep inserting and pulling out the key until the whole key fits into the ignition. This will clear up the dirt in your ignition.

If your ignition cylinder is damaged, you may find it difficult to insert your key into the ignition. The same applies to bent, worn, and damaged keys.

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What to Do If the Keys Are Locked Inside My Honda Odyssey

There are several tricks you can use to unlock your Odyssey if you lock the keys inside. One simple way to do this is using an inflatable door wedge.

Get an inflatable door wedge and a wire hanger to unlock your vehicle without the keys.

Then, follow this guide:

  • Insert the door wedge in the space between your Honda Odyssey’s frame and door.
  • Inflate the air pump bag to create an opening for the wire hanger or any other suitable rod.
  • Now, insert a wire hanger through the opening to press the unlock button on the door handle.

If you are not good with tools, ask a locksmith to unlock your vehicle.

Honda Odyssey Immobilizer Explained

The Honda Odyssey immobilizer is a security feature in the ignition that restricts access to your vehicle.

When you insert your car key into your ignition, the immobilizer system reads the code on the key and starts the engine if it recognizes the key. Your immobilizer system will only recognize the key that contains the same code as the ignition.

At the factory, Honda installs the same key code in your ignition and your car’s original key. When your vehicle is new, you can only use the actual key to start your engine.

However, when your original key becomes faulty, you must cut a new key with your original key code. You can find your vehicle’s key code in your owner’s manual.

What Does the Key Light on My Honda Odyssey Dashboard Mean?

The key light on your Honda Odyssey dashboard indicates that you have inserted the wrong key in your ignition.

When this light appears, check that you are using the right key. If not, get the correct key and insert it.

If the key light stays on after you have inserted your vehicle’s original key, there might be a fault with your car. Ask your mechanic to inspect your vehicle.

How Do I Extend the Battery Life of My Honda Odyssey Key Fob?

Get a key fob cover. A key fob cover protects your key fob battery from heat and dust.

In the long run, using a key fob cover will slow down rusting in your key battery. This will increase the life span of your key fob battery.

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