11 Honda Insight Statistics You Should Know (Facts & Numbers)

The Honda Insight is one of the many elite vehicles in Honda’s dazzling repertoire.

The Insight is a hybrid electric car which has evolved through two generations. It is presently in its third generation.

Below, we have painstakingly created systematic answers to frequently asked questions about the Honda Insight. The answers are backed with facts, figures, and stats.


How Many Honda Insights Have Been Sold Per Year in the U.S.?

When it debuted, the Honda Insight was the first hybrid model commercially available in the U.S. market.

Honda sold 17 Insight models in 1999 and the number has since grown exponentially. It eventually had its highest sales year so far in 2019 with 23,686 units sold.

The table below compiles figures from each sales year since 1999 till present.

Year Sales Figure
1999 17
2000 3,788
2001 4,726
2002 2,216
2003 1,168
2004 583
2005 666
2006 722
2007 3
2009 20,572
2010 20,962
2011 15,549
2012 6,619
2013 4,802
2014 3,965
2015 1,458
2016 67
2017 3
2018 12,513
2019 23,686
2020 15,932
2021 5,730

Since 1999, the Honda Insight has reached 145,547 in sales, a massive sales number for a hybrid hatchback.

Year-end sales have peaked at five figures for three straight years since 2018, with sales reaching an all-time high in 2019. Given the early 2021 numbers, it should be in for a four-year run of five-figure sales.

What Year Did Honda Start the Insight Models?

Honda started manufacturing and marketing the first-generation Honda Insight in 1999 and ended it in 2006.

We have a full overview of the good and bad years for the Honda Insight.

The second-generation Insight models hit the market in 2009 until Honda discontinued production in 2014.

The third-generation Insight models were introduced in 2018 and were unveiled at the New York Auto Show.

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How Is the Fuel Economy on a Honda Insight?

The fuel economy on the Honda Insight is superb, to say the least. And, of course, we wouldn’t expect any less from a hybrid.

Below is a table breaking down the fuel efficiency of the Honda Insight and comparing it to some of its competitors.

Model City MPG Highway MPG Average MPG
Honda Insight 55 49 52
Toyota Corolla Hybrid 53 52 52
Hyundai Elantra 49 52 50
Honda CR-V Hybrid 40 35 38
Toyota Prius 54 50 52

The table above ranks the Insight’s fuel efficiency in comparison with some of its notable competitors.

The Insight ranks very high on the list and stands shoulder to shoulder with models like the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Prius. It also has a better city MPG than any of the other models on the list.

The Insight is very fuel efficient and fueleconomy.gov estimates that you can save $4,000 in fuel costs over a five-year period with the Insight compared to the average new vehicle.

How Quickly Do Honda Insight Depreciate?

Depreciation simply means a loss of value after a period. Like most other commodities, cars depreciate, but some models hold their value better than others.

According to Car Edge, A Honda Insight will depreciate by 39% in five years. This means if you get a Honda Insight for $28,840, you can expect to sell it for $17, 592 in five years.

AutoPadre estimates that a Honda Insight will lose 59% of its value in six years. This means an Insight valued at $28,840 may drop to about $11,825 in six years.

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Did Honda Recall Any of the Insight Models?

In its over two decades of existence, the Honda Insight has been recalled quite a number of times. A recall isn’t out of the ordinary with top vehicles.

Below is a table outlining the number of times every Honda Insight model has been recalled.

Model Year Number of Recalls
2000 1
2001 2
2002 1
2006 1
2010 9
2011 10
2012 8
2013 6
2014 3
2019 13
2020 11
2021 3

As we can see from the table, Honda did not recall the earliest models of the Insight that much. However, the 2010 model saw a then-unprecedented 9 recalls which were surpassed by the 2011 model with 10.

So far, the 2019 model is the most recalled Honda Insight model with 13 recalls.

How Much Does the Honda Insight Pollute?

The Honda Insight, being a hybrid, is as green as it gets. It doesn’t pollute very much and is very environment-friendly.

The Honda Insight emits just about 170 grams of gas per mile and 2.5 metric tons per year. Its energy impact score also shows the car only consumes 6.3 barrels of petroleum annually.

The Green Car Journal named the Honda Insight the 2019 Green Car of the Year. It also ranked #5 on Forbes’ 2020 list of the 12 Greenest Cars.

How Much Can the Insight Models Tow?

The 2021 Honda Insight weighs in at 2,987 pounds while the Touring Insight weighs in at 3,078 pounds.

Honda has strongly advised that the car shouldn’t be used for towing.

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How Reliable Is a Honda Insight?

Thanks to its splendid safety features and sturdy construction, the 2021 Insight gets an 8.2 out of 10 score from U.S. News & World Report.

It also gets a 77% rating from J.D. Power, making it a largely reliable hybrid vehicle.

However, it comes fourth out of a list of four vehicles rated for reliability by RepairPal.

How Safe Is a Honda Insight?

The Honda Insight has been repeatedly lauded by reviewers and critics for its excellent safety features.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety also seem to agree.

The NHTSA gives the Insight a five-star rating in all its categories namely: Frontal Crash, Side Crash and Rollover. It also gets an overall five-star rating, which is pretty much a statement of approval.

The IIHS rates the Insight “Good” in categories such as Moderate Overlap, Side Impact, Roof Strength, and Rear Crash. For the Front Crash category, it gets a “superior” rating.

A hybrid car doesn’t get much safer than that if you ask us. Below are some of the safety features responsible for its critical acclaim.

  • Brake Assist
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Child Safety Locks
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Traction Control
  • Four-Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Airbags (Driver, Passenger, Front Head, Rear Head, Front Side)
  • Lane Keeping Assist

What Is the Typical Buyer Demographic for this Model?

There have been no recent studies about the Honda Insight’s exact buyer demographics. However, studies in the past have shown that hybrid car buyers are usually more educated and environment- conscious.

An Experian survey also revealed that over 45% of hybrid buyers are 56 or older. This would mean that up to 50% of buyers are younger than 50.

Honda Insight Theft Numbers

Hybrid cars usually do not make the top 10 or even top 20 on lists of frequently stolen cars in the country.

The Honda Insight also hasn’t featured on any such lists just yet, and it definitely isn’t stolen as often as several other cars.

However, a recent report by ABC 30 showed that thefts of catalytic converters are on the rise and hybrids are major targets.


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