Do Harley-Davidson Boots & Clothes Run Big (Or Small)?

Once you’ve bought the right Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you need proper riding gear to go along with it.

Riding boots, jackets, and pants are designed to offer comfort and protection in a crash. However, they must fit you properly to be effective.

Do Harley-Davidson boots and clothes fit perfectly? Let’s find out!

Do Harley-Davidson boots and clothes run big or small?

The sizes of Harley-Davidson boots and clothes vary across different customers. Many owners complain that the dimensions of H-D clothes and boots are smaller than regular sizes. Some say that H-D’s gear sizes are larger than regular sizes.

Given the varying reports, it is advisable to try on these clothes and boots at the shops to see what fits you.

How Do Harley-Davidson Boots Compare To Regular Shoe Sizes?

Mostly, the sizing on Harley-Davidson boots is the same as that of regular shoes.

The majority of customer reviews we found for Harley-Davidson boots were mostly positive, with many reporting that the boots are true to size.

Still, a small percentage of customers reported that the Harley-Davidson boots they bought ran small when they wore them. This shows that while using regular sizes works on occasions, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Try testing some Harley-Davidson boots in shops and notice the size that fits you best. Use that size as a guide when ordering the boots online.

NB: Harley-Davidson has a sizing chart on its site, which should help you pick a suitable size. More importantly, Harley-Davidson (and most online sellers) have policies that allow you to return the boots if they don’t fit properly.

What About Harley-Davidson Jackets And Pants?

As with the boots, Harley-Davidson jackets and pants can vary wildly across the same design.

Harley-Davidson does enough research to ensure its sizes are as close to regular sizes as possible. Nevertheless, there are cases of customers having H-D clothes bigger/smaller than their regular sizes.

Getting the right-sized clothes from online shops can be difficult, especially if you have a larger or smaller physique. Therefore, we’d advise you to buy in physical shops where you can test the clothes to see if they fit or not.

If you must buy online, examine the physical versions of the clothes, and use the sizing information to order online.

Like with the boots, you can return whatever clothes you order from the Harley-Davidson site if they do not fit you. Read the fine print of the return policy, though.

In some cases, such as when you’ve worn the clothes on a ride, Harley-Davidson may not accept them.

Check also our list of biker patches you shouldn’t wear (avoid them).

Do Motorcycle Clothes In General Typically Run Big?

There is a widespread belief that motorcycle clothes typically run big, and you should always pick a smaller size when buying.

However, it is tough to say if motorcycle clothes run big (or small). Often, problems with sizing usually occur because companies manufacturing these products use different sizing systems.

Some will advise that you get something that’s “one size above your regular size” or something “one size lesser than your regular size.”

Here, we advise people to get what makes them more comfortable. You may choose to order a bigger size, hoping that it’ll fit you, only for it to be too large for you.

The best thing is to go to a store, check out their various offerings, and buy the motorcycle clothing you’re most comfortable in.

How Are Harley-Davidson Boots and Clothes Supposed To Fit And Feel?

Motorcycle helmets, boots, jackets, and gloves are designed to improve your riding experience and keep you safe if you ever have an accident. For your gear to work properly, it must fit properly.

There is a common misconception that your gear should fit like your normal clothes, but this is not the case. Motorcycle gear should actually fit snug. It is not so snug that you can’t move or feel uncomfortable, but snug enough that no slack or excess material is hanging off your body.

Ill-fitting clothing and boots can cause discomfort and even cause further damage in the event of an accident.

How Should Your H-D Boots Fit and Feel?

Boots are one of the essential riding gear you should have.

They are designed to provide comfort and protect you from severe foot injuries during a crash.

However, they must fit well as ill-fitting boots can cause foot soreness and other disorders.

First, your boots shouldn’t be too large and should fit your foot snugly.

Your feet shouldn’t be moving around in your Harley-Davidson boots. If not, there’s a high chance your boots will come off during a crash, which is something you wouldn’t want.

You’d want tight-fitting boots that will allow your feet to breathe. Your toes must have room to wiggle and shouldn’t be squished together like sardines in a can. Or else you’ll end up with sore feet.

To prevent such from happening, make sure your boots are a perfect fit.

Keep in mind that boots break in overtime but watch out for pinching, crushing, and other forms of discomfort while testing the boots.  Those are signs that the footwear will give you problems once you wear them.

Make sure your heel is firmly secured in the boots and not sliding out. Your heel sliding out during a crash can expose your feet to serious injuries.

How Should Your H-D Jacket Fit?

Like your boots, your jacket should fit snug and be flush with as much of your body as possible. 

Try on the jacket and make sure you can zip it all the way. If you can’t comfortably zip up the jacket, try the next size up. Next, try to grab a fist full of jackets in your chest area. If there is extra slack, go a size down.

A loose-fitting jacket with excess fabric can flap in the wind, which is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Also, the jacket itself could twist or roll up during a collection, exposing your body to road rash

How Should Your H-D Gloves Fit?

Gloves should also fit snug. Like boots, leather gloves will break in over time, so a little tightness is ok. 

Make sure that the tips of your fingers touch the seams on the inside of the gloves. Having long glove fingers can hinder your grip and ability to quickly squeeze your levers. It’s also helpful to make an L shape with your fingers while the glove is and check that the fabric between your pointer finger and thumb is taught. 

What if I’m Ordering Online?

Using the size of the shirts you wear is rarely as effective as people say it is.

Instead, take your measurement and use it to pick out an appropriate size. Key things you need to measure include chest, arm, and weight length.

Another tactic is to check out the clothes from a physical store. Say you want to buy a particular Harley-Davidson jacket. Go to the dealership and see if they sell it.

If they do, they’ll allow you to wear it even if you don’t buy it. Note down the size that fits you the most and order online in that size.

This Is How You Measure Your Feet Before Buying Harley Davidson Boots

There are a handful of ways to find your foot measurement.

You can get it done professionally by a podiatrist, use a Brannock device at a store, or even measure at home.

To measure your boot size at home, you’ll need the following items:

  1. Paper tape
  2. Two sheets of paper [must be larger than your foot]
  3. Pencil
  4. Ruler

Here’s how to do the measurement:

  1. Use the tape to secure the paper to the floor.
    • Ensure it doesn’t slip to prevent wrong measurements.
  2. Place a foot on the paper, having your heel against the wall.
  3. Use the pencil to trace the outline of your foot.
    • It’s better to have a friend help you with this as bending over could cause your feet to slip.
  4. Measure the length and width of the traced outline.
  5. Carry out the same process for your other foot.

Write the measurements in both centimeters and inches. Different sites may use charts with different units.

We will advise you to measure the end of the day when your feet are bigger. Also, use your larger foot measurements when shopping for boots [most times, your feet are not always the same size].

Another thing is, if your size falls in between two numbers on the sizing chart, e.g., 9 and 10, pick the higher number. Your feet will only grow larger as you continue to wear them.

You’d want boots that will still be comfortable even after months/years of use.

Can I Safely Buy My Harley-Davidson Clothes Online?

Buying motorcycle clothes online is often an excellent way to save money, time, and energy in the shopping process.

You don’t have to visit a physical shop as you can do the buying from the comfort of your home. Moreover, online shops have lesser overhead costs than physical retailers.

As such, they tend to offer motorcycle clothing at more affordable prices.

However, most people are wary of buying their Harley-Davidson clothes online as they may receive outfits that don’t fit. Some of these online stores have poor return policies or a no-return policy. Issues like these discourage people from buying Harley-Davidson clothes online.

But what if there’s no other option than to buy from an online store? For instance, if you live in a rural area, the nearest dealership maybe hundreds of miles away.

Here are some tips to remember while buying Harley-Davidson clothes online:

1. Ensure the Site is Safe

Some sites have weak security systems that can put whatever financial details you provide at risk of being used by unscrupulous individuals.

Before providing your credit card information [or other vital details] to a site, ensure it is SSL-certified. SSL certification means hackers have a lower chance of compromising the site’s security systems.

If a site is SSL-certified, you will see a small padlock image next to its address in the browser bar.

2. Read the Terms and Conditions Associated with the Purchase

Some sites have return policies, but these are subject to specific stipulations.

Some sites will not accept motorcycle clothes once you wear them on a ride. Other sites may take the clothes, provided they’re in good condition and are returned within the specified timeframe.

The sites you should watch out for are the sites with no-return policies. Avoid such sites as much as possible.

3. Buy Only From Reputed Online Stores

If you can, buy directly from Harley-Davidson’s online store.

No-name online retailers may offer better prices, but you may end up getting low-quality motorcycle clothes.

If you think the prices on H-D’s online store are high, buy from popular online shops. Their popularity is often a sign that many people trust their products.

4. Avoid Secondhand Gear

Motorcycle gear can be pricey so to save money. You may search on eBay to find some good deals on some previously experienced equipment. However, if this is the route you take, you should use extreme caution. Look out for wear marks in the pictures and message the buyer about the history of the items you’re looking at. 

Motorcycle gear may look cool, but at the end of the day, it’s safety equipment, and you shouldn’t wear items that have already been through an accident, as it may not hold up as well the second time around.

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