How Fast Are Golf Carts? 9 Examples (With Pictures & Prices)

People use golf carts for many different activities.  You’ll see them on the golf course, the beach, and even moving through some neighborhoods.

How fast do golf carts go?

A golf cart usually has a maximum speed of about 25 miles per hour.  However, many golf carts have maximum speeds that are lower than this.  Most manufacturers produce golf carts ranging in speed from 10–25 miles per hour.

Some may view the low speeds as a bad thing, but one has to remember that these low speeds keep the golf cart from being regulated like a high-speed vehicle would be regulated.

This means you don’t have to worry about seat belts or other safety features that you would need when traveling at speeds above 25 miles per hour.

Another thought to keep in mind is that the maximum speed of a golf cart is determined by many different conditions.

The weight of the golf cart and the size of the engine are two of the biggest contributing factors but aerodynamics and build style can also play a small role in the speed at which a golf cart can travel.

To illustrate this, we’ll give you nine example of golf carts for you to consider.

9 Popular Golf Carts And Their Top Speed

Let’s start with the actual numbers before we dive into the details.

Golf Cart Model Top Speed In Miles Per Hour
EZ Go Express L6 16.5 mph
EZ Go RXV 15 mph
EZ Go Shuttle 8 EFI 16.5 mph
Cushman Hauler 800 14.5 mph
Yamaha UMAX Rally 19.5 mph
Club Car Onward 19 mph
Villager 2 LSV 23 mph
Club Car Villager 2 23 mph
Polaris GEM e4 25 mph

[su_box]You might be wondering if the faster golf carts are street legal. In that case, you should check out our extensive guide to golf cart rules per state. It will give you ALL the facts.[/su_box]

1) The EZ Go Express L6 Gas and Electric Models

This golf cart is a large golf cart that can carry 4 people facing forward and 2 people facing rearward.  It has a 4” factory lift and comes equipped with large tires.

There is a top that provides overhead cover for the first four passengers and a windshield at the front of the cart.  The back can also convert to a storage area so some additional weight is added there.

The gas version of this cart has a curb weight of 1,020 pounds and the electric version has a curb weight of 1,560 pounds.

One would think that this would make the gas golf cart faster, but its top speed is only 16 miles per hour and the top speed of the electric golf cart is 16.5 miles per hour.

Does this mean that electric golf carts are faster than gas golf carts?  Not necessarily.

The reason the electric golf cart is faster is that its electric engine puts out a lot more power.  The gas engine is only a 13.5 HP engine while the electric engine is a 22.4 HP engine.  This electric engine has a 72-volt AC power source so it is large for an electric engine.

Also, we have to consider that much of the additional weight of the electric golf cart comes in the form of batteries.

The dry weight of the electric golf cart without batteries is 964 pounds while the dry weight of the gas golf cart without its battery is 970 pounds.  On top of this, the gasoline engine has a 6-gallon fuel tank.

Gasoline has a weight of about 6 pounds per gallon so you will add an additional 36 pounds of fuel to the cart when you first head out for the day.

Expect to pay $11,000.00 for the gas version of this golf cart and $12,000.00 for the electric version.

2) The EZ Go RXV Gas/Electric/Lithium-Battery Electric Models

This golf cart comes with three different power options.  The first two are traditional gas and electric models and the third is an electric model with a high-performance lithium battery.

The RXV is a smaller golf cart with seating for two people.

It has an overhead canopy and a plastic and canvas enclosure that can be wrapped around the sides.  The front has a small windshield.

The gas engine is a 13.5 HP engine while the two electric engines are 4.4 HP models.  The standard electric engine has a 48-volt electrical system and four, 12-volt batteries while the lithium engine is a 56-volt power system with two, 56-volt lithium batteries.

The curb weight of the gas engine is 747 pounds while the curb weight of the standard electric version is 939 pounds.  Surprisingly, the curb weight of the lithium version is only 707 pounds.  All three versions have a load capacity of 800 pounds and all three versions can tow up to three other golf carts with approved tow bars.

The interesting part of this example is that the gas RXV has a max speed of only 12 miles per hour.

Both of the RXV electric versions have maximum speeds of 15 miles per hour.

This is interesting because the gas engine is larger than both of the electric versions and yet it moves slower than both of them.

In fact, the gas version is almost two hundred pounds less than the standard electric version so looking at the numbers I would have thought that it would be faster than it.

Another interesting fact is that the standard electric version is much heavier than the lithium version and yet they travel at the same speeds.

It just goes to show that if speed is important to you, it is critical that you rely on the manufacturer’s speed numbers rather than any other factors you may see when buying a new golf cart.

This cart sells for around $8,000.00 in the gas version and $9,000.00 in the electric version.

3) The EZ Go Shuttle 8 EFI Gas/Electric Versions

This golf cart is a large golf cart that can be used to shuttle 7 passengers plus the driver.  It has six forward-facing seats and two rearward facing seats.  It comes with an overhead cover that extends out over the rearward-facing seat.

The shuttle 8 comes in a 13.5 HP electronic fuel injection gas engine model as well as a 72-volt electric drivetrain model.  Both versions come with the same size dimensions but the gas version is blue and the electric version is ivory colored.

The gas version has a 13.5 HP engine while the electric version has a 22.4 HP engine.  There are six 12-volt batteries on the electric version and one 12-volt battery and a 5.8-gallon fuel tank on the gas version.

Curb weights on the golf carts are 1,265 pounds for the gas and 1,695 pounds for the electric.  They can both carry a load of 1,600 pounds with a 400 pound capacity on the rear bed.

The top speed on the gas version is 16 miles per hour while the top speed of the electric version is 16.5 miles per hour. 

It is interesting that this large and heavy model can go faster than the smaller RXV model and just as fast as the smaller L6 model.

This cart costs around $18,000.00 for the gas model and $19,000.00 for the electric model. 

The $1,000.00 price difference seems to be the trend, so I surmise that this increase has more to do with the additional batteries rather than the actual engine itself.

4) The Cushman Hauler 800 Gas/Electric

The Hauler 800 has a seating capacity for two people as well as a bed on the back of it.  It can hold 800 pounds total as well as 400 pounds in the bed.  It can even tow up to 900 pounds.

The cart also has overhead protection as well as a windshield.

Gas versions come with a 13.5 HP motor and the electric version is a 4.4 HP running off of a 48-volt electrical system.  There are six 8-volt deep cycle batteries on the electric cart and one 12 volt battery on the gas one with a 5.96-gallon fuel tank.

The curb weight on the gas version is 791 pounds and the curb weight on the electric version is 1,101 pounds.

Gas versions can travel at speeds up to 14 miles per hour while electric versions can travel at speeds up to 14.5 miles per hour. 

Other than the RXV, it seems that the electric versions are often within .5 miles per hour in speed of their gas counterparts.

Gas versions of the Hauler 800 come in at around $14,000.00 while electric versions come in at around $15,000.00.

5) The Yamaha UMAX Rally Gas/Electric Versions

The UMAX Rally is a two-seater golf cart with a lifted suspension and 23” tires.  There is a full windshield on the front of the cart and an overhead cover for the two passengers.

At the rear, there is a bed for hauling gear and the bumper is set up for towing.

There are brakes on both the front and rear wheels and the frame is made of steel.  The body is made of an automotive-grade polyurethane.

This golf cart has a dry weight of only 457 pounds on both the electric and gas versions.  Its bed can hold 800 pounds and it can tow up to 1,500 pounds.  This makes it a great golf cart for use on a farm, job site, or campsite.

Both the gas and electric versions can go up to 19.5 miles per hour.  With a name that includes the word Rally, I would have thought that this golf cart would have reached the 25 miles per hour maximum.

However, 19.5 miles per hour is still an impressive speed considering the cart is lifted and it has very large tires for a golf cart.

Also, it can tow more and haul more than any of the other golf carts we’ve reviewed so far.  This is probably in part due to its strong steel frame and strong engine.

A UMAX Rally can be purchased in a gas model for less than $8,500.00.

The electric version isn’t much more at a price of around $9,000.00.

In my opinion, this is a great value for a golf cart with this much functionality and speed.  If you need more seating, you can always go with the UMAX Rally 2 + 2 which provides two additional seats but still offers the same speed and driving capabilities.

6) The Club Car Onward 2 Passenger Electric/HP Lithium/Gas

The Onward golf cart comes in three different versions.  It has an electric 3.3 HP electric engine, a 4.7 HP electric engine, or a 14 HP gas engine.

This cart is built for the golf course and the rear section is set up to only hold a couple of sets of golf clubs.  The front can hold two passengers and it is covered overhead with a top and in front with a short windshield.

The total vehicle weight for the standard electric version is 975 pounds while the lithium version is only 717 pounds.  The gas version comes at a lightweight 675 pounds.  All three models come with the same AlumiCore frame.

Interestingly enough, all three models have a max speed of 19 miles per hour. 

I find this interesting because they all have such different weights and different engines.  It seems that the manufacturer went out of their way to make these carts have the same top speed limits.

I also found it interesting that this golf cart weighed so much.  This cart is small and its frame is built from aluminum so I figured it would be lighter than the Yamaha golf cart we just reviewed.

This golf cart ranges in price from $7,500.00 to $9,500.00 depending on which engine type you decide to go with.

7) The Villager 2 LSV

The Villager 2 LSV is a street legal golf cart built to carry two passengers.  It has an overhead cover, a full windshield, and a small cargo area at the back.

The golf cart also has everything you need to meet the federal street legal requirements for driving a golf cart on a public road.  This includes tail lights, headlights, a horn, and everything else you might need to safely drive your golf cart through town.

This golf cart is an electric golf cart with a 48 volt DC power system.

The engine is a 5 HP engine that can take the golf cart up to speeds of 23 miles per hour.

The total vehicle weight for this golf cart is 1,069 pounds.  The body is made from an impact-resistant ABS plastic and the frame appears to be made from aluminum.

You can pick this cart up at an MSRP price of $9,856.00.

8) The Club Car Villager 2 + 2 LSV

This street-legal electric golf cart markets itself as the golf cart that you can use to pick your friends up with.  The reason for this is that it carries 4 people.  Two seats face forward and two seats face the rear.

The Villager comes standard with an aluminum frame, 3-point seat belts, and a safety-glass windshield with a windshield wiper.  It is a 48-volt engine with 5 HP.

The top speed on this golf cart is also 23 miles per hour and you can go up to 30 miles on a single charge.

This golf cart has a dry weight of 1,129 pounds.  It seems that the addition of two more seats only added less than 100 pounds to the total weight of the cart.  This being said, the total vehicle capacity weight is still only 800 pounds.

The ground clearance is only 4.5 inches but the tires are DOT rated and they come with 7-spoke wheel covers.

At only $10,416.00 brand new, this makes a nice street-legal golf cart that can move at a fast speed.

9) The Polaris GEM e4

This golf cart can carry four forward-facing passengers and it looks more like a small car without doors than it does a golf cart.  The cart has overhead protection as well as a safety windshield and a windshield wiper.

The Polaris has headlights, taillights, and everything else it needs to be street-legal.  Its engine is a 48 Volt AC engine with a motor size of 6.7 HP.

The estimated dry weight of the e4 is 1,350 pounds and it has a payload capacity of 1,150 pounds.  Its tires are 13 inches large and they are street-rated.  There is an option to choose different battery types and sizes depending on what kind of range you want to reach with the golf cart.  You can choose anywhere from a 25-mile range to a 90-mile range.

Look into our article which reads about Can Golf Carts Run on 4-5 Batteries?

Regardless of what battery package you decide to go with, you can reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour with this golf cart. 

This is the fastest golf cart we’ve reviews on this page and incidentally, it is the golf cart that looks most like a car. 

In fact, I’d be surprised to see a golf cart that looks like this on an actual golf course.

You’ll also notice that the website advertises this golf cart as a vehicle that can be used for urban mobility, for shuttles and tours, and for getting around universities.  Interestingly enough, they do not mention the golf course at all.  This being said, the vehicle is certainly a golf cart with a golf cart engine and golf cart functionality.  It also travels at golf cart speeds and within golf cart ranges as well so it can easily be registered as a golf cart or a low-speed vehicle.

The basic MSRP for this golf cart is $14,395.00 which includes a stereo system and a small trunk back that can be used for storage. 

Add a larger trunk box, full doors, a heater, and a defrosting package and the MSRP jumps up to a total of $19,884.00.

How Much Can A Golf Cart Tow?

You might be wondering how much these bad boys can tow. Now we’ve looked at the top speeds and the motor sizes.

Here’s a guide to exactly how much you can expect to tow with a golf cart.

In Summary

A golf cart typically won’t be sold from the manufacturer at a speed rated above 25 miles per hour.  In fact, many golf carts will never be able to even reach this top speed.

This is especially true if the golf cart is loaded down with three passengers and their gear.

However, this is what makes these vehicles perfect for low-speed roads.  They have just enough power to get you where you need to go without sacrificing your safety.

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