How Much Do Golf Carts Tow? 10 Helpful Examples (With Prices)

If you’ve read our post titled, “Can A Golf Cart Pull A Trailer”, you know that golf carts can tow.  However, you might be wondering just how large of a trailer.

How much can golf carts tow?
Many golf carts will typically tow anywhere from a few hundred pounds up to 2,500 pounds.  This might be surprising considering how small golf carts are, but you have to remember that they are not traveling at high speeds.

One thought to keep in mind is that some golf carts can tow a lot more than others.  The reason for this is usually in the way they are designed.  However, the size and engine style will also come into play as well.

In this post, we’ll give you 10 great examples of golf carts that can tow.

Let’s start with the cold facts before we dive into the details.

Towing Capacity Of 10 Popular Golf Carts

Golf Cart Model Towing Capacity
Yamaha UMAX One 800 pounds
Yamaha UMAX Two 1,200 pounds
Cushman Hauler 800 900 pounds
Cushman Hauler 1200 EFI (Gas Model) 1,500 pounds
Titan HD 36 Volt 4.600 pounds
Truckster XD 3,500 pounds
Polaris Industry Ranger 500 1,500 pounds
Polaris Industry Ranger Crew XP 1000 2,500 pounds
Textron Off-Road Prowler Pro XT 2,000 pounds
Bennche T-Boss 410X Camo 1,000 pounds

Below you can see for yourself how much golf carts can tow and which models can tow the most.

1) The Yamaha UMAX One

The UMAX One is a small two-seater golf cart with a rear bed.  It has comfortable bucket seats, an overhead shelter, a windshield and brakes on all four wheels.  The tires come standard at 20 inches and there is an option to add a lift kit.

This golf cart comes in a gas model that can achieve speeds of 19.5 miles an hour going forward and 17.5 miles per hour going backward.

The cart itself has a weight of 928 pounds and the bed capacity is 300 pounds.  You can tow up to 800 pounds with this cart.

While 800 pounds might not seem like a lot of towing power, there are plenty of items that you can tow that weigh less than 800 pounds.  For example, you could tow a small aluminum boat, a lightweight jet ski, or even a small trailer.

Some people might even choose to use the UMAX to drag an ice fishing shed out onto a frozen lake or a hunting blind down to the water’s edge.  The small size, lightweight, and rugged durability of the UMAX make it a perfect little adventure vehicle.

The UMAX One doesn’t cost that much either.

You can buy a new UMAX One for less than $8,000.00.  In contrast, a new pickup truck or minivan will cost you three or four times this much money and you won’t be able to take it down narrow hunting trails or out onto the ice.

2) The Yamaha UMAX Two

When I first saw the name of this cart, I thought it would be able to carry more passengers.  However, this golf cart is still just a two-seater golf cart with a bed in the back.  Just like the UMAX One, the bed has a tailgate and a dumping feature.  This being said, the bed is even larger than the One’s bed.  It comes in at 41” long, 46” wide, and 12” deep.

This golf cart has a total bed capacity of 800 pounds and it can tow up to 1,200 pounds.  It also does around 20 miles per hour and has a short 12-foot turning radius.

To buy this golf cart, you’ll end up spending about $9,000.00.

3) The Cushman Hauler 800

This golf cart comes in an electric model and a gas model.  The gas model has a 13.5 EFI gas engine and the electric model has a 48 volt AC electric drivetrain.

There is an overhead cover over the front bench seat.  The back is an 8.4 cubic foot cargo bed.  This cargo bed can hold up to 400 pounds.

The curb weight of these golf carts is 791 and 1,101 respectively.  This is a lightweight considering the frame is made from welded steel.

The total load capacity of each golf cart is 800 pounds and the towing capacity is 900 pounds.

Under normal driving conditions, this golf cart can go around 14 miles per hour.  It can turn in an outside clearance circle of 18.9 feet.

The amount of weight that this cart can tow is impressive considering how lightweight the cart is itself.  However, this golf cart was built with towing and hauling in mind and this often plays a large role in how much a golf cart can safely tow.

The one area that this golf cart lacks in is ground clearance.

With a ground clearance of only 4.3 inches, you’ll be restricted to towing mostly on flat and level ground.

To buy this golf cart, expect to spend about $8,000.00 to $10,000.00.

4) The Cushman Hauler 1200 EFI Gas Model

The Hauler 1200 is another two-seater golf cart with a bed on the back.  It also has a covered rooftop and a windshield on the front.  However, the cargo bed is larger and provides up to 12 cubic feet of storage inside of it.

The Hauler’s frame is made from welded steel and its body is made of injection-molded TPO.  This carts overall length is 119 inches and its overall width is 49.4 inches.  It has a wide wheelbase of 76.8 inches.

A 4-cycle 401 CC gas-powered engine puts out 13.5 HP.  The fuel tank is a 6-gallon fuel tank and the battery bank consists of just one 12 volt battery.

The curb weight of the golf cart is 980 pounds and the vehicle’s total load capacity is 1,200 pounds while the vehicle’s bed load capacity is 800 pounds.

Even so, the towing capacity is a stunning 1,500 pounds.

This means this small golf cart can tow as much as many full-size sedans.

A new Hauler 1200 doesn’t cost that much to buy either.  You can get them for sale now for less than $8,000.00. 

Buy one that is a few years old and you’ll pay less than $5,000.00.

If you’re looking for the same cart but in an electric model, you could opt for the Hauler Pro Electric.  This cart has all of the same statistics except it has a 72 Volt AC electric drivetrain.  You can expect to pay at least a couple thousand dollars more for the electric version, but you may have an easier time making it street-legal.

5) Titan HD 36 Volt Electric Factory Golf Cart

If you’re looking for a true towing golf cart then the Titan HD is what you want to buy.

This golf cart only has a 36-volt electric drivetrain with an 8 HP motor and yet it can tow 4,600 pounds.

This golf cart does not have a windshield or any overhead cover and is meant more for an interior setting rather than an outdoor one.  It can seat two people and it has a flat rear end for loading things onto.

In fact, the total vehicle load capacity is rated as 2,500 pounds.

The cart’s overall length is 114 inches and its overall width is 44.5 inches.  The wheelbase sits at a width of 67 inches.

One of the aspects that amazed me about this cart is that it has a weight of only 1,410 pounds.  This means it can tow more than 3 times what it weighs.  However, although the torque is nice and high for towing the speed of the cart tops out at about 13 miles an hour.  This makes sense though as this golf cart is meant to be driven around a factory setting rather than outside on a roadway.

This cart sells for around $11,000.00 brand new.

Not a bad price considering how much use a factory could end up getting out of it.

6) The Truckster XD

For those of you who are looking for an outside golf cart that can still tow a serious amount of weight, you may want to take a look at the Truckster HD.  This golf cart is a two-seater golf cart with a large bed on the back.

The bed on the Truckster is 23.6 cubic feet and it can tip up to dump its cargo out.  It is made of powder-coated steel so it can move a lot of different items without taking on any damage.

The cart is a little larger than your average cart and has an overall length of 136 inches and an overall width of 65 inches.  The overall height on the cart is 78 inches and the wheelbase is 65 inches.  There is good ground clearance for a golf cart as it stands at 6.5 inches tall.

You’ll find that the engine on this golf cart is larger than most.  It has a 32.5 HP Kubota gas engine with a total fuel capacity of 7 gallons.

This cart has a vehicle load capacity of 3,550 pounds and a total towing capacity of 3,500 pounds.  When towing a trailer without brakes, however, you’ll be restricted to a towing rate of 2,200 pounds, which is still impressive.

The cart tops out at 23 miles per hour.  These models come standard in two-wheel drive, but you can opt to get them with four-wheel drive as well.

Although you can get a lot of functionality from this golf cart, you’ll definitely have to pay for it.  These golf carts start out at around $25,000.00 for the two-wheel-drive model and can cost as much as $30,000.00 depending on the options you choose to put on them.

7) The Polaris Industry Ranger 500

This golf cart is a fun all-terrain golf cart that seats two in the front and has a bed on the back.  The cart has an on-demand all-wheel-drive system that functions like a two-wheel drive system when on a stable footing.

The engine on this golf cart is a 32 HP 500 CC ProStar engine.  Combine this with the built-in 2” receiver on the back and you’ll see why many people turn to this golf cart for their towing needs.

This cart may only have a dry weight of 1,065 pounds, but it can tow up to 1,500.  It can also haul up to 500 pounds in the backbox. 

This bed box has dimensions of 32” x 42” x 11.5” and it can be dumped with the help of a gas assist.

Many people choose to tow with a golf cart like this over harsh backcountry terrain.  The reason for this is the cart has 10 inches of clearance and the all-wheel-drive system provides the traction necessary to get through mud-covered backcountry trails.  You’ll also be able to go deep into the trails before refueling as it has a 9-gallon fuel tank.

The cost of the Ranger 500 is lower than the cost of most of the other golf carts we’ve looked at so far.

This golf cart can be had for as little as $9,499.00. 

This is less than half of what it costs to buy a new Truckster XD.

8) Polaris Industry Ranger Crew XP 1000 eps NorthStar Edition

The XP 1000 is a large golf cart that can hold up to six passengers and still have a large bed at the rear of the cart.  This box is 36.75” x 54.25” x 12.5” and it can hold loads up to 1,000 pounds.

The golf cart is fully enclosed with a set of four doors so it can be driven in foul weather and through dusty and muddy roads without eye protection.  It also has a windshield wiper on the windshield, so you won’t have to worry about manually keeping it clean.

This cart has a large 999 CC engine and an all-wheel-drive system.  It also has a large 11.5-gallon fuel capacity.

The XP is a true off-road golf cart with 13 inches of ground clearance and all-terrain tires that come standard.  Most SUVs have less ground clearance than this golf cart has on it.

For towing, the golf cart comes standard with a 2-inch ball receiver.  This hitch is capable of towing 2,500 pounds. 

I’m not surprised by this number as the engine is large and the cart itself has a good amount of weight to it.  In fact, it has an estimated dry weight of 2,394 pounds.  This is much heavier than most of the other golf carts we’ve listed on this page.

The cost of this golf cart is not cheap.

You can expect to pay around $28,000.00 to get a new XP 1000.

9) The Textron Off-Road Prowler Pro XT

This is another off-road golf cart with a lot of towing power.  This golf cart has seating for two or three people upfront and a small bed at the back.

It does not have a covered roof or a windshield but you could have these items added on.  The engine is a large 50HP engine but the manufacturer has designed it with a sound dampening design to keep the noise of it down to a minimum.

The back cargo box has a 1,000-pound cargo capacity and it tilts to make getting things in and out of it that much easier.  There are also a few in-cab storage compartments for storing valuables and other small items that you might not want to put in the back of the cart.

This cart features 26” all-terrain tires and almost 11 inches of ground clearance.  On top of this, the cart can be put into four-wheel drive mode which makes it even more capable off-road.

The Prowler has a total payload capacity of 1,500 pounds and a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. 

The cart itself has a dry weight of 1,585 pounds and a fuel tank that holds up to 10 gallons of fuel.

This cart also has both high beam and low beam headlights as well as taillights.  This being said, you’d still have to make some modifications to it to make it street-legal.

If you decide to buy this golf cart, you’ll have to spend in the neighborhood of $13,000.00.

10) The Bennche T-Boss 410X Camo

This golf cart is a utility golf cart that seats two people up front and two in the rear.  The rear seats face the back of the cart and can be used to help move gear when not filled with passengers.

The engine on this cart is a 352 CC engine that puts out 25.5 HP and has a 6.9-gallon fuel tank.  There is both a front braking and rear braking system on the cart and the transmission is an automatic.

This cart isn’t very big as it only has an overall length of 105.5 inches and an overall width of 54 inches.  However, it does have ample ground clearance as it stands at 9.75 inches tall.

The dry weight of the cart is only 999 pounds, but it can tow all the way up to 1,000 pounds.  Also, the rear area of the cart can hold up to 400 pounds as well.

An overhead top that covers the driver comes standard but there isn’t any overhead coverage for the rear passengers and you won’t find a windshield on the front.  For this reason, you won’t find too many people looking to turn this into a street-legal golf cart.  This golf cart is best left to backcountry use.

You can find this cart selling at many different retailers throughout the country.  In fact, you can even find it on Walmart’s website.  The wide availability of it brings the price down to a comfortable $8,000.00.

In Summary

Different golf cart styles can provide towing for a wide range of weights and situations.

When considering a golf cart for towing purposes, think about the areas you’ll be towing in as well as the max towing rates for each cart.

You may find that even though a golf cart can tow the weight you’re looking to tow, it may not be able to tow that weight in the area that you’re looking to tow it.

For example, you wouldn’t want to buy a factory golf cart to tow something through the backcountry.

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