Can Golf Carts Run On 4-5 Batteries? (Read This First)

Do you need new efficient batteries for your golf cart, or are you wondering how many batteries a golf cart requires before you replace yours?
Or maybe you are about to purchase a golf cart, and you want to know how many batteries you’ll have to deal with?

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Can golf cars run on 4 or 5 batteries?
Golf carts can run on 4 or 5 batteries. However, they are typically designed to run on 6 batteries and you need to make sure you have the correct amount of Volts.

Here are the details you need to know!

Basic golf cart battery stuff (before we start)

Golf carts are the small electric vehicles designed to carry golfers and their golf clubs across a golf field or private property. They usually come in a wide range of formats, and batteries are an essential part of a golf cart.Whether it is an electric or gas golf cart, it can’t function properly if its batteries are not in good condition.

For electric golf carts, it is the batteries that provide power for the golf cart motor.

If the batteries fail, the cart will decrease in range drastically, or it will just stop moving. With gas golf carts, the batteries power up the cart motor, and they keep the cart operational by delivering electricity to the spark plugs.

This article shows you everything that you need to know about golf cart batteries and more.

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How Many Batteries are Needed in a Golf Cart?

Generally, there are six batteries in most golf carts. However, this combination can be different depending on the voltage needed to run the golf cart.

The batteries for golf carts range from six volts to twelve volts, and the battery pack for a cart depends on how much torque and speed a golf cart requires before it can run efficiently.

The battery packs are usually a 36 Volt Pack or a 48 Volt Pack. The former is the most popular, and it has 6 X 6 Volt, while the 48 Volt Pack can have either a;

  • 6 X 8 Volt
  • 8 X 6 Volt, or
  • 4 X 12 Volt

Can I change My Cart Battery Count?

Yes, it is possible to change the battery count of your golf cart, but there are some factors you have to consider.

First, you have to know the Volt operating system of your golf cart. You also need to know the amount of speed and efficiency you require of the golf cart.

To check the voltage of your golf cart,

  1. Lift the seat of the golf cart to check the battery compartment
  2. Check the number of holes on each battery, either 3, 4 or 6
  3. Multiply the number of holes on the battery by two to ascertain the battery voltage of the golf cart. Each battery hole is usually equal to two volts
  4. Determine the volt system by calculating the total number of volt battery by the total number of batteries.

For instance, for a golf cart with six batteries, each battery with three holes (this implies, 3 holes X 2 Volts = 6 Volt Battery). Then, the “6 Volt Battery x 6 batteries = 36 Volt System”.

But, for a golf cart with four holes, this implies that 4 holes X 2 Volts = 8 Volt Battery. Then, the “8 Volt Battery X 6 total batteries = 48 Volt System”.

If your golf cart has a 48V system and runs on 6 8volt batteries, changing the cart battery count from 6 8volt to 4 12volt is possible provided the 4 12volt can align well in series connection in the Cart battery tray.

If not, structural modification is needed to be done on the battery tray so that the batteries can fit under the seat.

Reason for this is that 12-volt batteries are bigger than 8-volt.

So, all you need to achieve this is to switch from an 8 Volt Battery type to a 12 Volt battery type. With Four 12-volt batteries (i.e. 4 batteries X 12 Volts), your 48V golf cart can run efficiently.

How To Make Golf Carts Run With 4 Batteries (Instead Of 6)

Follow these steps to replace your 6 batteries with 4 batteries;

  1. Disconnect the six 8-volt batteries and remove them from the golf cart
  2. Arrange the new four 12-volt batteries in series inside the Golf cart battery bank in such a way that the jumper cable (preferably a long one) can transverse the distance between the negative and positive terminals of the batteries lying next to each other.
  3. As shown below, connect the first battery (main) negative terminal to the second battery positive terminal with the long jumper cable. Using the same approach, connect the negative terminal of the second battery to the positive terminal of the third battery.
  4. Then, connect the third battery negative terminal to the positive terminal of the fourth battery (main). by gliding the connectors on both ends of the jumper cable over the terminals and securely tightening the nuts
  5. Finally, connect the golf cart positive lead to the positive terminal of the first battery (main) and then also connect the golf cart negative lead to the negative terminal of the fourth battery (main) for the connection process to be complete.

What Type of Batteries is Best for your Golf Cart?

There are two basic battery types for golf carts:

  1. Lithium-ion and
  2. Lead-acid.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries are relatively large, and they consist of two cells with lead and lead oxide, and a water solution and sulfuric acid maintain them.

These lead-acid batteries have a variable capacity that is dependent on the level of electrolyte in each cell.

Since their introduction to the golf course until now, lead-acid batteries are the most economical source of power for golf carts.

These batteries are a popular choice among owners of golfers because of their time-tested, high tolerance for extreme usage. Even more, these batteries are accessible, and they are designed in a variety of configurations, sizes, and shapes.

The two distinct main types of lead-acid batteries are:

  1. VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) and
  2. wet cell or flooded batteries.

Wet cell lead-acid batteries consist of a liquid solution where the battery metals are placed. They demand maintenance to reach their full lifespan.

VRLA batteries have a gelled solution or an absorbed solution.

They do not contain free liquids, so they are the ideal option for extreme temperatures, rough terrains, and they do not require maintenance.

They are, however, more expensive and highly sensitive.

Lithium-ion Batteries

As they are significantly smaller than lead-acid batteries, they are lighter, easier to store and charge faster. They are advanced golf cart batteries, and they also have cells.

These batteries do not contain any liquid, so they don’t need to be filled and refilled frequently like lead-acid batteries. They also have a longer lifespan, and they are not sensitive to partial charges.

However, they are more expensive to install.

How to maintain your Golf Cart Battery

Proper maintenance is the key secret to ensuring that your golf cart battery lasts for a long while without needing replacement. Additionally, maintenance will save you from unnecessary headaches and money loss by extending the life span of your golf cart batteries to the fullest.

However, you need to be first aware of how long your golf cart batteries are expected to last.

The lifespan of Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries differ by type, manufacturer, and design. Hence, the life expectancy of each battery is distinct.

A battery that is appropriately maintained should last for about four to six years depending on the charge cycle, usage, and other uncontrollable variables.

This is why it is crucial to determine the battery warranty before purchasing it.

To maintain your golf cart battery, you should;

  • Check for battery corrosion
    Do this often and endeavor to neutralize it instantly. The corrosion appears like a mold colony. It usually found on battery posts and cable terminals.
    To counteract it, you should first clean it off with a hard wire brush and a corrosion cleaner.
    If you can’t get a cleaner, you can use baking soda and hot water instead. Soak the corroded battery area in the cleaner for about 6 minutes, put on gloves, and scrub with the wire brush till it’s gone. After you’ve cleared the corrosion, you should protect the affected area by coating the terminals, posts, and cables in a covering fluid.
  • Keep the cart battery clean.
    Prevent it from getting grimy, muddy or dirty. Dirt can create unwanted resistance in the electrical system, draining the battery and reducing its lifespan
  • Keep the level of your electrolyte up.
    Check the electrolyte level every few weeks to ensure that it doesn’t get too low.
  • When you are not using the golf cart, try to switch everything off, including lights, electronic devices, and other cart accessories that are connected to the batteries. Failure to activate this can lead to a complete battery discharge, which will, in turn, shorten the lifespan of the batteries.
  • Try to get the battery to full charge always, and as much as possible, do not let it discharge more than 65%.

Final Words

Batteries are an integral component of golf carts, and they are crucial to the proper, effective functioning of the golf cart.

Yes, to answer the initial question raised, golf carts can run on four batteries.

As you change your battery pack combination, we hope this article will guide you and will assist you in the proper maintenance of your golf cart batteries.

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