Ford Mustang & Keys: 12 Questions Answered (For Newbies)

Known for its conspicuously long hood, the Mustang is widely recognized as the original pony car.

The uniqueness and powerful performance easily explains why it is the longest produced Ford car nameplate.

However, even a car with as much style as the Mustang requires a key. We’ll dwell on that in this article.

Ford Mustang Key Fob Buttons, Functions and Tricks

The buttons on the Mustang key fob are the Lock, Unlock, Trunk, Remote Start and Panic buttons. These buttons can function from a distance because the fob sends low frequency signals to your car’s system.

Older Mustangs may have fewer buttons. For example, the 2010 Mustang remote head key lacks a remote start button.

Recent Mustangs have two variations of fobs. One variation has the lock and unlock buttons side by side. The other has one button positioned under the other in a linear order.

No matter what fob you use, your fob has a wide range of use.

The trunk release right above the license plate opens your trunk as long as you have your key fob on you. You can also unlock your car door by simply hovering your hands above it. It locks when you press your thumb on the lines on your door handle.

You can also remote start your car by first, locking the car and then double clicking on the 2X button. To roll down your windows, lock the car, press the unlock button, then press and hold the unlock button.

How Much Does an Extra Key Cost?

You’d likely spend a minimum of $150 for an extra key, depending on a lot of factors, including the model year of your Mustang. It could get to $350 or $400 in rare cases. The Mustang has a wide range of keys because it has been in production for quite a long time.

Keys used by the Mustang include the non-transponder key, transponder key, remote head key and remote key fob.

Having your VIN along with your key code narrows it down for the locksmith or dealer.

Your VIN should be located on your dashboard. The older the model year of your Mustang, the easier and less expensive it would be to replace the key.

Your dealer may charge you significantly less than your locksmith.

Whether you’re paying for home service or towing your car to the locksmith also affects the amount you’ll spend.

My Mustang Car Key Is Not Detected

If your car cannot detect the key, it may be due to a dead key battery, bad key fob or even a broken key fob.

If you use a push start button, your car may occasionally display the “no key detected” message. Whenever that happens, place your key fob in the rear cup holder with the keys facing up. Your Mustang should spring up to life.

Do inspect your fob afterwards, because it may need a battery change if your engine starts after using the above method. If it doesn’t, your fob might be broken.

Cold weather can also affect the effectiveness of your fob. Try warming it with body heat-do not use flame or electrical heat.

It may also be due to signal interference from metals or cell towers. Also try the cup holder trick. Have your fob checked afterwards.

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Which Batteries Do Ford Mustang Keys Use?

Mustangs from the 2018 model years till date use the CR2450 3V Coin Cell battery.

The 2015 to 2017 Mustangs use the CR2025 battery, while the 2010 to 2014 remote head key variations all use the CR2032 battery.

Any Mustang key as late as 2009 would probably use the CR2016 battery.

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Can You Change the Key Battery Yourself? (Dead Key)

Changing the fob battery isn’t a difficult procedure. Most fobs have release buttons that open the cover when pressed.

Remove the emergency key, put a flat object in the slight opening at the top and pop it open.

In fobs that have two batteries, there’ll be a thin translucent material between both batteries.

Gently flip the material to the side after taking the first battery out and take the second out too. Put the new batteries in the same position as the old (with the material in between them).

The final steps involve closing the fob. Close the latch that was popped open, fix back the emergency key and slide the cover back.

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What to Do When Key Is Stuck in the Ignition?

The transmission should be set in ‘park’. If it isn’t, your key should come out after it is set to ‘park’.

A locked steering wheel can also prevent your key from getting out of the ignition. Swing the steering from right to left while trying to remove your key to get it unstuck.

Other times, a mechanical error in your gear box or ignition cylinder might be responsible for your problem.

Popular Key Fob Covers

Here is a list of quality key fob covers for the Ford Mustang:

GFDesign Silicone 5 buttons Key Fob Cover

The fob cover is a perfect fit for the 2015 to 2017 Mustang fobs. It includes 2 key covers and 4 key rings and it is made of environmentally friendly material.

The product features three-dimensional icons that protect against fading and wearing out. The icons also have very high visibility because of their conspicuous colors.

MJVisun Silicon Rubber Carbon Fiber Cover

This key fob cover is lightweight and easy to fix on the fob. It is compatible with Mustang fobs from the 2018 to the 2021 model year. The product is stylish, affordable, and durable.

Vitodeco Leather Key Fob Cover

The list would be incomplete without adding leather to it. This product covers a large area of the key fob. It also comes with a weave chain and is very affordable. It is suitable for 2019 to 2021 Mustang fobs and fits snugly.

Check here for affordable key fob covers for the Ford Mustang on Amazon.

How to Find Key Codes for Lost Keys

This can be a very difficult or a very easy process. Your key code is found in your code card among your car documents. If that’s not the case, contact the dealer that supplied your car to get your key code.

The dealer can get your code as long as you provide your VIN number and the necessary documentation. The documents you would be asked to provide depends on the dealer and the time and location.

The key code would not be valid or useful if your ignition has been changed in the past.

The only choice left would be to remove the ignition cylinder to view the code on it.

What to Do If the Key Won’t Turn?

The main cause of this problem is the steering wheel lock. Tilting your steering wheel to the direction you last turned it before the lock and holding it in position and should release the key.

The steering lock mechanism is an anti-theft feature. It ensures that the steering locks if a thief starts the car without the key (hot wiring).

These days, transponder keys have eliminated the possibility of hot wiring a car. This is because the key has to send a signal to the immobilizer first. However, the wheel lock is still installed in modern cars.

If you turned off the ignition without placing an automatic transmission in Park, your key will also get stuck. 

Keep an open mind to other factors such as a dead car battery or a problem with your ignition cylinder.

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My Key Won’t Go In the Ignition

Your key may be bent, broken, or worn out. Your ignition may be old, damaged or worn out. Maybe the pins in your cylinder are simply misaligned.

All the above scenarios require a visit to the locksmith. The cylinder or key or both may have to be replaced.

You may suspect that your key isn’t going in because of accumulated dirt on your key or in the cylinder. Clean your key and put it in and out of the ignition to clear the passage.

What to Do If Keys Are Locked Inside a Ford Mustang?

This is common in older model years. Although many people complain about the cost of calling a locksmith, it is always the best option.

Others support the idea of breaking the glass and having it fixed later. That means you would have to compare the cost of replacing the glass versus the cost of calling a locksmith.

We recommend that you only break the glass if it is an emergency such as a baby in the car.

The fire service and the police can help open your car, however their means are more crude.

You can use a knife or a wire hanger and car door wedge to get the lock pin up. If your key is within sight, elongate the hanger and get a hold of your key.

Ford Mustang MyKey Explained

The MyKey allows you to program your second key as a safety key.

After the key has been programmed, it limits the driving of the other drivers who’re usually younger people.

When a driver uses the MyKey, the radio would not start until they fasten their seatbelts. It would also restrict the speedometer to certain speeds, say 80 mph.

When the safety key is used, the fuel minder also comes up at a higher fuel level than when the administrative key is used.

You can tweak most of these settings to your preference, though.

To set up the MyKey, go to settings, MyKey, Create MyKey, and then press and hold OK. Once that’s done, place the fob in the rear cup holder and set the necessary parameters.

They include volume limit, advanced traction control and others. When you are tired of using the MyKey, simply clear it up with the admin key. Go to settings, clear MyKey, and click OK.

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