Ford Expedition & Keys: 12 Questions Answered (For Newbies)

The Ford Expedition is one of the most luxurious SUVs in the automobile market. It is also one of the most expensive.

However, the comfort, style, amazing handling, spacious interior and classy design makes it worth every cent.

Let’s talk about its keys.

Ford Expedition Key Fob Buttons, Functions & Tricks

The Expedition makes use of transponder keys and remote key fobs. The lack of use of a non-transponder chip key arises from the fact that the Expedition had its debut in 1997.

This means the Expedition is a “Modern Car” when compared with its counterparts.

Its key, like most Fords, has the conventional lock and unlock buttons. Depending on the model year, its fob may or may not have the panic or engine start button.

A 2X symbol usually represents the engine start button.

That being said, you can start your automobile even if you’re not in it. This isn’t the most impressive feature just yet.

Synchronizing your phone with your car’s system helps you start your vehicle from a faraway distance. This feature isn’t limited by your location. It substitutes for the limitations of the key fob.

Don’t forget that you can also roll down your windows with your key fob even if you are not inside the car. This cool feature can come in handy when you need to cool the vehicle on a hot summer day before driving off.

How Much Does an Extra Key Cost?

The cost depends on the exact service you require. Getting one through a locksmith costs more than buying a key and programming it yourself. Both services still cost more than having a key (which you already own) programmed to your car.

The availability of your key code and the necessary documents also makes the process easier and cheaper.

Another situation that affects the cost of procuring a new key is having your keys locked in your car. That definitely costs more as the locksmith would charge you for extra services.

Adding a spare key costs less than replacing a lost key.

The maximum cost for a worst-case scenario shouldn’t cost much more than $300, except you require home service. The minimum cost for a best-case scenario for older models wouldn’t cost much less than $100.

Keep in mind that your location is also a factor.

My Expedition Car Key Is Not Detected

The obvious reason is because of a dead battery in your key fob. Transponder keys that don’t use batteries may develop faults due to programming. This problem is also common in remote key fobs.

Your primary steps should be to change your fob battery, and have the programming checked. If it persists, it might be a problem with the system entirely. Call your locksmith.

Which Batteries Do Ford Expedition Keys Use?

The Platinum series fob is compatible with Ford Expeditions and uses a CR2450 3-Volts Lithium ion battery. The slim, smart fob uses a CR2032 battery instead and is mostly used with older Expeditions.

The battery depends on the fob you use with your car. Most fob batteries look similar and may work interchangeably. You should know that there are variations that would affect the performance of your fob if the proper ones aren’t used.

Most fobs in use today also use the CR2032 battery.

Check here for the best prices for Ford Expedition key fob batteries on Amazon.

Can You Change the Key battery Yourself? (Dead Key)

You can replace the battery yourself, though many people prefer to have the professionals do that while/after doing other repairs.

It is an easy process and requires a single pop, snap, button release, or unscrewing a nut. The exact method of opening the fob depends on the type of fob.

After that, you take out the old battery and put in the new, then replace the cover. Your fob should be as good as new.

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What to Do When Key Is stuck in the Ignition?

We assume you use a transponder chip key if you have this problem. It is very common and mostly arises as a result of locks. These locks include the parking and steering lock.

There are other causes for a stuck key, but we’ll only talk about these primary ones. This is because extreme causes require professional help.

Hence, if setting your gear to ‘park’ or tilting your steering wheel to both directions while pulling on your key doesn’t work, you should call your locksmith right away.

Popular Key Fob Covers

Here are popular key fob covers for the Ford Expedition:

Coolbestda Silicone Smart Key Fob Cover

The Coolbestda Silicone smart key fob cover comes in 2 pieces. It usually comes in two colors. This helps you to switch between fob covers whenever you want. It is compatible with fobs that have a straight arrangement of buttons.

What’s more, it has high ratings in terms of durability and is very affordable. The Coolbestda fob cover is also waterproof and child friendly.

KOSMIQ Silicone 5 Button Smart Key Fob Cover

Thiis product offers several advantages, which include protection from scratches and moisture. It also enhances the grip in your hands and cushions your key fob, giving it all-round protection.

It doesn’t affect the fob signal, as the fob sensors were carefully considered while designing the cover. The product also costs less than $10, which is remarkable for the protection it provides.

Auovo Leather Key Fob Cover

The Auovo leather key fob cover comes with a key chain to attach it to your clothing and 3 extra rings. With the key chain, you can be rest assured that accidental dropping would be greatly minimized. When the rings are attached, it increases the length by centimeters.

Made of high quality premium leather, the key fob cover glows in the dark if it absorbs light properly. This helps you to locate your key fob easily in the dark.

Other features include a tight fit and anti-rust qualities. It is suitable for the 2015-2017 model years of the Expedition.

Alegender’s Soft TPU Key Fob Cover

Alegender’s soft TPU key fob cover has the standard fob look. This was designed for people who like the old-fashioned way of doing things. With the cover, your fob would look like it has no cover on it at all.

It comes in 3 variations which are suitable for 3, 4, and 5 buttons smart key fobs.

Check here for the best prices of Ford Expedition key fob covers on Amazon.

How to Find Key Codes for Lost Keys

Your key code is located in the owner’s manual. If that’s missing, it can be retrieved at your car’s dealership after you provide the right documents.

Usually, all you’ll need is your VIN and proof of ownership of the vehicle.

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What to Do If the Key Won’t Turn?

Don’t apply force to make it turn, because your key might break. First, make sure it isn’t because of the parking or steering wheel lock as explained before.

Also, be sure your car battery isn’t dead. If it is, get it charged or replaced if necessary. You should also check that you are using the correct key.

If your key still won’t turn, have your ignition checked.

My Key Won’t Go In the Ignition

This usually starts as a key that won’t turn. When the situation isn’t properly controlled, it evolves into a stuck key.

Otherwise, it’s almost always as a result of a problem with the key. Bent, broken, worn out or damaged keys are prone to get stuck. Keys get into this condition because of how long they’ve been in use and how well they’ve been handled.

In rare cases, temperature differences can cause expansion and contraction of your key and it wears over time.

A broken key in the ignition should be left alone. Extreme measures would do more harm. Call your locksmith instead.

If the key is still whole in the ignition, make sure it’s not because of a lock. Also, be sure it isn’t a dead car battery. Then lubricate your key and pull it out.

If it doesn’t work, call your locksmith.

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What to Do If Keys Are Locked Inside a Ford Expedition?

The logical thing to do always is to have your locksmith open your car for you after proving ownership. It is more expensive but better for your car’s mechanical and electrical health.

In cases of an emergency, the police or fire service can open it for free. Note that their methods usually have long-lasting impact on cars.

The internet is full of harmful advice and steps to maneuver your way around set processes. Most of these methods aren’t good for your vehicle.

Once you’re out of the mess, we advise that you take adequate measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. You can set a code for your keypad entry system; the feature enables you to even lock your keys deliberately in your car next time.

All you’ll need to unlock your car is your code.

Ford Expedition MyKey Explained

The MyKey is another impressive Ford feature. It gives car owners the safe feeling that their cars are being driven with care no matter where they are.

The feature gets activated after you program a regular spare key to be a MyKey. Once that’s done, the car would have limited functions if it’s started with the MyKey.

A few examples are limited speed, limited audio volume and seat belt warnings. Note that you can only clear the MyKey to be a regular key using the administrative key.

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