Problems With Light On Ford F-650/F-750? (14 Questions Solved)

The Ford F650/F750 is a super-duty truck from the Ford F-Series commercial trucks.

Their production began in 2000 and many businesses trust their versatility and reliability for heavy-duty works such as hauling vehicle and construction materials.

Ford made a standard lighting system for its F-650/F-750 super duty trucks to enhance their performance in the dark and also show malfunction while driving.

We discuss the lighting system of the Ford F-650/F-750 in this article.

Which Light Bulbs Sizes And Types Do Ford F-650/F-750 Use?

Here is a list of the types and sizes of light bulbs on the F-650/F-750 trucks:


For the 2005 to 2010 model years, the headlight for Ford F-650/F-750 is the H4 9003 plug 7″x6″ LED light rectangular high/low seal beam light bulbs.

From 2010 to 2020, the Ford F650/F750 uses LED bulbs for its Headlights.


The F-650/F-750 uses bulb size 4157k for its tail light from 2005 to 2017. From 2017 to 2020, the taillight of the F-650/F-750 uses LED bulbs.

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How To Turn Off Daytime Running Lights On A Ford F-650/F-750?

Turning off the DRL on a Ford F-650/F-750 has been made easy by using the information display on the instrument cluster screen.

The arrows of the information display control are used to navigate the screen:

  1. Go to settings.
  2.  Enter “Settings Menu” and select “Advanced Settings”
  3. Select Vehicle.
  4. Scroll to “Daytime Lights Options” under the vehicle menu.
  5. Uncheck the box in the menu to turn off the DRL.

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Ford F-650/F-750 Light Indicator Symbols Explained

Here are the common indicator light displays on the Ford F-650/F-750:

  • Antilock Braking System (ABS) Indicator Symbol: If ABS illuminates while driving, it shows that there is a malfunction with the braking system. The vehicle will continue to engage the normal braking without the anti-lock brake system function. In such an instance, call your dealer to check your truck as soon as possible.
  • Battery Indicator Symbol: It illuminates when there is a malfunction in the battery. It is advisable to switch off all unnecessary electrical equipment and have the system checked by an authorized dealer immediately.
  • Braking System Indicator Symbol: It illuminates to show a low brake fluid level or a brake system malfunction. If this light comes up while driving, pull over carefully and contact your dealer to check it out.
  • Direction Indicator Symbol: The direction light comes on when the left or right direction indicator is selected, pointing to the next turn.
  • The direction indicator light blinks in both directions when the hazard warning flashers are switched on.
  • Door Ajar Indicator Symbol: The light pops up when the door(s) is open or any door is not completely closed while the ignition is on. If this comes on while driving, pull over and confirm that all the doors are properly closed.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Indicator Symbol: The indicator light shows a symbol of an oil lamp with a drop of liquid dripping from the spout. If this illuminates while driving, pull over as soon as possible and switch off the engine to check the engine oil level.
  • Service Engine Soon Indicator Symbol: The indicator light comes on when the diagnostics system has detected a malfunction in the vehicle emission control system. Take your truck to an expert as soon as possible to have it serviced.
  • Transmission Tow/Haul Indicator Symbol: The indicator light shows that the tow/haul feature is switched on. If the light flashes steadily, it is advisable to have the system serviced immediately because damage to the transmission could occur.

How Do You Adjust The Light On A Ford F-650/F-750?

Here are steps to adjust the headlights on your F-650/F-750 truck to your desired height and orientation:

  • Park your F-650/F-750 on level ground and close to a plain white wall.
  • Turn off all surrounding lights to make the surrounding as dark as possible.
  • Turn the headlights on.
  • Make a horizontal tapeline across each of the light beams on the wall with masking tape.
  • Form plus cross sign “+” by making a vertical tapeline across each of the light beams on the wall
  • Move the vehicle to about 25 feet backward.
  • Open the hood and locate the headlight adjuster by the headlight compartment.
  • Adjust the light beam by screwing the adjuster till the beam lands where the tape line intercepts.

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Do Ford F-650/F-750 Have Automatic Headlamps?

Ford F-650/F-750 trucks have automatic headlamps.

However, not all model years come standard with the feature; some have it as optional equipment, which comes at extra cost. 

How Do I Turn Off the Lights On A Ford F-650/-F750?

The lights of the Ford F650/F750 can be turned off by locating the headlight lever by the steering wheel.

The headlights turn off when you joggle the lever forward.

How Do I Turn Off The Ford F-650/F-750 Cargo Light?

Once the vehicle speeds exceed 3 mph, the cargo lights switch off automatically.

You can also switch it off instantly by pressing the cargo light button near the steering wheel.

How Does The Auto Light Sensitivity Work?

The auto light sensitivity system switches on the headlamps when the ambient light is low or the wipers are on when it’s raining. They stay on for a period after turning off the ignition.

When the auto lamps of F-650/F-750 trucks are on, the high beams can’t come on until the system switches the low beams on.

What Can Cause the Drive Light to Blink?

When an electrical problem or mechanical issues with the transmission of a Ford F-650/F-750, like an abrupt change in voltage, it can cause the drive light to blink.

The issue can be because of a faulty solenoid or low transmission fluid. If the issue persists, have a qualified mechanic check your truck.

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Can I use Headlight Covers On a Ford F-650/F-750?

You can use a headlight cover for a F-650/F-750 truck. It serves as a protective cover for the headlights.

Note that some municipalities and states do not allow the use of headlight covers, so check their street legality before buying.

The Dome/Interior Light Isn’t Working

If the dome light is not working, the first step is to check for burned-out bulbs by testing with an alternate bulb.

Thereafter, check the dimmer switch. If both are not faulty, check for a blown fuse.

Ford F-650/F-750 Light Sensors Explained

The light sensor of the F-650/F-750 aids in switching the headlights on automatically while driving.

It does this by monitoring when the surrounding light is low to activate the auto headlamps and switches off automatically when the vehicle is in a bright surrounding.

Do Ford F-650/F-750 Have LED Lights?

The F-650/F-750 uses LED lights. Ford started using LED lights on the trucks from its 2005 model.

The Lights Come On But the Truck Won’t Start

If the vehicle won’t start despite the lights being on, it may be because of the following;

  1. There is a low charge in the truck’s battery. Here, the charge of the battery isn’t strong enough to ignite the car engine. If possible, recharge the battery or have it replaced.
  2.  The ignition or starter is faulty.
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