Do Teslas Come With Manual Gears? (Explained)

Transmissions are central to enhanced engine performance, including the prevention of self-destruction. These transmissions include:

  • automatic,
  • manual,
  • and hybrid

However, Teslas are electric cars, meaning they do not fall under this category.

So, what transmission do Teslas use, and do they have manual gears?

Why Don’t Tesla Offer a Manual Transmission Gearbox?

Teslas cannot offer a manual transmission gearbox because they use a single-speed transmission.

This system requires no multiple gearboxes and speeds. Instead, it relies on one gear that allows the vehicle to change speeds, depending on various environmental and vehicular performance aspects.

The single-speed transmission in Teslas is automated, requiring no shifting.

Unlike vehicles that run on internal combustion engines, this option allows Teslas to go below certain speed limits. Consequently, it ensures the car slows to hum when idle or to cruise at slow speeds.

Teslas do not require a gearbox because they generate their transmission power from electricity. They can independently create the torque they need to move at slow speeds. Most AWD Teslas have dual electric motors that power all the wheels individually:

Since each wheel receives independent powering, it becomes easier to attain the desired torque level in the long run.

Can You After-Install a Shift Stick In a Tesla?

You cannot install a shift stick in a Tesla pre- or post-production.

A shift stick is designed for vehicles with a manual transmission system, which is unavailable in electric cars. These vehicles boast a single-speed transmission system that requires no gears, whether manual or automated.

A manual transmission cannot cope on a Tesla. You can attribute this to the electric vehicle’s significant torque, making it hard for a manual gear or shift stick to adapt.

While the initial Tesla models had a two-gear speed, they had no clutch. The automated transition allowed the car to maintain its power, guaranteeing reliability and a smooth ride.

Besides being unnecessary, installing a shift stick in a Tesla is significantly challenging, particularly after production.

You’ll need advanced technologies and skills to make it work, which is exceptionally daunting. Attempting to install this shift stick will damage your electric vehicle.

Installing a shift stick in a Tesla implies embracing the manual transmission. Unfortunately, this will hardly work. Teslas are designed to operate on a fixed-ration gearbox, meaning a manual transmission will be incompatible.

Further, Tesla has never made a car with a manual transmission. It focuses on a single-stage reduction gear, making it hard for an individual to install the shift stick after production.

How Hard Is It to Go From a Manual Car to a Tesla?

The transition from a manual car to a Tesla is not hectic.

Teslas are electric vehicles that rely on electricity for power. Since they have no manual or automatic transmission system, they do not have a gearbox. Instead, you are confident in a single-speed transmission system that is self-adjusting.

Driving a Tesla requires no additional skills. Controlling this electric vehicle is similar to a manual car.

However, in this case, you do not need to use a shift stick to change gears. This element significantly boosts convenience during the ride, guaranteeing an immersive driving experience.

Multiple experts say how eerily similar driving a Tesla is to a manual gear car. You’ll have your foot on the pedal to avoid rolling. You must also be aware of your environment to prevent traffic violations, which are common in both worlds.

Various advanced technologies in Teslas can help improve your driving experience, which is lacking in most manual cars. For instance, these vehicles boast an autopilot and an auto-stop feature that help detect obstacles in their immediate driving path.

These features will also minimize:

  • collision,
  • traffic violations,
  • and safety issues.

Thanks to them, your driving experience will be seamless and more straightforward than in a manual car.

Do Teslas Perform As High As High-End Manual Gear Cars?

Multiple Tesla models perform better than high-end manual cars.

These vehicles have a robust system that guarantees unrivaled performance. Since they do not rely on automatic, hybrid, or manual transmissions, these electric cars assure you of excellent driving speeds, whether slow or high.

Teslas are powerful. They deliver robust torque and horsepower levels, allowing you to cruise through different terrains more effortlessly.

A Tesla produces approximately 487 pound-feet of torque at zero RPM, which is significantly higher than a high-end manual car can deliver.

This will be your ultimate choice if you are looking for unrivaled power.

Suppose you want to focus on safety and technology. In that case, Tesla shall stand out.

These electric vehicles rely on advanced technologies to boost your comfort, car performance, and reliability. For instance, the driver assistance feature significantly minimizes the risk of:

  • traffic violations,
  • frontal collision,
  • and safety issues.

Its emergency braking system makes it worthwhile.

Can You Get Electric Cars With Manual Transmissions?

You can get electric cars with manual gears and transmissions.

These vehicles constitute approximately 10% of electric cars.

Electric cars with a manual transmission will often have two-speed transmissions. However, you will likely get them in high-end EVs. While they are significantly costly, they offer an exceptional blend of aesthetics and performance.

An excellent Tesla guarantees unrivaled performance, from high torque and horsepower to advanced safety features and impressive aesthetics.

Yet, these electric vehicles come with no manual gears. In addition, you cannot add shift sticks to these cars post-production.


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