8 Popular Cars Made Completely Without Carpet (Solved)

Cleaning your vehicle’s carpets can be a hassle. Imagine spending over an hour scrubbing carpets just to get out the dirt, leaves and stains that have clung to them.

If you are tired of stressing yourself over carpet stains and you think you are due for a new car, we compiled a list of vehicles without carpets for you.

1. Chevy Silverado 1500

Truck drivers should be able to haul heavy cargo in their trunks without worrying about the vehicle breaking down. The Silverado has an impressive towing capacity that lets you transport cargo to your satisfaction. It can tow about 13,300 pounds at once, which makes it a reliable workhorse, considering its luxurious interior.

Busy truck drivers shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning their vehicles. By omitting carpets in its interior, the Chevy Silverado helps drivers reduce the time spent washing their cars. The floor mats in the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are made of rubber, easier to clean than carpets.

Most carpets contain heat-inducing elements that keep your car warm in the winter. However, these carpets may become counter-productive in the summer, as they tend to increase the heat in your vehicle.

But the all-weather rubber floor mats in the Chevy Silverado regulate the temperature in all seasons. These mats trap heat, water, snow, sand, and even rain.

The only downside to these rubber mats is that they cannot insulate the noise that comes from the Silverado’s engine while it is running. As a result, many Chevy Silverado drivers claim that the truck usually produces a whirring noise when they use it.

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2. Lexus ES350

Most drivers expect luxury rides when they buy a Lexus car, and the ES350 does not disappoint. The Lexus ES350 offers cozy seats, high-tech features, and smooth handling on rough roads, all of which help the car live up to the excellent reputation of its maker.

But riding in a luxury car can quickly go downhill if the vehicle gets too hot in the summer. To prevent this, Lexus equips its ES 350 truck with all-weather rubber floor mats. These mats prevent excess heat from getting into the car.

Unfortunately, the ES 350’s rubber floor mats tend to get dirty quickly. So, you may have to clean the mats often if you want to maintain the pristine appearance of your Lexus ES 350 interiors.

3. GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is proof that you don’t have to empty your wallet to enjoy comfort. At an average price of $29,700, users get a 10-way power driver and front passenger seats, a heated steering wheel and multiple storage compartments.

The rubber floor mats are another way that the GMC Sierra provides comfort to its users at a minimal cost. These mats keep the vehicle’s temperature under control in extreme weather. Thanks to the protective elements in these mats, they can resist water, snow, heat and dust.

In addition, the GMC Sierra’s rubber floor mats have a long life expectancy. Most of them stay in good condition throughout the lifetime of the truck.

4. Mercedes M-Class

Do you like being the center of attention? The sophisticated appearance of Mercedes M-Class vehicles is a sure way to make a statement at any event.

This mid-size SUV comes in various colors like gray, ash, and white. Also, the curved roofline and circular fenders are tastefully styled to give the car a unique look. This beauty makes it easy to convince someone to ride with you.

However, no one will stay longer in your vehicle if the car is filled with dust. This problem is common with cars that use carpets.

When dirt sticks to the carpet in your vehicle, it may be a battle to get it out. As a result, drivers who are in a hurry may give up on removing the debris.

Fortunately, Mercedes M-class vehicles come with rubber mats. These mats only take a short while to clean.

It can be challenging to keep your car cool in the summer. The Mercedes M-Class rubber mats absorb excess heat that comes into the vehicle, thus maintaining the fresh air in the car.

5. Ford Transit Connect

Delivery drivers who hate the stress that comes with driving trucks will find a treasure in the Ford Transit Connect. Although this van is quite portable, it still contains enough space to haul your heavy packages to different destinations.

While working, you may take coffee and oily food. These items can easily spill on the floor and stick to your floor mats. If you use carpet floor mats, it can take forever to remove the stains.

The Ford Transit Connect uses only rubber floor mats. Scrubbing them a few times with a brush should get the stains out.

That said, your Transit Connect rubber floor mats may not cover the floor of the vehicle completely. So, you may need to buy extra floor mats to hide the area that the floor mats do not reach.

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6. RAM 1500

Do you want a reliable pickup on a budget? Then, check out the Ram 1500 truck.

Across all the Ram 1500 model years, car reliability authorities like J.D. Power have never rated the vehicle lower than a 4/5 in reliability. This is because faults rarely occur in the truck. In addition, replacement parts for the Ram 1500 truck are cheap and easy to replace.

That said, you can rest assured that using the Ram 1500 truck won’t ruin your budget goals. But the Ram 1500’s high reliability is not the only feature of the vehicle that helps you save money.

While many vehicles use carpets, the Ram 1500 truck only contains rubber floor mats. These mats often retain their original condition for long periods. The average Ram 1500 rubber mat can last for about 20 years.

In contrast, you may start noticing holes in your carpet floor mats after ten years. If you fail to replace them after this, they may lose their shape and disfigure the interior of your car.

Thanks to these rubber mats, Ram 1500 users living in harsh weather areas can stay comfortable on long rides. The rubber material in these floor mats can resist snow, heat, and rain that sneaks through the floor of the truck. This helps the vehicle’s interiors stay cool or warm in extreme temperature.

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7. Volkswagen Atlas

The Volkswagen Atlas is perfect for parents who can only afford one vehicle. This van can double as a vehicle for everyday school trips and family holiday journeys.

Housing up to three rows of seats, the Atlas’ interior can fit about seven passengers. This gives you enough space to accommodate your kids, spouse, and even your neighbor’s children on your way to work and school.

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So what if you have to drive through an untarred road in the country during the holidays? The Atlas’ engine is powerful enough to handle bumpy roads without making its occupants uncomfortable.

While your children are riding in your vehicle, they may leave food and oil stains on the floor. If you use carpet floor mats, it might be challenging to take the stains out. Rubber floor mats are easy to clean.

Luckily, the Volkswagen Atlas comes with several rubber mats. So, you don’t have to spend the whole day washing your truck.

8. Renault Kango

The Renault Kango van is suitable for low-income earners. Although this vehicle is smaller than its competitors, it offers higher fuel efficiency.

For instance, Recent Renault Kangos can deliver about 53 miles per gallon of fuel. In contrast, the average fuel mileage of Ford Transit Couriers is 42.2mpg. Most Renault Kangoo repairs are also quite cheap.

But the van’s high fuel mileage and low repair costs are not the only features that make the vehicle appeal to the masses. The Renault Kango is covered with rubber floor mats, which last longer than carpets. Usually, drivers replace their carpets about twice the lifetime of a typical rubber mat.

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