Can You Push A Tesla In Neutral? (Read this first)

Electric cars are the new cool and there are a lot of questions about their abilities and how they compare to regular cars.

For instance, many people often wonder how long Teslas can last uncharged. Some others wonder if they also make noise like gas-powered cars. 

Another such question is whether or not one can push a Tesla in neutral.

In this article, we will provide comprehensive answers to this question while also adding other relevant details that will be of help. Shall we?

Here’s The Short Answer To Whether You Can Push A Tesla In Neutral:

As is the case with regular cars, you can absolutely push the Tesla in “neutral” whenever you have to. The “neutral mode” allows the car to coast and freewheel slowly. 

Why Can’t You Push A Tesla In Neutral?

Just like we mentioned before, you can put your Tesla car in neutral like every other car. Tesla makes provision for putting a car in neutral when you are in drive, park, or reverse mode.

In Park mode, you can push the Tesla in neutral by shifting the drive stalk up or down, to the first position. 

In Drive Mode, you push the Tesla in neutral by shifting the drive stalk to the first position for just over a second. 

In Reverse mode, Tesla says you will have to push the drive stalk down to the first position to push the car in neutral. 

Also, on the off chance that you are stuck with your Tesla in the middle of an unsafe road, you can push it in neutral. The “neutral” mode will allow the car to coast and freewheel slowly. 

However, we do not advise pushing your car in neutral when it is dead, and neither does the Tesla management. It just isn’t a safe option and you are better off exploring other viable options to get the car off the road. 

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Can You Tow A Tesla?

Much like normal gas-powered cars, one can absolutely tow a Tesla if the occasion demands it. However, we must mention that towing is a lot different for Teslas because they have delicate wheels. 

Hence, to tow a Tesla car successfully, one would have to get the wheels completely off the ground to forestall overheating and possible damage. 

Thankfully, Tesla engineers did a brilliant thing by infusing a “Towing mode” into the Tesla system. The towing mode is also known as Transport mode and it serves to ensure safe towing or transport. It does this by disengaging the parking brakes while hoisting the Tesla onto a flatbed truck with a winch. 

Once the Tesla towing mode is activated, a message will come up on the display to alert you that your vehicle is now free-rolling. Another brilliant part about this system is that it is engineered to work even in low-voltage situations like when your Tesla is undercharged or has no power. 

Below are some tips to activate the “Towing mode” in Tesla Cars:

  • Ensure your car is in “Park”
  • Press and hold the brake pedal
  • Activate the towing mode by clicking on “Controls”. Under “Controls”, you will find the “Service” option and under it, you have “Towing”. 
  • Press and hold the transport button until it shows blue. (The towing button will provide the transport button”. 

Once the button turns blue, that’s a sign that you can now transport your Tesla without any hitches. 

In case you would like to know all the things required to actually tow a Tesla, here you go:

  • Get a flatbed truck or an equivalent vehicle so that the wheels can be safely off the ground. 
  • Follow the instructions in the Tesla manual strictly. Contact a service center or dealership if you need help. 
  • Per Tesla’s recommendation, ensure the vehicle is facing forward. 
  • Take another look at the wheels to make sure they are safe for transport. 
  • Do not go beyond 35 miles, especially if you are using wheel lifts and dollies, as that could do some costly damage. 

And there you have it. You can then move your Tesla wherever you want, just like you do with your regular cars. 

Is This A General Thing For All Electric Cars?

You can tow all cars, including Teslas and every other electric car on the market. These include but are not limited to other electric cars like Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, and Hyundai Ioniq. 

What To Do If You Run Out Of Battery?

If you run out of battery while driving a Tesla, there is no reason to worry or get all anxious and freak out. 

First things first, Tesla cars typically provide a lot of warnings before stopping completely. For instance, the battery icon at the top left corner of the display will turn from green to yellow to red when the Tesla is out of battery.

That’s a warning that gives you some time to find a charging booth near you so you don’t run out of power. Some Teslas and other electric cars would even help by suggesting the closest charging points. 

If unfortunately you can’t seem to find any charging point around and your car stops, the next step would be to call for help. 

You can call roadside assistance or an expert tow truck company to help winch your car onto a flatbed and get it to a charging point. You must remember to put the car in “transport mode” before the towing process even starts. That will help ensure things go smoothly.

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Is There A Way To Get A Dead Tesla Off The Road?

Teslas are electric cars that need to stay charged and when they are not charged, they die. They are kinda similar to your smartphones and laptops in that regard. Unfortunately, there is no technology as of yet that allows Teslas and other electric cars to charge on the go. 

So, what do you do when your Tesla turns up dead while you are driving? How do you get it off the road? Below are all the tips you need:

Roadside Assistance

Teslas often come with roadside assistance packages and one of the best times to exploit this is when your Tesla dies while driving. If you are using a non-complimentary Roadside assistance service, be sure to let them know you have an electric car. 

That way, they will know to come with a flatbed truck for transport to a charging station or a portable charger. 

Towing Companies

You can also tow your Tesla by calling towing companies who specialize in towing EVs with expertise.

You don’t want to call just any towing company; please make sure whichever one you call has a track record of towing EVs without damage to critical components. 

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