11 Reasons People Love Bumper Stickers (Despite The Controversy)

According to Business Wire, no less than 60% of people have put a bumper sticker on their cars at one point or the other.

Many people use bumper stickers as a sort of vehicular expression of their values, interests, philosophies, and religious inclinations.

Some others use it for less serious reasons like displaying humorous jokes or simply adding an unconventional touch to their vehicles.

There are tons of other reasons why people love bumper stickers.

In this article, we will be digging into quite a number of them. Shall we, now?

1. To Give Their Cars Some Uniqueness

If you own a car that you drive on a regular basis, chances are there are at least a few thousand people driving that same car.

So, in trying to stand out from the crowd, many people put bumper stickers on their cars with a unique color mix and message. 

That certainly comes in handy if you are parked in a lot with similar cars and you are trying to locate your own car. Identifying the bumper stickers will help narrow down your search and save a great deal of time. 

2. To Add A Personal Imprint

When most people get something of their own, they tend to want to leave their imprint on it, as that fosters their sense of ownership.

For instance, a teenager who finally got his own room would likely have posters of his favorite rappers all over the room. 

In the same vein, many people put bumper stickers on their cars as a form of personal indentation. It’s all a part of making their cars unique and giving them that personal imprint that no other car in the world has. 

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3. They Serve As An Advertisement Tool

Putting bumper stickers or decals on a car has been a viable method of advertisement for decades now. And to the surprise of many, it never seems to go out of style.

Bumper stickers that advertise a business remain eye-catching to this day and can go a long way in letting people know about a business/service. 

4. Can Reach Different Demographics

When marketing a business or preaching an idea, there are different mediums for different demographics.

For instance, if you are trying to target baby boomers, the best social medium for marketing would be Facebook. 

However, for bumper stickers and decals, the audience is limitless. Bumper stickers can get the attention of people of different races, ethnicities, generations, gender, and sexualities. You know why? 

They are mobile, which means they are often driven across/parked in different communities, suburbs, and hoods. The reach is just limitless. 

5. They Are Affordable

If you have a business or you are trying to sell an idea, getting bumper stickers is one of the least expensive marketing methods. Bumper stickers go for as low as $7, although the price could be higher for custom bumper stickers. 

Compared to the thousands of dollars you have to spend on TV ads, Internet ads, and the likes, it almost feels like nothing.

And the best part is: bumper stickers or decals can be just as effective as these other expensive methods if you use them right. 

That pretty much explains why many people have no problem applying bumper stickers. 

6. They Are Durable

Bumper stickers, when done right, can last decades and that’s one reason why people still love them. 

Many car owners still have decades-old bumper stickers on their antique vehicles.

We also found testimonies of people who grew up with a daily sighting of bumper stickers on their parents’ vehicles, some of which are still there to date. 

Not many things can match the feeling you get after showing your grandkids a bumper sticker you attached to your old pickup before their parents were even born. 

7. They Help Send Messages Of Solidarity

While we live in modern times, the truth is, we still have marginalized groups who experience discrimination, from mild to severe.

It’s more important than ever to take a stance of solidarity with these groups and bumper stickers are a great way to do that. 

For instance, if you have a queer kid, getting a pride bumper sticker is a great way to show them you fully support them. 

While this may seem trivial or performative, many people believe it sends a strong message.

And the message is that they care enough about a cause to get solidarity stickers and have them pasted on one of their most prized possessions. 

8. They Serve As A Means Of Professional Identification

Many people are in love with their line of work and they want everyone to know just how proud they are to be part of that profession. One of the ways they express that pride/joy is by getting bumper stickers that describe exactly what they do. 

For instance, doctors can have a bumper sticker that reads “A proud lifesaver” or something along those lines. Sprinters may also have bumper stickers with numbers; these numbers depict the longest distance they have completed in a single face. 

9. They Can Help Caution Other Drivers

Driving on a public road means driving with a ton of other people behind, beside, and in front of you.

So, when people are carrying something critical or have a baby on board, one way they let other drivers know is through the use of bumper stickers. 

For instance, large trucks often have stickers that tell you that “you are too close” or you should “slow down”.

They may also have bumper stickers intended to alert other drivers of the danger of collision or careless overtaking. 

Some car owners also try to avoid liability with warning signs like “Not responsible for accidents or injuries”. Whether or not that will hold up in a court of law is another matter entirely. 

10. They Can Serve As Permit

Some exclusive clubs and organizations also issue bumper stickers as a form of permit, entry pass, membership card, or parking allowance. In such organizations, members may experience some unnecessary delay at the entrance if they do not have the issued bumper stickers. 

11. To Support Their Favorite Sports Team

Many people also use bumper stickers as a way to support and identify with their favorite teams.

Whether it’s the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Yankees, or the Dallas Cowboys, getting your team’s bumper sticker is a great way to show support. 

That pretty much explains why sports fans all over the world have these stickers on their vehicles. 

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