Can I Have Two Rental Cars At Once? (In The Same Name)

The rental industry is home to several car rental companies, often guided by similar policies, restrictions, and conditions. They also often have similar prices based on different parameters to keep the competition as strong as it always has been.

Many of the conditions are often spelled out to renters as a way of establishing clear and unequivocal restrictions before the rental starts.

We have noticed a trend of questions amongst prospective renters about whether one renter can have two rental cars at the same time. In this article, we will be answering this question while providing sufficient facts and much-needed nuance.

Here’s the Short Answer to Whether You Can Have Two Rental Cars At Once:

According to frequent renters on rental forums, car rental companies allow renters to have two rental cars at once. However, they’d have to be different reservations, which means they will not be on the same rental plan.

Can You Have Two Vehicles Rented Out Under One Name?

You can rent two vehicles under the same name. You can choose to do this with different rental companies or with just one company. All you have to do is make sure whatever company you are choosing has policies that align with that.

However, if you are going to rent two vehicles under your name, most companies will not allow a different person to drive. A great way to bypass this is by adding a driver to either of the cars if the company allows it.

With such policies, you may want to know if rental cars have a remote kill switch.

Can You Rent Two Cars on the Same Executive Or Elite Card?

There are plenty of cards around, but there are the “elite status” ones. The elite cards afford you privileges like choosing any car you want in the rental lot and paying zero bucks for additional driver fees.

You’ll also get complimentary upgrades, prioritized customer support and exclusive discounts in your mail.

However, a pertinent question to ask would be whether you can rent two or more cars on the same elite card. While this is usually not addressed under conditions and benefits of the elite cards, you can make it happen using multi-rental cards.

For instance, if you have an Amex platinum premium card, you can rent a car with Avis, Hertz and National after proper enrollment. So, if you are looking to rent two cars on the same card, book from two rental companies covered by your elite card.

We must mention again that the first step to making this happen is to enroll and follow all requirements from the rental companies.

You can also use an elite status card to rent two cars from the same company as long as the company allows it. In that case, you’d have to make entirely different reservations for both cars. You’d also need a second driver for the second car, and lucky for you, the elite card usually covers additional driver fees.

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Can You Rent Two Cars Simultaneously With the Same Credit Card?

You can absolutely rent two cars with the same credit card. However, it’d have to be completely different reservations. That simply means you cannot rent both cars and pay for them simultaneously. You’d have to pay for one first and then for the other later.

That’s just how it works in most rental companies. Also, you obviously cannot drive two cars, so whoever your additional driver is has to be present with you when you are picking either of the cars up.

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Can You Rent Two Cars and Have Another Person Drive the Other?

If you are renting two cars, chances are that you are looking to have another person drive the other car. After all, it’s not possible for one person to drive two cars at the same time.

So, renting two cars and having another person drive one is absolutely something you can do. It’s much better if the other person is family, preferably a spouse who satisfies all the other requirements. All you have to do is add the person as an additional driver.

If the additional driver is a spouse or close family member, some rental companies may not charge you an additional fee. However, some companies will charge you an additional driver fee regardless because they consider it an increase in risk.

Additional driver fees often start at $12-$15 per day, and they vary across car rental companies.

Besides the fees, additional drivers also have to satisfy certain conditions. One of such conditions is that they have to be present at the counter during pickup. The additional driver must also meet the company’s age requirement (usually 25), and they must have a valid driver’s license.

Also, if you are having another person drive, you should know that whatever damages they incur will be on you. That goes without saying, since you rented both cars with your name and credit card, and you willingly chose the person as an additional driver.

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Can You Rent Two Cars At Once From Different Companies?

Companies in the car rental industry are different, independent and typically do not run interference for themselves or anything of the sort. Hypothetically, Avis will not inform Hertz that one Myles Trager is renting a car from them.

Putting that in mind, you can rent two cars at once from different companies at the same time. However, you’d have to go through the hassle of picking them up at the different rental lots. Also, you cannot have anyone go on your behalf. It has to be you.

In addition, if you have an elite or executive card, renting two cars from different companies might just mean you are in luck. If your elite card covers multiple rental companies, you may be able to take advantage of discount programs from these companies after proper enrolment.

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