Can Rental Cars Have Tinted Windows? (Solved)

The innovation of rental cars has done a lot to solve private transportation problems that tourists and travelers usually have to deal with.

Given how fast the industry has been growing, it would be correct to say the existence of rental cars is a win-win for both renters and car rental companies.

Like every other industry, there are lots of rules, conditions, and policies guiding the use of rental cars. These policies govern issues from age to privacy to number of drivers.

Over the years, there have been questions about whether rental cars can have tinted windows. In this article, we will be looking into this while paying attention to industry policies regarding the tinting laws of different states.

Here’s the Short Answer to Whether Rental Cars Can Have Tinted Windows:

Rental cars can have tinted windows depending on the type of vehicle it is. Some SUVS and sedans come tinted while for some other models, you’d have to do a tint job by yourself on your own account. Most rental companies do not prohibit renters from tinting their rented cars.

What Are the Rules Around Tinted Windows in Rental Cars?

The first thing you should know about tinted rental cars is that most rental companies have nothing against the idea. In fact, some cars come off the plant tinted and rental cars do not tamper with that.

However, where your preferred car is not tinted, rental companies usually do not concern themselves with tinting. If you really want your rental car tinted, you are going to have to do it from your pockets. Lots of renters did this, which is one reason why you can sometimes find tinted cars in rental lots.

Another thing you need to know is that the level of tint you can apply to your rental company is determined by state/federal law.

In recent changes to the U.S. traffic law, Article 9 of that law says you can use up to 50% tint. Note that this applies to all the car windows except the windscreen. Also, 50% is the maximum, which means you can’t go beyond that as long as you are on U.S. soil, even if it’s a rental car.

In addition, if you get picked up by law enforcement for violating the 50% tinting rule, you’ll bear the brunt. This means that the rental company will not be responsible for any fines you incur since they had nothing to do with the tints in the first place.

Do Car Rental Companies Offer Cars With Tinted Windows?

Car rental companies sometimes have cars with tinted windows because some SUVs and trucks come off the plants tinted. And if the cars come tinted, they will not seclude them or anything; they put them up for rent like every other car.

Another reason why you may find tinted cars in the rental lots of rental companies is tint job by past renters. Like we said before, most rental companies do not tint their cars on behalf of customers. However, they allow renters to tint their cars and leave the cars tinted even after they are returned.

That way, other renters who fancy tinted cars can pick them up without the hassle and cost of getting a new tint job.

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What Are the Cheapest Rental Cars With Tinted Windows?

The prices of rental cars are often the same, whether they are tinted or not. This means that while there are several factors that influence car rental prices, tints are not one of them. And that’s simply because most rental companies aren’t in the business of tinting their cars.

However, since deep tints are mostly found on SUVs and trucks, it will likely cost you more to get one. And the cost is not necessarily a result of the tint but because of the category/class of the vehicle. (It costs more to rent trucks and SUVs).

The cheapest rental cars with tinted windows are the ones tinted by previous renters. Rental companies usually will not charge extra for this category of rental cars because they mostly did nothing other than give consent.

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Can I Tint the Windows On My Rental Car?

You can absolutely tint the windows on your rental car as long as the rental company consents to it. The good news is most rental companies do, and that’s about all they will do regarding the tint-give consent. Every other thing, from cost to time to liability, will likely be borne by you, subject to agreements.

If you want to tint the window on your rental car, all you have to do is ask if you can. And after you have secured consent, you can then take it to a reputable tint shop and have them tint it for you.

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How Much Does It Cost to Have the Windows Tinted?

According to The Drive, tinting your window will cost you anywhere between $150-$500 or more. This largely depends on the quality of the tint, the category of car you want to tint and the size.

iSeeCars estimates between $250-$600 as the average cost for tinting passenger cars with a standard, non-reflective film. For metallic films, they estimate about $800.

The class of vehicle you want to tint largely determines the cost. For instance, tinting a truck shouldn’t cost you more than $350 since trucks do not have as many windows.

However, if you are looking to tint an SUV or minivan, you may have to spend north of $700 and a minimum of $250. Sedans also cost an average of $250, depending on the type and quality of tint you choose.

Also, be ready to pay a lot more if you request a special color tint for the car.

The prices above show that it’s not so cheap to get your car tinted. That is exactly why it’s best to tint a car only when it’s a private car you are going to keep using for a while. However, if you absolutely have to tint your rental car and you can handle the costs, by all means, get it done.

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